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Supports for RF announced

Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road:


21 December

22 December

Plus! Tonight at The Lock Tavern (35 Chalk Farm Road):
Clash Magazine Party with:
4pm-6pm: Clash Mag Djs
6pm: Sam Isaac
7.30pm: Roses Kings Castles
9pm: Department of Eagles


More from yesterday

Photo by Melchior-Ferradou

  • Review from (in French).
  • Photos by Anjali on Flickr.
  • More photos by Melchior-Ferradou.
  • And by Rod Le-Hiboo.
  • If you read The Ficek's last entry, it says: "A quick phone call to our man in Paris, informed him that I’m coming over to see him next week (I’m playing a few shows - LeTruskel on Weds, just waiting for Tues confirmation)". I understand Peter will stay in Paris next week too.
  • The show is almost entirely on Youtube now.

Peter at La Maroquinerie

Photo by Oliver Peel

Setlist by Oliver Peel from his blog (in German).
01: Alone again or (love) - 02: Beg, Steal Or Borrow - 03: New Love Grows On Trees - 04: East Of Eden - 05: Down In Albion - 06: My White City Girl - 07: Palace of bone - 08: What A Waster (Libertines) - 09: My Darling Clementine - 10: Dilly Boy - 11: Good Old Days (Libertines) - 12: Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Libertines) - 13: Fuck Forever (Babyshambles) - 14: Death On The Stairs (Libertines) - 15: Last Post On The Bugle - 16: Unbilo Titled (Babyshambles) - 17: For Lovers (Doherty + Wolfman) - 18: La Belle et La Bête (Babyshambles) - 19: Back From The Dead (Babyshambles) - 20: Time For Heroes (Libertines) - 21: Can't Stand Me Now (Libertines) - 22: You Used To Be My Friend (+ Wolfman) - 23: There She Goes (The La's Cover).

Review and photos from Angelo Misterioso's blog.

Fuck Forever video.


German dates postponed?

It looks like that at the end of the day. This dodgy babelfish translation comes from German site "Laut"
"Does he come, does come he not? The question before a route of the Babyshambles remains always the same. Unfortunately also we must more frequently put in defeats there as Präsentator. As in this case: For December 2008 the set tour data in Germany are moved according to organizer on 2009. Reason: " The substantial obligations before for release of the debut solo album of Pete Doherty at the beginning of 2009 made the new setting of these data necessary. To that volume the incommodities for the fans suffering do, look forward however likewise to the Germany data lining up soon. The tickets keep their validity for the new data, which will be shortly announced".
Tonight's gig at Le Maroquinerie (Paris) is still on, and also sold out.


We don't play guitars!

Barat at the Bataclan (photo by Mathilde)

So shouted the infamous Chicks on Speed a few years ago. And so is (apparently) shouting Carlos Barat. Interviewed by the NME for their news section, that's what the Mighty Carlos is cooking for us mortals (thanks to Linna for the typing):

"Carl Barat has begun life after Dirty Pretty Things by writing and demoing a series of solo songs in the last few weeks. With his old band playing their last few gigs in December, Barat has told NME that he will launch his solo stuff supporting Glasvegas in the USA this coming January.
The former Libertine declared going solo was "fucking scary" but if further writing and the gigs - starting in San Francisco on Jan 8 and ending in LA on Jan 14 - went well, he would release material next year.
"I've had enough of democracy and sharing - I want to be a selfish bastard for a while!" Barat laughed. "It's fucking scary - apart from a secret gig at Glastonbury this year I've never done a solo show. At Glasto I froze up and had to say to myself, "you can either die here or pull it together". I still need to get some legs for it"
Barat revealed that he had been working in London on demos, with "Arcadian March On" the working title of one of his compositions. "It sounds a bit cheesy - I'm worried it sounds like a pikey Libertines song" he joked, before revealing that his solo work will hold a few surprises for Libs and DPT fans. "I tried to record something with no guitars on it" he explained. "I was using dance beats - it's a new direction. If the songs are good they'll stand up for themselves and I'll release them"
His American jaunt won't be all about hard work though. "I'm looking forward to joining Glasvegas for a jolly" he admitted. "I'm only there for five shows - it could be utter carnage. I imagine their manager will be trying to keep me away from James (Allan, Glasvegas frontman) - she's done that before."

