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Carl and Didz spin records in Munich

Nobody thought it was true but actually it was! Last night ex-DPT best mates Carl Barat and Didz Hammond "reunited" to perform a dj set at the MusikExpress magazine's 40th birthday party in Munich (Germany).
Our friend Kjar, who was there, writes:

"yes it was really a surprise, i was there & had a great night,they played about 2 ½ hours... personal jesus, boys don´t cry,panic, blister in the sun, walk like an egyptian, twist & shout... sorry i can not remember more songs, was very busy drinking & dancing,but from my point of view the crowd was bit lame, think i have to apologize to the both for that hicksville manners here in munich, hope my friends here in town will wake up till end of november ;)"

For a few photos from the event scroll the gallery here.


Peter writes to French Dog Writtles

Peter wrote two posts to FDW a few hours ago, one entitled "by thee used disused power sta-tion, the Batter'd sea":
I know he's got his faults, but when he's off the wesleysnipe he's a warrior and he's a don. I first met him on the landing in Pentonville and he didn't stop singing . Terrifying.
It's on for the 6th..get yer tickets now cause we'll be showcasing shitloads of new songs... and it only holds about as much as a Brentford away mob.

And in reply to somebody who asked if the new songs will be performed by him and The General, Peter replied:
"£30 sobs... eh, blimey, you do you know he's just had his 9th kid. It's kinda of Bio-Jah-nows-we-need- a knees up. I guarantee it''ll be the best you've ever seen. What more can I say. I'm trying to help a mate but trust me i'll pull out all the stops. Barat? Ballerina's? Free demoof the new bumfest masterpieces....? c'mon.
No, the shitcasloaders will be the shambles who have been rehearsing at least two days a aweek".
Peter also announced he got a new implant two days ago:
"I'm 2 days back from another implant and a little fucked if at least clean for another few months. ow."

The second post was more obscure, but anyway:
"What is all this play rumy formoney and internet dating blurbs.Eek must be raking it in. Which reminds me. Adrian's sweet so stop blocking his posts or it'll all go off. the liquid kosh had me roaming portugese wards, getting into bed delerious with 90yr old women. Thinking I was an ice skater. marvelling at the way i could sleep upsidedown in the cupboard. Then they bang it in stitch you up and here i am.
sometimes you need to find a song to get you going, spark you up, make you cry. I'm trying. I need something so bad there'snothing left but st ettienne and the libershivershambles. suggestions for tear jerkers:"

Speaking of Adrian, the man posted a message in his blog, the first time we hear from him after he fell out with FDB's administrators. I hardly know what happened so I'm not taking sides whatsoever, but I'm glad Babybear is still alive and well.


Carl collaborating with Neil Hannon

Photo by Gabriel Green

Nothing particularly new in the Hotpress interview with Carl Barat, Brett Anderson and Jon McClure at the JD Set, but thanks to Jo for the typing. The only thing I find interesting is that Carlos has been collaborating with the Divine Comedy's leader Neil Hannon.

