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Shamblesville and DPTsville

From Adam's blog: "All is calm in shamblesville Peter still finishing his solo album art, found out the first single…it’s a good one". Anxiously waiting for the revelation, I keep my fingers crossed for New Love.
There is nothing suggesting the Shambles' German dates are cancelled. The dates should be the following: Lipsia (4), Munich (5.), Düsseldorf (7.), Hamburg (8.), Berlin (9.) Frankfurt (11.). What's strange is that Drew is playing with Mongrel on the 6th in Manchester (from

It seems an interview with Carl Barat is featured in the NME's new issue (out tomorrow). Apparently Carlos talks about his solo material and live solo dates with Glasvegas.
Meanwhile, Dirty Pretty Things are wrapping up their Euro tour with a gig at The Bataclan in Paris. Reports from the last gigs are scattered here and there in the various communities but tend to focus more on meetings with the band and things like that than on the shows. After all DPT have no future, and maybe these are the last days when fans can hope to exchange a few words with the four guys all together.

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