As much as I'm glad Carl is still considered "dangerous" in some quarters, the "I don't play guitar" claim makes me cringe. But of course, it's only the good old mighty Carlos. In the time between that interview and this very moment he's probably already changed his mind at least a dozen times.

Oh one last note before easyjetting to Londinium: Peter's Friday gig in Paris is NEARLY sold out. Good job mate. I wish so much I could be going, but I'm keeping my thrills for the RF.


Let's all go to Paris!

Photo from "The sound of violence"

Babybear is in Paris ("Any French writtlers with nothing to do on Friday keep an eye out here. I may be taking a wee trip over to visit some pals currently billeted in your beautiful city to enjoy Paris' wonderful hospitality. We may pop to La Maroquinerie for a small musical soiree on Friday. The simple sounds of a voice and a melody cause great joy in the heart ...")

Carlos is in Paris (see photo above): review and photos of DPT's last night gig (with video) here

And YYEEEESSSSS wow wow wow Peter is in Paris too and playing a gig indeed:

Tickets on sale NOW on Digitick and tomorrow on other sites.
Update from Adrian:
"As I hinted last night I am off to Paris Friday to se a mates band. That'll be Peter playing at La Maroquinerie. Doors 2030. Advance Tickets. Book now as this is the official French Dog Upfront Announcement. This'll be going online real soon".

And me, why am I going back to London tomorrow? Aaargghhhh... something called work innit?


Shamblesville and DPTsville

From Adam's blog: "All is calm in shamblesville Peter still finishing his solo album art, found out the first single…it’s a good one". Anxiously waiting for the revelation, I keep my fingers crossed for New Love.
There is nothing suggesting the Shambles' German dates are cancelled. The dates should be the following: Lipsia (4), Munich (5.), Düsseldorf (7.), Hamburg (8.), Berlin (9.) Frankfurt (11.). What's strange is that Drew is playing with Mongrel on the 6th in Manchester (from

It seems an interview with Carl Barat is featured in the NME's new issue (out tomorrow). Apparently Carlos talks about his solo material and live solo dates with Glasvegas.
Meanwhile, Dirty Pretty Things are wrapping up their Euro tour with a gig at The Bataclan in Paris. Reports from the last gigs are scattered here and there in the various communities but tend to focus more on meetings with the band and things like that than on the shows. After all DPT have no future, and maybe these are the last days when fans can hope to exchange a few words with the four guys all together.


Sunday news

  • Adrian and a few other writtlers are organizing a protest gig against form 696 (see my post from yesterday). If you are seriosuly insterested in collaborating go here.
  • Positive review of DPT's Amsterdam gig (in Dutch. I'm sparing you the babelfish mess).
  • The Ficek has updated his blog. Good to hear about Pat. It seems the two (Adam and Pat, that is) are planning to arrange something together at Chrissie.
  • A very busy Christmas ahead indeed!
  • Pity that I absolutely loathe Christmas.


Something very sinister

Babybear posts to FDB about something disturbing:
"The police in most (if not all) London boroughs have put together a form to be filled in by licencees thinking of promoting a live event. Various details must be filled in to allow the police to get a handle on what type of event it is and what type of crowd it will attract. All very Big Brother .... are they then going to decide whether a concert should take place based on their criteria ..... Take a moment to look at the form and some of the questions asked ....
Details must be given of ....
Music style to be played / performed (e.g. Bashment, R’n’B, Garage) How hip of the cops ....
Is there a particular ethnic group attending? If ‘Yes’, please state group: That one's a doozy ....
Please list below ALL ARTISTES, THE ACTS / SOUND SYSTEMS / OTHER PROMOTERS performing. (DJs. MCs, etc. – show full name and aliases, address, date of birth, contact numbers.) Please use a separate sheet if necessary.
Fuck me that's a good 'un .... Is it just me or can anyone else see a distinct pattern here .... A lot of these questions seem directed specifically at events which the police I imagine would seem to appeal to a black audience. Some more good news is that if it's a 'success' in London the licensing officer down YOUR local nick may decide to do it too. Here's the form in all it's glory. There's a facebook group just ben started in protest. May I suggest joining and showing support against this ridiculous piece of (at best) bureaucracy. When I was a wee promoter in a Camden Town dive I wouldn't for the life of me have imagined something so ridiculous. Very often you'd be booking bands last minute if one couldn't make it. Mixing genres live and dj'ing. This is flawed, unworkable and worse still, it has a distinct hint of the authorities wishing to be made aware specifically of events which would attract black music fans or fans of MOBO. Here's another article which you may find interesting, Distinctly worrying stuff which should be fought by all right minded music fans. Rant over. bb."
I guess things like this are happening too often around Europe right now. Something should be done.