Read on:
A nervous-seeming type, Barat laughingly admitted that he was initially intimidated by the New Silver Cornet Band, but broke the ice with them by pointing out that they “don’t have a cornet between them!” Although he’s made some forays into the acting world recently (“I’ll be appearing in a play next year, but I’m not allowed to talk about it just yet”), Barat stated that his main focus remained on music: “I’m making a new record, that’s my main thing. I know everybody says this, but it’s a real new departure for me, because I’m doing things I haven’t done before. I’ve got about five or six songs that I’m really happy with. “I’ve been working with a few different people recently. I did a thing with Neil Hannon in Ireland. I went over to Dublin for a couple of days. It’s great learning how other people do things – a little like playing with the old boys this morning. Just watching how people write things”.
Deaf in one ear following an operation, he looked on the bright side: “I think it helps me to sing in tune actually. But being half-deaf is still a bit rubbish!”
A few hours later in the cavernous Village Underground, the JD Birthday Set kicks off on schedule in front of an invited audience of 500 people. McClure is up first. As the Channel 4 cameras swoop and dive, he knocks the audience dead with a stunning ‘Heavyweight Champion’, a great opening round. ‘I Found Out’ wasn’t quite as punchy as during the rehearsals but it still rocked.
Given his depth of experience it’s probably not surprising that Brett Anderson’s set is the most consistently impressive, the floppily fringed pop star coming on strong and injecting real emotion into ‘Wild Ones’ in particular.
There are some odd moments during Barat’s set, and I’m amused to see him singing the lyrics to ‘Too Late, Too Late’ from a lyric sheet but he makes a fiercely squalling rock’n’roll kind of noise – it’ll be fascinating to see how that sounds on television!. The undoubted highpoint of the evening’s entertainment, however, comes when the three musicians collaborate on a superb re-working of the VU classic, ‘Venus In Furs’.
All told then, it’s a good gig that’ll undoubtedly look great and sound even better when it’s been mixed down for TV. Before we all go gently into the good night, though, there’s time for a brief happy birthday to Mr. Jack Daniel himself. See you in Lynchburg some time...

"Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather..."
This, dear readers, is quite some privilege. It’s the afternoon of Wednesday October 7 and in a mid-sized rehearsal room in Hackney, your Hot Press correspondent is witnessing a musical collaboration that’s unlikely ever to happen again.
Well, in actual fact it’ll happen in front of a live audience tomorrow night, in a gig that will be shot by Channel 4 for broadcast over the coming weeks, but right now, just a few feet away from the couch I’m sitting on, Brett Anderson (formerly of Suede), Carl Barat (formerly of The Libertines) and Jon McClure (from Reverend & The Makers) are still divvying up the verses and working out the vocal parts of a stunningly inventive cover version of Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus In Furs’.

Another similar article has appeared at the site "Thumped".


Scattered news

  • The Ficek has written a new entry in his blog. Check out the bits on Babyshambles' third album.
  • The debut gig of The Invasion of... (Gary Powell's new band) last Sunday was witnessed by the other three ex-Dirty Pretty Things. Read the review here.
  • Gary commented: "had a great nite at the waterrats on sunday nite! am looking forward to more madness in the not too distant future!!!!"
  • Gary is also booked for a dee-jay set in the North on Saturday, but it's not too clear where.
  • One more dee-jay set for Carlos Barat on Friday 6th November at Let's Go Disco, the Foundry, Sheffield University Students Union + Heebie Jeebies live, Nicola Bear (Ibiza Rocks), Deano (Threads). Tickets at £ 5.50.
  • Oh nearly forgot: Hot Press has a joint interview with Carlos, Brett and Jon at the JDset. For subscribers only. Irish help needed.
  • According to my (and Carl's) mate Fullo (the Italian King of the Decks) Peter was seen hanging in North Italy in the last days. Can't tell you more.


I'm not too sure about this...

... but anyway in the general lack of updates... oops, the General has been texting people with this message:


Tickets are on sale here (£20.00 plus service charge)
Skuzzies are support act.

And no, I have no idea who The Albion Knights are.



See the man with the stage fright

While Peter has often enlightened us on the fear of climbing up a stage in front of a thousand people Carlos had never spoken about it... until now. Listen to what he thinks about stage fright in the latest episode of BBC6's The Music Week (here - Carl is at 14.30, followed by Don't look back into the sun).


The Invasion of Gary

Legendary Libertines and DPT drummer Gary Powell is back! While keeping his lips sealed about any possible rebirth of his first band, Gary has been working in the shadow since DPT split up and now he is ready to introduce you his brand new project, named "The Invasion Of...". The band has a myspace page where you can hear thir first effort, an experimental affair entitled "The Invasion of Radio". The Invasion Of... describe themselves as "a juxtaposition of 5 like minded souls playing progressive, forward thinking music - born of friendship and other commonalities".

