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Scarce reviews from yesterday

I can't believe a lot of websites are still claiming that "Babyshambles pulled out of the headline slot on the Park stage" and were replaced by Franz Ferdinand! How many totally unprofessional "journalists" are out there?

OK, we are supposed not to give a flying fuck about it. But somehow I'm starting to get very sick of lies (and I've heard one too many in the latest months).

Anyway, let's get it on, as good old Marvin used to say. There are a few (quite scarce I would say - I assume most reporters were getting drunk at the bar because they knew "Babyshambles" were not playing), there are a few reviews here and there.

The Guardian (main bullshitters yesterday, but making up today):
Where and when: the Park stage, Friday, midnight
Dress code: From our vantage point at the back of the field, we can confirm that there was some kind of straw trilby action. Beyond that, hard to say beyond the fact Pete's clothes were - as usual - tight and black.
In a nutshell: Having cancelled earlier in the day, the appearance of Pete Doherty is a surprise. "It wasn't to do with management or the record company - I just thought I was playing tomorrow night," the poetic pin cushion (copyright: the Daily Star) reveals to groans from the crowd. But there's nothing groan-worthy about the show: it's a poignant yet sturdy acoustic ramble through Pete's greatest hits. "What hits?" I hear you cry, but as What a Waster, Can't Stand Me Now, Up the Bracket and - his finest moment - Albion echo around the field, sung back to him by a spellbound crowd, it's confirmation that to a generation who came of age this decade, Pete Doherty is every bit as significant as Morrissey. Witty, squalid and totally authentic, history will judge him kindly.
Who's watching: A delighted crowd already beaming from excellent sets by Franz Ferdinand and Dizzee Rascal.
High point: Albion. "If you're looking for a cheap sort all a-glint with perspiration/There's a four-mile queue outside the disused power station". It's one of the great songs about England, in the category of the Smiths' The Queen is Dead and Blur's This is a Low.
Low point: The general "Will he? Won't he?' buggering about that has been an integral - and very annoying - aspect of the Pete Doherty live experience since about 1746.
Mark out of 10: 9
What does it all mean, maan?: Somewhere amid the drug hell and supermodel shenanigans, Pete has been quietly staking a claim to greatness.

The Sun (that's too funny, they've been licking Pete's ass all the way lately!): PETE DOHERTY DESPITE rumours of him going awol - PETE DOHERTY took to his Glasto headline slot like a duck to water. Wondering onstage like a character out of Oliver Twist, the BABYSHAMBLES frontman all of a sudden became incredibly endearing. Opening with LIBERTINES track What Katie Did Next, the ex-heroin addict proved a mighty fine musician as he encouraged everyone to wave their lighters around to his tingly tangly tones. A tortured soul maybe, but Pete kept it real and did not disappoint by playing spot on. There was a charm to him this evening that hinted towards why a certain MISS MOSS fell for him. He even showcased his sense of humour, dedicating song Albion to all the QPR fans in the crowd, before shouting: "So basically just me! And 'CARLOS' BARAT." Pete was top notch, performing to a dedicated following who finally believe he cares more about the music than the drugs.

Contact Music: Hitting the stage just before midnight, Doherty thrilled the crowd with a nine-song set, including two songs from his former band The Libertines - What Katy Did and Music When The Lights Go Out.And he paid tribute to his pal Carl Barat by dedicating Babyshambles' Albion to his former Libertines bandmate. The performance drew a large crowd as Doherty brought the first day of Glastonbury to a close. And there appeared not to be any hard feelings with his Babyshambles bandmembers - bassist Drew MCConnell was spotted watching Doherty's set from the side of the stage.

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