Quiet days

While I'm busy reading the Shambles' book (ha ha gone to page 228, Babybear... nothing about private parts as I expected!) there's nothing really crucial happening in the guys agenda.
Dirty Pretty Things are touring Europe and last night they wowed Cologne's crowd (beautiful photos by Christoph on Flickr) and after the gig they went to play bowling with a few fans.
Anthony Rossy gave a short interview (in French) to Luxembourg site "L'Essentiel".
We have also some gorgeous photos taken by Arcadian Dreamer at the Berlin gig
Carl Barat hasn't been talking for an eternity. His four date US mini-tour supporting Glasvegas in January 2009 is confirmed at the Glasvegas website:
  • Jan 8, Popscene San Francisco
  • Jan 10 Chop Suey Seattle
  • Jan 12 Doug Fir Lounge Portland
  • Jan 14 Troubadour L.A.

Peter seems to be back from Paris (he was spotted cycling in Earl's Court a few days ago) but has no gigs planned in the following days. Babyshambles are expected to enter the studio in December (see Adam's blog) and this means some European dates had to be postponed (the Italian ones among them; not that I care cause I'll be back to London by then).


Pete Doherty Gio-Goi

Footage and interview from the Prince of Wales gig during the London Fashion Week (late September). Thanks to Amalgamfrance for putting it up.


DPT in Scandinavia

Photo by Robby

I get along from Copenhagen.

Review of the Stockholm gig. Translation by Martina:
"Nothing could be as devastating to a rockband as when the scandals become more important than the music. Nothing, except perhaps living in the shadow of a former sensations band, one of which you used to be a member of. Carl Barat was one of the two singer and songwriters in the drug-serie, the Libertines. When his new band Dirty Pretty Things announced in October that they would go separate ways, for the benefit of future project it is hard not to interpret that as result of the inability to live up to a forced reputation.More songs than “Bang, Bang, you’re dead” seem to be about previous band colleague Peter Doherty rather then old girlfriends. Yet Dirty Pretty Things feels obliged to end the show with the Libertines song “I get along”- although it feels far away from being necessary in the context. Even if Carl Barat’s songs may seem a little dry in melody on record, they are the more efficient on stage. An amplifier has been covered with the Union Jack and there are moments of punkish mods-pop, when DPT really feels like a pure British band. As when rocky “Chinese dog” smoothly glides into the backbeat epos of “The Country Grove”. Other times they come across more as a British “The Strokes.But just as the garage rock seem to be on autopilot the band once again changes the beat or pushes the tempo of the song “The Enemy” too madness. With the band interaction and everlasting energy you will haft to remember that this is a farewell-tour".
Review of the Copenhagen gig by Cicia from, who witnessed a curious episode:
"The hour long wait between the support band and DPT wasn't so great, but the gig was. The band were all smiling and laughing a lot. The sound was a bit strange, but I believe that's cause the amps were placed a bit strange in front of the stage. I couldn't hear much of the singing except for Didz. Not complaining! There weren't any big surprises in the set list, but they did end with You fucking love it, and then I get along, which was a nice surprise as I wasn't sure we'd get that one. Another nice surprise was they did not play Tired of England, as I quite expected since that was released as a single and they're not THAT huge over here. During one song, when singing into the same mic, Carl licked Didz's nose. In the end of one of the last songs he dowsed Didz in beer. The band seemed to have a good time and so did we. It was a fantastic gig".

Bilo is going to Paris!