But this is not enough! If you're in London you will be able to see The Invasion Of... live at The Monto Water Rats next Sunday (25 October). Gary writes: "first show, 25th october at the Water Rats, kings cross, Londonia! if you can make it you should, it'll be a blast!!! catch you later!!!!! gary".

Other bands listed at the event are The IC1S, Sukie and The Guns Of Pig Alley, band led by guitarist Olie Barat, half-brother of the very famous Carl Barat.

All the roads lead to the Libertines in the end.

Some Babyshambles news

Are Babyshambles still alive? It may look like they're not, but actually they are. Alive and kicking. Confined by press in an unspecified "Doherty's side project" land, or even seen as "Doherty's former band", they just seem to be content with the various members' solo adventures and generally supporting their leader's live appearances as an ordinary backing band. Well, we don't want Babyshambles to end up like that, and actually they won't. Babyshambles are Peter, Mik, Drew and Adam, and thank god their third album is now something to look up to.

The sweet Adam has just written a new entry in his blog, explaining:

"It’s been a while I know, I’ve been a busy bee though, what with baby birth, Peter shows, babyshambles shows, RKC shows, Adam ficek shows, DJismz, house moving, remixing, getting my lips done".

More interesting, he's giving us shambles updates on his Twitter page:

"Babyshambles rehearsals today, fluffing up some new flavours for Dec tour" he wrote on 18 October.

And: "another babyshambles praccie/writing day" (20 October)

Last night he wrote: "3 new tunes in babyshambles land, one sounds like the jam...ohhhh".

So, with a tour waiting for us in December, and a record featuring new songs (and could you ask for more than a song sounding like the Jam???) in the cards, who can talk of a deceased band?

Nobody can.

Up the Shambles.


Adam's corner

Consequence of Sound reviews The Ficek's new EP:

"Roses Kings Castles, aka Adam Ficek, is mostly known for being Pete Doherty’s drummer across the pond in the U.K. He is also a DJ, which explains his interesting ability to craft songs that have two seemingly-unrelated parts and then sew them together like only a true Brit could.
His constant British colloquialisms come quite naturally, reminding me of the pleasant way that Lily Allen spews her lyrics forth with equal parts wit and venom. Ficek has an innate ear for melody, and in this aspect, there are shades of Paul McCartney present throughout his new EP, Apples and Engines.
In each of his songs, the listener is kept at strict attention due to strange and unexpected change-ups. At times, this just sounds like different snippets of different songs all pasted together, stitched up with a few rim shots and maybe an electric guitar. All the orchestral instruments give a majesty to the music, but it certainly isn’t pop — It’s not an easily-placed album, and the bombast that could serve songs with similar composition is lacking in this debut. It instead settles for being background music.
Most of the songs will start one way, perfectly happy and boring– and then jolt you awake into an entirely new and unexpected direction. For example, on “Where’s Your Life Gone?”, the second track, Ficek begins with strings, an acoustic guitar playing a nice three-chord riff, accompanied by the heavy bounce of an upright bass. As soon as you get used to this fancy little tune, it veers into a futuristic lounge song, perfect for those old 50’s sitcoms — it’s almost Jetson-esque in its creepy vibe, complete with flutes and xylophones pumping and floating. It isn’t until the final chorus that the electric guitar comes in and gives the song the extra push it needed; unfortunately, by that time, it’s already become more of a novelty.
I think the lesson here is that although the ability to do all these quirky little things is commendable, a little restraint might be in order. For example, the trumpets that end “Somethings are Better Left Unsaid” aren’t necessary. Their lines could have just as easily been played by an electric bass or guitar and probably landed the song into some radio success. But as it is, this EP is destined to lie in an artist’s closet: appreciated by few, but misunderstood by most".


