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Unshambled shambled shambles

Well I'm glad I was so busy today that I didn't have a minute to post what seemed to be the breaking news of the day. And in any case I would not have posted anything wihout Adrian's confirm. So, everybody please calm down and take a breath: Mik Whitnall is NOT leaving Babyshambles, and surely he's not leaving to join Amy Winehouse's band. OK? Now, that's what the NME says about the whole story:
Babyshambles have responded to claims in a tabloid newspaper today (June 9) that guitarist Mick Whitnall is set to depart the band.The Sun claimed that Whitnall was planning to quit the band and join Amy Winehouse's touring group. Whitnall has been writing songs with the singer recently in his spare time.Following the report Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek said the claims were "a load of bollocks". He said the band were about to begin work on their third album, the follow-up to last year's 'Shotters Nation'. "It made me laugh, though," the drummer said of the newspaper report.

The new issue of the NME has also an article on Peter's new solo album:
Pete Doherty has revealed that he wants to scrap the solo album he has been working on and start it all over again abroad.Speaking to NME.COM, the Babyshambles frontman explained that his time in Wormwood Scrubs prison, where he recently served 29 days of a 14-week sentence for breaching his probation, has made him rethink his plans.Doherty has been working on a solo album over the past year with producer Jake Fior, who managed The Libertines in the early days."I've re-thought everything about what I'm going to do with the solo record," Doherty explained. "I'm not allowed out of the country until my [probation] license is up, which is a little while, but I want to go to Portugal and Paris and record the solo album – do it from scratch with Jake."Doherty has already recorded several songs set for the album including 'Darksome Sea', written by his friend and musical collaborator Wolfman, plus 'Withdrawn And Shaken' and 'Salome'.Despite claiming he wants to head to warmer shores to re-record the songs, he posted YouTube videos of him recording new song 'Broken Love Song' with Fior last week. The producer explained that the song was the follow-up to 'For Lovers', the hit Doherty had in 2005 with Wolfman.He went on to tell NME.COM that Doherty's record label, EMI, have asked for the album to be delivered by September – so whether it is recorded in Portugal or at home, a new Pete Doherty record is taking shape.

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anjali_knebworth said...

have you seen, apparently the "Sunrise" gig did take place, at 7am in the hotel room for 5 people?