Peter posted to FDW very early this morning (6:14!) from King's Cross with a dodgy laptop (the spacebar wasn't working) saying he's going to Paris:
I don't know whether this means he's arranging some solo gig over there, anyway if I was in France I would keep my bloody eyes open!
He posted again 15 minutes later while waiting to climb on the Eurostar:
"classic business premier Eurostar kick off to this wee sojourn ajourdhui (sp?] My relationship with the old euro[nly8hours late]star a tempestuous one. A businessman - one of the ver many you see about - shuffles sleepily by the tea machine. 'Early isn't it?' he says, friendly like. 'getting late, i thought...' says I 'meeeeebaris paris seeksforty tren too paris eez bordingg nouw' says the speakers The businessman rifles through the pastries. Bunlessman it turns out as he tucks into some cereal. Out the window Kings Cross is changingfucking fast. Jesus, here once stood a gypsy camp where a very early Libertines line-up got chasedoff by some 10 year old Irish kids and a very large dog . Dah-em, i should get on le train even mid-anecdote. something to do with second hand guitars, a mini cooper with no floor and a sleeping pikey's bermuda shirt. bon voyage charlie brown.....".
We'll be waiting for more tips.
Bon voyage pigpen...


(Good) News

Peter is playing a Christmas residency at the Rhythm Factory (20-21-22 December).
  • Sat 20th December
    RHYTHM FACTORY presents PETER DOHERTY solo set+ guests to be confirmed 8pm - late - tickets £20 available from ticketweb / 08700 600 100 and from the venue
    Sun 21st December
  • RHYTHM FACTORY presents PETER DOHERTY solo set+ guests to be confirmed 8pm - late - tickets £20 available from ticketweb / 08700 600 100 and from the venue
  • Mon 22nd December
    RHYTHM FACTORY presents PETER DOHERTY solo set+ guests to be confirmed 8pm - late - tickets £20 available from ticketweb / 08700 600 100 and from the venue
Something about DPT's Copenhagen gig from Whatshername's blog.
Adamski is playing L.A. too (on Dec 29th)! Let's all go to Calafornia!
These are the remaining 2008 dates:
  • 26 nov 2008 22.00 Mansfield - The Town Mill
  • 28 nov 2008 20.00 Butlins - Skegness
  • 30 nov 2008 20.00 London - Camden - Lock Tavern - Clash Magazine party
  • 13 dec 2008 20.00 legends - Luton
  • 29 dec 2008 21.00 Spaceland - L.A . USA
And finally, something about the Libertines poster exhibition from NME,com here.


One gig on and one off

The gig on is that at Manchester Ritz last night. No photos and no videos (unless you count Paul Ro's blabbing at Peter's channel as "videos") but people who were there said it was a good gig.
"Opened with time for heroes" says Glen 1001 "which i didnt expect, eveyone was going mental, especially the sets of lads chanting "tevez" and "manchester" haha played some new songs that sounded really good, breck road lover was amazing and belle et la bette was aswell, he had ballerinas behind him for that song, fuck knows why, chucked his guitar in at the end n there was pretty much a brawl for it, pete was on really good form".
Setlist: Time For Heroes - Salome - Never Never - Albion - Last Of The English Roses - The Ha Ha Wall - Breck Road Lover - Songs They Never Play - What Katie Did - Dont Look Back Into The Sun - Le Belle et Le Bette - Beg, Steal or Borrow - Fuck Forever - Back from the dead - Good Old Days - What A Waster
The gig off is that at Commercial Road semi-scheduled for tonight. Word to Adrian: "Sorry if this disappoints but tonight at Commercial Raod is NOT on. Dropper and, more importantly Peter, would like me to relay the news and apologise for any inconvenience. Wanted to get the news out asap .... so there you go folks. I am sure something else will pop up soon so watch this space".


Gigs - Update

Tomorrow Peter is playing The Manchester Ritz (rescheduled gig). There's a highly critical article today in the Manchester Evening News Blog. I cannot say I totally disagree with the writer. Anyway.
Doors open at 19.00.
Stage times:

It's not confirmed yet whether Peter is playing another solo gig at Commercial Road next Friday. Keep you updated innit.