Birthday bash with Peter

Deano, the organizer of so many memorable nights at 126 Commercial Road writes:

Deano, Jeet and Vader's Birthday Bash
Host: 126 Midnight Lounge
Type: Party - Birthday Party
Start Time: Friday, October 23, 2009 at 7:35pm
End Time: Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: Jam Bar Street: 123 Shoreditch High Street City/Town: London, United Kingdom Description: Pete Doherty will be there too, he will playing and also Alan Wass will be acompanying Peter, it is going to be a wild birthday night to remember! So please do come along for a bit bubble and fun with me Pete and Alan! :)
Hope to see you all at my brithday..
Peace out! :)


Peter for Rock Renaissance

Peter is to collaborate with Towers Of London guitarist Kristian Marr at a London art show on October 23. Doherty has been working on an acoustic set with Marr to perform at the show, which is in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity.
The night, which is called Rock Renaissance, also features artists, including New Yorker Phil Stein, and London-based Grant Kennedy (


Dear Peter, dear Carlos

Dear Peter,
we hope you’re doing well. We understand you need your privacy so you don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to. Please remember we wish you all the best, and we’ll be waiting for you to come back whenever you feel like it. Oh and that Babyshambles album…

Dear Carlos,
we hope you’ll be having a great time on the cargo ship. Remember Egyptian law is a bit strict when it comes to alcohol & substance abuse, and also partying on the docks. Also remember the Red Sea is the home of 44 species of sharks. Give a hug to Anthony.

Your very affectionate Breck Road Lovers


Anthony talks of "The Docks Film"

From BBC6:
"Carl Barat has teamed up with his former bandmate Anthony Rossomando to make a film about the death of the east London docks. The film is called No Place/Good Place: The Rime of the Modern Mariner and features myths and folklore from the docks that are still told by mariners today.

Speaking to 6 Music, Rossomando said that the idea came from their "love and romantic view of the sea and east London".

Barat will narrate the film and has co-written the script with Mark Donne, a journalist from The Independent. Rossomando played guitar alongside Barat in Dirty Pretty Things, the band which split in 2008. He is writing and recording the soundtrack.

For the premiere of the film, an orchestra will perform the soundtrack live. The full line up of the orchestra has not yet been finalised, but Rossomando explained that he will be conducting: "I’m going to try and keep myself out of having to play, but for the night, maybe I’ll get Carl to play, but his gig in this is the narration."
While the former Libertine is notorious for mumbling when he speaks in interviews, Rossomando thinks people will be pleasantly surprised. "I think it will be nice for people to hear Carl speaking properly," he said. "In the studio we get a close microphone on him... you’ll be able to hear him. When he sings you can understand him, it’s just when he speaks quickly. We’ll slow him down!"

Filming has just started and the group is preparing to set off on a month long trip aboard a container ship along the Suez Canal. Rossomando told 6 Music this excursion will be very different to the long periods of time he’s spent in the recording studio with Barat: "This is way out of our element and our comfort zone. In the studio there’s always a runner who can pick up booze, fags and food. On the ship you can’t exactly run out for a few cans of Guinness and a pack of salt and vinegar!"

The film is set to premiere at St Anne’s Church, Limehouse in London during the East End Film Festival next April. It will then be screened in selected London cinemas and film festivals across Europe and America, with the dates yet to be announced".


Back to Carlos

Photo by Gabriel Green

While Peter is in a "stable" condition at Swindon Hospital, Carlos is appearing on the new issue of the NME... and he's planning some extra-musical activities:

"Carl Barat has narrated and features in a documentary film about the death of the London Docks, 'No Place/Good Place: The Rime Of The Modern Mariner', set to premiere at the East End Film Festival next April.The film's score was composed by Barat's former Dirty Pretty Things bandmate, guitarist Anthony Rossomando. The premiere will take place at the St Anne’s Church in Limehouse in the UK capital, with a Rossomando-led band set to play the score live. The date of the event is yet to be revealed.
The documentary features the myths, superstitions and folklore surrounding the docks and still held by modern mariners. It will be screened in selected London cinemas plus festivals in Europe and the USA".


