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Post-glasto gloom

photo by Memespring

Back to London, and to the last tips.

Both Carl and Drew played at Glasto last night but not together, although they shared the special guest, i.e. good old Billy Bragg (above Carlos and Billy during the performance).

Says Alicepooh:
"Carl was absolutely brilliant. Came on a bit late, and clearly nervous. Announced he was going to play a new one and played 'Come Closer', followed by Deadwood. Then he introduced Kieran Leonard, who opened for DPT on their last tour, and is a mate of Carl's. Kieran played guitar for the rest of the set and was an excellent choice of support. They played Music When the Lights Go Out next, dedicated to Peter, and then The Man Who Would be King. Then Billy Bragg joined them and they played one of his numbers, with a name like 'And there's Richard' - lovely. Then Bragg requested Time for Heroes, so all three played that. Then Bang Bang and finally, Can't Stand Me Now, which Carl introduced by saying 'I'm going to get into trouble for this'. It went down a storm. The tent was packed - probably 3000 odd people, and Carl was excellent - really, really good. It was so nice to see him play solo and do some of this old material. Billy Bragg also guested in Helsinki's set with Drew McConnell earlier in the day. An excellent set in a really lovely location (small tent with carpet and sofas), and Helsinki were on fire. Drew was clearly having a great time, and they did one song with Jon McClure (of Reverend and the Makers and matching Mohawk-sporting man) and Loqi as well as 'A New England' with Bragg. Wonderful day. x"

Video with Helsinki.

Adam wrote a brief message yesterday to FDW simply saying that "Shambles are back on the road". And Peter is back to... nonsense, but actually he does his Sting bit pretty well! (I'm talking of his youtube channel of course).

Dirty Pretty Things are showcasing their new CD at the HMV store on Oxford Street tonight at 6 pm.

Anyway I'm not commenting the awful chart entry of Tired of England because I don't want to furtherly depress people (who seem already depressed enough).

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