Dirty Pretty Things are soon embarking on their continental tour, starting Friday in Copenhagen, but future solo dates are looming for Biggles.
Carl Barat is listed for 3 shows in US & Canada so far (supporting Glasvegas):
  • January 11 Vancouver Richards on Richards (tickets on sale from Friday at Ticketmaster)
  • January 12 Portland Doug Fir Lounge (tickets)
  • January 14 Los Angeles The Troubadour (sold out)


Adamski's 2009 tour

From his brand new blog:

Monday 05. Jan England Leicester Charlotte
Tuesday 06. Jan England Cambridge Portland Arms
Wednesday 07. Jan England Nottingham Bodega
Thursday 08. Jan England Liverpool Academy 2
Friday 09. Jan England Manchester Lost & Found @ The Ruby Lounge
Saturday 10. Jan England Wakefield Escobar
Sunday 11. Jan England Birmingham Bar Academy
Monday 12. Jan
Tuesday 13. Jan England Newcastle Academy 2
Wednesday 14. Jan England Hull Adelphi
Thursday 15. Jan England Preston 53degrees
Friday 16. Jan England Derby Rockhouse
Saturday 17. Jan
Sunday 18. Jan England Castleford The Loft/Xscape
Monday 19. Jan
Tuesday 20. Jan Wales Cardiff Barfly
Wednesday 21. Jan
Thursday 22. Jan
Friday 23. Jan England Sunderland The Voodoo Room
Saturday 24. Jan
Sunday 25. Jan
Monday 26. Jan
Tuesday 27. Jan England York Fibbers
Wednesday 28. Jan England Wrexham Central Station

Promising stuff at 126

Photo by happy_in_my_dust_a nd_gloom

Well well well. Peter played a great gig last night at 126 Commercial Road, but the most interesting thing was that he played nearly all his upcoming solo album from his laptop and danced to all the songs in front of the crowd!
And according to people who were there the new stuff sounds awesome! The CD is expected early next year and it seems it will put all Pete-doubters (a new breed spawning from the old Pete-loyals but equally nauseating) back to their place. Yay, Peter even played "Tired of England" before starting his own stuff. Late promo for a buddy? (the buddy of course was storming in Leeds at the same time).
"It was a great gig" says Queenb23 "maybe a little short. But I can't really complain too much. Everyone sat down on the floor while he played and sang along. He played a lot of music on his computer, some new songs from the new album. I thought they sounded really good, and kind of different than his other stuff. I am really excited to hear the whole album when it comes out. He was also in good form I thought, talking and making little jokes. He also got up and danced for a bit. It was very intimate. And everyone was so nice and friendly. I really enjoyed myself...!".
Another gig is expected next Friday (still to be confirmed).
Setlist: East of Eden France - The boy with a thorn in his side - Tell the king - Radio America -Folsom prison blues (Johnny Cash Cover) - Horrorshow - Cyclops - Delaney - A fool there was -Babyshambles - Ha ha wall - Never never - Blackboy lane.


Another gig tonight at Commie Road

  • 126 Commercial Road is quickly becoming a proper residency for Peter these days! The gig is confirmed by the man himself at FDW: "yes, early kick-off, stagetime 9.00pm, 2 hour set. As for friday... General advertised my presence without asking me first. Bit of a liberty. I still tried to make the stage but between them, police and friends dying relatives forced me nto a very dark and unpleasant place. see you tonight? x".
  • Perfect. On the other hand, DPT are playing the first of the reschuled dates tonight at Leeds Metropolitan University.
  • Four days after my announcement, the info that Carlos is playing a solo gig supporting Glasvegas in L.A. has made major music sites, particularly the NME.
  • And last but not least a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely Drusillo who turns 30 today.



So, in a few words:
  • Peter didn't play at The Woodbury Tavern Friday night. Apparently his driver had a problem and could not pick him up. Whatever.
  • What you find in the press today is only a series of stupid photos of Peter and his missus after The Monarch's gig describing him as "gross" and "horrible". FFS, I thought it was all over after the Moss-spell had wrapped up. For the record, he didn't look "horrible" at all.
  • DPT have finished their Irish Tour. Huge praise for the last Galway gig, after which Carlos went out in a back alley and played Time for heroes, France, Death on the stairs and Oasis's Live forever, and then went to the bar and bought Guinness for everyone.
  • Enjoy "I get along" video from Dublin.



The Woodbury Tavern gig is on, and Peter will be playing together with Alan Wass and Cal Roberts (and General).
Woodbury Tavern, South Tottenham, Seven Sisters, N15 6JH, London.
Starts: 7 pm, ends: 1.00 am.
Apparently Mr. Razzcocks was at The Monarch last night but Peter snubbed him (here).
And Peter showed support for his beloved QPR (here).