Peter cancels the Irish tour

Pete Doherty has pulled the whole of his Irish tour, which was to have included visits to the Mandela Hall, Belfast (September 13); The Academy, Dublin (14); and the Roisin Dubh, Galway (15).
According to his booking agent, “Last night Peter was admitted to Swindon Hospital with exhaustion and breathing difficulties. He is currently under observation by doctors.”


Gigs of the week

Tuesday 13 October: Mandela Hall Belfast
Wednesday 14 October: The Academy Dublin

Friday 16 October: Club NME at The Magnet Club, Greifswalder Str. 212-213, Berlin (DJ set)


Still on Carl...

Photo by YFLI

... And still for the "WTF Carlos???" series...

"CARL BARAT and Jon McClure teamed up on stage to celebrate Jack Daniel's birthday this week - and revealed they are making a movie together.
Former Libertine Carl said: "I'll be acting in it and Jon will direct."
Carl and Reverend And The Makers frontman Jon - who have already worked together on the Instigate Debate campaign - performed along with ex-Suede man Brett Anderson and Sex Pistol Glenn Matlock at the special JD set gig at Village Underground, London onThursday

Besides, according to some people who spoke with Carl after the JD set, the man has revealed "he has no more gigs planned". Amen.
Enjoy Truth Begins from the event, come on!


Carl Barat stripped

Interview by Liz Stokes for Rivmixx:

Fri, Oct 9 2009
As one quarter of both The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things, Carl Barât, over his decade at the forefront of British rock music, has definitely made his mark on the scene and, in turn, has gained something of a star status standing. That said, he hasn't quite displayed the same rock-diva tendencies as his former band member and old friend Pete Doherty - the drug problems, model girlfriends, headline grabbing behaviour and jail sentences. Despite that, behind the scenes, Barât does act out the somewhat erratic behaviour we have come to expect from this elite clan of musicians. Trying to pin Barât down, even for just a 20 minute chat, proves difficult. At 3pm he was in bed. At 6pm his phone was off. And these were all prior-arranged calls, with the numerous messages and call backs that you'd expect. The following week, our ever elusive rock reportee was a little more forthcoming - on a bus!

With a hurried tone and a quintessentially British accent he candidly spoke about his past and his future - yet all with an air of uncertainty and apparent awareness about how he was being perceived. Having been in one of the most noted bands of the 21st century, it's hard to believe that now - as he embarks on a solo career - nerves could be holding Barât back, but "it's really scary, really scary" he says. "I'm not going to know what to do with myself. I'm sure I'll find something." This is one of the many times during a brief talk that Barât seems distant and drifts off into silent thought. Waiting for more of a response he replies suddenly, as if he'd just come to a conclusion about how he was to tackle the nerves,"I'll try not to look like it's scary. It's very daunting, there's no one to hide behind, I've got to sing outside of my comfort zone as well. I feel like I've hidden for so long and now I can't do it."

After The Libertines split in 2004 Barât went on to form two follow up bands in the shape of Dirty Pretty Things and the lesser known Chavs. Seemingly more comfortable being surrounded by friends and instruments rather than alone on stage, the idea of Barât on a solo crusade is a renegade move. He admits that it was the strains being put on his friendships within the bands that drove him solo though, "I just didn't want to be in a band anymore because of the politics and the s**t that comes between friends. I'd rather stay friends with them - which I have done. Well I think I have, I'm not entirely sure."

Just this year Doherty, Barât, John Hassall and Gary Powel were offered a substantial amount of money to headline the Reading and Leeds festival as The Libertines again, but it was, reportedly, Barât who put a halt on things. He explained that it's not necessarily never going to happen but it's just "definitely not next year or the year after. I'm not just going to jump on the stage for a bit of quick cash and some nostalgia. A lot of people are happy to do it because they know people will come but it's not really about that for me, if we put it on I want it to be special. Next year I'm busy doing the album and I have a play and I'm just too busy. I don't want it be rushed." Talking about his famously tempestuous relationship with on/off best friend Pete Doherty - arguably, Britons most famous drug addict - he said resolutely that "he lives miles away" and they've "not really spoken for a while. It's not a conscious thing I'm just really busy, I still love Pete and I still love playing with Pete."

