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Babyshambles at Rock Am Ring

The best review comes from Mr. Pete Doherty himself:

"The gig was a good'un, standard set but it was a mental crowd for 2 in the morning. ended up going on after the verve. not that i'm one for name dropping but to the strains of 'the drugs don't work' i got batterred at pool by Metallica's bus driver in the backstage bit [all candles in little glitter lanterns ('ve need zem tomorrow' said the security bloke as i tried to bag a load of them for the albionRooms) and palm tres and that) my hotel room looks out over beautiful Koblenz.. a wide busy river and medaeval bridges and gothic churches and cobbled streets".

Another delay (this time it was a traffic jam!) meant that the Shambles took the stage around 2 am. The photo above is the only one I've found (and it's from libs daily). No videos yet.


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