Peter at The Monarch

Peter and The Wolf (photo by Heilig)

Peter played a solo gig last night at The Monarch. Special guest was Peter Wolf (Wolfman) who sang two songs with Peter, For Lovers (of course) and Broken Love Song. According to the lucky ones who were there the gig was one of the best Peter has done this year.
"He was on brilliant form tonight" says Chun Li "he was funny, and he added loads of random lines and words into songs. Good support to. Definitly worth the extortionate £23".

"For me this was one of Peter's best gigs" says Crazycatwoman "his guitar playing and his singing were spot on. Unfortunately the gig ended prematurely due to peter hurling his guitar into the crowd, security had to go and get it back. After this incident the gig could no longer continue".

Setlist by Chun Li: The last of the english roses - pipey magraw - what a waster - dilly boys - kilamanjiro - albion - cyclops - tell the king - lost art of murder - for lovers (with wolfman) - Broken love song (with wolfman) - salome - a cover / new / rare song? - time for heroes.
One more thing about tonight: chances of Peter playing at the Woodbury Tavern (with Alan Wass and Cal Roberts) are poor at the moment. If anything new turns up I'll tell you here. But anyway, Helsinki are playing at the ULU for LMHR and I think I'd rather go there (if I was in London, that is).


Carl will open for Glasvegas in L.A.

The new cool couple

OK, now it's official: Glasvegas will visit Los Angeles on Jan. 14, performing at West Hollywood venue the Troubadour. Tickets go on sale today, so be sure to fax in your order. The special opener will be Carl Barat of The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things (mmm... how about Carl Barat followed by a beautiful "period"?). Source: The Scenestar.
I'm trying to find out whether Carl will be opening Glasvegas' other US dates or this is a on-off. Later!


  • The NME reviews Mongrel's debut gig.
  • Dirty Pretty Things celebrated Obama's victory with Neon Neon.
  • Bits from "Beg Steal or Borrow" are starting to appear in the net. The Sun reports a funny story about Peter blaming Elton John for the Live 8 fiasco.
  • And Babybear's been teasing everyone at FDW about a mysterious page 228 of the book. It seems the paragraph in question deals with a certain FDW member... but I can't tell you anything since I haven't got my copy yet (fuck Italian mail).
  • Rumors are also starting up about Carl Barat's future adventures... and they involve a Scottish band and their upcoming US tour. Waiting for more info, keep your eyes open you lot in Tinseltown.


Drew plays for LMHR

Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell's other band, Helsinki, will headline the London ULU on Friday night (November 7), at a gig put on by the Love Music Hate Racism organisation. The gig has been organised to raise awareness of, and combat, the right-wing British National Party's recent attempts to promote racism in UK schools by giving free CDs containing allegedly racist songs to schoolchildren. Reverend And The Makers' Jon McClure will perform with the collective at the gig, as will rapper Lowkey who, along with McClure and McConnell, performs in the supergroup Mongrel. Support will come from Bashy and Riz MC. See for more information.
Plus! Adam announces winter tour:
"Well here's a rough look at my 'Watching the flowers grow' tour a few dates might change but... My first outing and I'm scared but there's nothin like growing up in public, there won't be any guests as I don't have any famous friends that I can rope in - so just me and a guitar... altough there will be some hip supports, just working that one out..
JAN>> 5 Leicester Charlotte>> 6 Cambridge Soul Tree>> 7 Nottingham Bodega>> 8 Liverpool Academy 2>> 9 Manchester Ruby Lounge>> 10 Wakefield Escobar>> 11 Birmingham Bar Academy>> 13 Newcastle Academy 2>> 14 Hull Lamp>> 15 Preston Uni (club night)>> 16 Derby Rockhouse>> 17 Welwyn Garden City Green Rooms>> 18 Castleford Loft>> 19>> 20 Cardiff Barfly>> 22 Kingston New Slang>> 25 Wolves Little Civic>> 28 Wrexham Central Station just waiting for some scottish and Irish things to come in..".
And! Carlos is on the December issue of Clash magazine (video preview of the interview here).

Good morning America!

