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Shit. Not in London at the moment, so not going to Pizza's gig tomorrow at the Brixton Mass. I'll be staying in watching Italy rotting away against France. Argh. But for those who're going, there's something great. First of all, Adam and his Roses, Kings, Castle project will be one of the opening acts. So says the Sweet Adam: "Have just been given the solo waiver for my album to be released in Sep, at last, a weight off my shoulders. So expect the eponymously titled 'Roses Kings Castles' album out Sep 22nd. Have put up an album sampler of 'Horses' on myspace Regarding playing some songs before Peter, it's just a short set really, I'm not who's doing the main support??? It's all going to be good though, see you then".
The second opening act is still unknown, Adrian says: "No idea about supports. Lots of people asking but Peter not made his mind up or at least told me. So it'll be a nice surprise. Looking forward to RKC's set immensely".
On DPT front the temperature is rising. Tune in to 6 Music this Thursday, 19th June, as the band will be live in session in The Hub on George Lamb's show. You can listen online - go to the 6 Music website for more details.
Rocksound gives Romance a good review. "You know what the real tragedy of the Libertines was?" says Iain Moffat "That they devolved into a triumph of substances over substance". The start is awful but Moffat promptly makes up for it: "It's taken Carl Barat a while to get over it but excitingly it's seem from this he finally has. Romance at short notice bristles with vitality, imagination and righteous confidence, from the whirling playfulness of Buzzards and Crows through the gorgeous lead-off single Tired of England and on to the touching warmth of Best Face and brassy exuberance of Truth Begins. After something of a false start (another fall, I'm getting sick with this Waterloo backlash) DPT are suddenly drinking happily and heartily from the many wells of rock classicism; it's Britpop revivalism, certainly (I want to cry), but a great leap forward. For fans of Blur (no), Smiths (yes), Supergrass (no)".
OK, next.

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