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Peter fails to show up at Le Grand Rex

Photo by Oliver Peel

But he made up later. I leave the word to Sweet Matilda, who had an awful night in Paris, albeit being able to see Lollipop Peter!

I went to the (no) gig with Anjali,we had some great 2nd row seats. The support act (Daniel Darc,no comment) began at around 9pm (not sure) then I was out smoking a cigarette when I began to hear some people saying that Peter wouldn't get there before 11h15 but that he was coming so we had to wait,so we did wait but at 11:30 the gig was officially canceled cause Peter was stuck in the eurostar... We were all very disappointed but we saw babybear outside the venue who told us that Peter was gonna play later in this bar/club called le Truskel (thanks bb!) so we headed there but still no news from Peter at 2:30(not sure again) then bb and the crowd arrived and installed some guitars on the stage so there was hope...everyboby moved to the stage ,I was at the front row,it was nice but we had to wait again 45 min I would say with people pushing (it was about 40 degres inside!) (oh btw thanks to this very nice scottish guy with the shotters nation jacket for the beer!) Then Pete finally arrived,it was about 3am(not sure again!),a beautiful Peter with a lollipop in his mouth,he went on stage,asked me how you said late in French and apologized for being "en retard",he had a beer and a cig and picked up his guitar,he played:(from what I remember and not in that order): Albion Death on the stairs Merry go round Fuck for ever What Katie did The boy looked at Johnny Back from the dead (beautiful!) ahhh can't remember... The crowd was AWFUL ! [... ] I heard Peter saying something about the crowd being terrible and a big "fuck you",which was so right!(and people just laughed...jeeez! I don't know if he played again after that... Well,that was my night... back to London now. I feel sorry for the people because the gig was canceled but I feel even more sorry for Peter because he still made the effort to come and play very late after spending a long time stuck in the train,and this is what he's very sad and there is really something wrong with people!

Beautiful photos by Oliver Peel on Flickr.

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