Great job guys! This is my little present for all of you!


Carl says "My heart will go on"

Carl and Har Mar Superstar last night in Dublin (photo by The Rescue Squad)

Not really. But the Titanic analogy is stunning. And I swear he's never heard it from me...

Kidding! Interview by Sara Irvine for Noize magazine.

Amidst nearly fatal diseases, break ups and make ups, boozes, pills, thrills and bellyaches, Carl still keeps his cool, and he's once again in the NME cool list. Says the list compiler:
"49. Carl Barat [re-entry] 2008 was a rough year for the man Pete Doherty used to call Biggles, with serious illness and poor album sales conspiring to spell the end for Dirty Pretty Things. Yet Carlos retains an indelible aura of cool and his recent announcement that The Libertines have "unfinished business" bodes well for 2009".
For the record, Peter is not in the list. The horror, the horror!
Anyway, DPT's Irish tour is going ahead, although ticket sales are still poor. Enjoy Didz and Anthony playing Blur's Boys and Girls here (video by Myska).


An American Prayer

Please, American friends. I mean it. PLEASE.

Manic Monday part 2

The sweet Adam speaks at Radio XFM:

"Babyshambles drummer and all round nice guy Adam Ficek dropped by Xfm to tell us all about the bands new book 'Beg, Steal or Borrow' and about Pete Doherty's solo project.
The band have put Babyshambles recording on hold to give Pete time to finish his solo record which Adam has been providing drums for. Adam revealed that Pete was working with a secret guest guitarist on the record whose name rhymes with "Layham Hoxon". Hmmm...Super sleuths that we are, Xfm managed to extract further information from Adam who explained that Graham Coxon (it took us ages to work that out!) was bringing a new edge to Pete's solo record:
"It's not just musical with Graham, its this whole sonic environment he creates and that's what has brought a really special edge to Peter's solo's really interesting".
Adam also told us that Babyshambles would be recording and touring again soon, but the trials and tribulations of Pete's life does take its toll on the band:
"It's not very nice at times really, it keeps you on your toes. You have to take every gig that it could be your last. You don't really know what's round the corner which I suppose is good 'cos it keeps every show pretty vitalised but on the other hand it's hard to plan stuff and it can take the wind out of your sails at times". Let's hope the band are back on top form in 2009.
Listen to the interview with Adam Ficek here: [
Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3].

Anthony Rossomando speaks too (here).

The NME reviews Peter's Halloween gig.

Mongrel announce first UK tour.

The advance ticket purchase link for Peter's show at The Monarch is now active here.

Babybear teases: "There's a few more interesting things coming up!".

Manic Monday

A few bits to start the week:
  • Very beautiful pictures taken by Kutschi at the Commercial Road party (the first one, not the Halloween)
  • DPT played Belfast last night, the first of their European dates. It seems the gig started late because they missed the ferry or something like that. Anyway, glad to hear Carlos is back on form. Great videos by Username1919 (here).
  • Don't forget today the Babyshambles book is hitting the stores!

Thursday 6 Nov - The Monarch, 40-42 Chalk Farm Road
Monday 3 Nov - Dublin Academy
Wednesday 5 Nov - Cork Cyprus Avenue
Thursday 6 Nov - Wicklow Greystones Theatre
Friday 7 Nov - Galway Roisin Dubh
Wednesday 5 Nov - Mongrel playing Boston Arms in Tufnell Park, London.


New gig next week!

From Adrian's facebook:
Peter is playing Thursday 6th November at The Monarch (formerly The Misty Moon) on Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town. Acoustic support comes from Vaults venue for advance ticket info +44 20 7284 4915

Peter's Halloween Gig

Photo by ProperBo

Nothing in the press today. "It was a messy evening last night" said Mrs Cravat "We were let in quite late and there was at least an hour and a half's worth of dance music michael jackson and libertines before anyone took the stage. Peter popped out periodically to get drinks from the barand to borrow various hats. Peter played a handful of songs which deviated away from the usual setlist before looking a bit woozy and walking off stage. He really did not look well. Alan wass and mik accompanied peter on drums and guitar who saved the day by carrying on playing a number of shambles left hand and covers".

Video by ProperBo (Cigarettes and Alcohol cover).

Photos by happy_in_my_dust_and_gloo m