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Shambles going separate

But only for tonight! Peter and Adam are playing Brixton Mass of course, and Adrian is titillating everyone about the usual mystery guest. "Is there a surprise guest tomorrow or Thursday" he teases "God I am vague sometimes. We may have someone a little bit special. We may ...... I CAN tell you it's not Amy though. Cue wild speculation ........ *stands back and refuses to comment further* p.s. We def got Roses, Kings and Castles for tonight. I can say that with some degree of truth". You're crying wolf aren't you Ade?

Drew is going south instead: "We're playing a little show in portsmouth today/tonight for The British Red Cross" he writes (using Pete's account - "we" of course is Helsinki) "Usual suspects, including some roustabouts from The View who are crashing these days on the sofa of guess who. If you're about come doon an shake your tailfeather an that innit though anon and onandonandonramallamadingdong drew".

As for the NME "DPT album verdict" I can only give you the score, which is 6/10. Naughty naughty boys.

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