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Carl will play Glastonbury. Oh yes.

Sick??? Me???

He's ubiquitous too! And of course indestructible.
Carl Barat has declared he will play this weekend's Glastonbury festival - despite being rushed to hospital last week (June 17). The Dirty Pretty Things frontman was diagnosed with a acute pancreatitis after suffering from stomach pains. However he is now on the mend, and is confident he'll play this weekend's (June 27-29) festival. "I am feeling much better, almost as good as I ever do. Its not as bad as I thought, it appears that the pancreatitus was probably caused by a combination of the medication I was taking (for congestion that I still get after my ear operation) and maybe the odd drink too many," Barat told NME.COM. "I was discharged from hospital at the weekend, which was liberating," he added. "I have been told to take it easy this week and I shan't be over exerting myself, which may be difficult as the LP is out next week and there are rehearsals to be had. Anyways, as long as I behave I should be right as rain before you know it. We play in Switzerland on Saturday and then I will be doing an acoustic set at Glastonbury on Sunday (June 29) (for Jail Guitar Doors/Real Fits). Got to go, things to do – slowly…".

Right on, Carlos! And, just to let you know, the Scum has joined the army. I mean, my army. Funny, isn't it? (not linking, I've watched too many Lost episodes lately).

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