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German dates postponed?

It looks like that at the end of the day. This dodgy babelfish translation comes from German site "Laut"
"Does he come, does come he not? The question before a route of the Babyshambles remains always the same. Unfortunately also we must more frequently put in defeats there as Präsentator. As in this case: For December 2008 the set tour data in Germany are moved according to organizer on 2009. Reason: " The substantial obligations before for release of the debut solo album of Pete Doherty at the beginning of 2009 made the new setting of these data necessary. To that volume the incommodities for the fans suffering do, look forward however likewise to the Germany data lining up soon. The tickets keep their validity for the new data, which will be shortly announced".
Tonight's gig at Le Maroquinerie (Paris) is still on, and also sold out.

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