That statement about Doherty was, seemingly, the first time throughout the interview that Barât seemed sure of what he was saying; the genuine nature of his answer shining through the nervous disposition he was predominantly projecting. One can only think that it must be love between Doherty and Barât, especially following that 2003 incident when Pete ended up in prison after breaking into Barât's flat and stealing various personal items; Carl welcomed him back with open arms!

Despite Pete's tabloid fodder lifestyle, Barât describes himself as the former "troubled" one of the pair. Speaking about whether it was Pete's drug addiction that caused them to argue so much in the past he explained, "No, no, I think we're just complete opposites. I used to be the troubled one and he wasn't and we just switched. Any relationship in my life that's been that strong and that is based on that depth has been 'tempestuous' as you call it."

The history of The Libertines, especially Pete and Carl's relationship, has become something of a fascination for music publications and the public alike. It's this fascination we have for car crash love stories and the rock 'n' roll lifestyle that perhaps lead to the hysteria surrounding talks of a Libertines stage play. Sadly Mr Barât appears to have put that idea on the top shelf, along with the band revival, "it was just a bit silly. We thought we'd do it but, i don't know, we've got the right to change our minds. After a while it just seemed a bit silly, maybe one day though." It seems, when talking to Barât and looking back on his life (as we know it), that he doesn't like to commit himself to anything, on the surface anyway. Everything he says finishes with a "maybe" or an "I guess" or "kind of"; getting a definitive yes or no doesn't seem to happen in Carl's world. That said, though, looking at the determination and perseverance that must have gone into his career (and each band) does show evident staying power and belief - so it's in there somewhere.

Barât's career has veered into new territory of late - he's now taken to both the stage and screen. With music having been such a strong passion in the past and the new solo record ready to be recorded, the acting project has come in a little unexpected for his fans. "I just thought I might like to have that as well as the music really, kind of have it under my bonnet," he explained. "I don't wear a bonnet, that's just weird. It's not as easy as it looks. It's very intense but I'm enjoying it and enjoying the struggle. It's hard work but it's exhilarating." He also explained that Ralf Little had told him that if he "wanted to act properly" then he "should do a play." Advice that he seems to have held in high esteem - 2010 see Barât take on two plays, but he's not allowed to say what they are.

It's been a long road in a short time for Carl Barât and it doesn't seem clear, to himself even, where he'll end up. "I don't really know to be honest, just expressing. That sounds a bit w*nky when you say it like that. I see it as kind of one and the same thing really [acting and signing] it's just that expression of your voice really isn't it.

"Could you just make that last bit not sound really w*nky? I'd be really grateful," says Barât, drifting back off into his own little world on the bus....

Carl + Brett + Jon at JD set

Photo by Chris Pearson

Waiting for input for those who were there, enjoy this NME review!

Ex-Libertine Carl Barat, ex-Suede singer Brett Anderson and Jon McClure of Reverend And The Makers united last night (October 8) for the JD Set gig in London.
The annual Jack Daniel's whisky-sponsored brand gig sees three musicians a year perform their own songs, covers and collaborations for a one-off gig backed by the New Silver Cornet Band – a band of veteran US musicians.
The frontmen sang The Velvet Underground's 'Venus In Furs' together at the end of the gig. Previously they had played a solo set each backed by the band, while Sex Pistols' Glen Matlock made a surprise cameo.
McClure played first, his set including his own band's songs 'Heavyweight Champion Of The World' and 'The Hidden Persuaders', plus 'This House Is Not A Motel' by Love. Matlock joined him for a rendition of Sex Pistols' 'Pretty Vacant'.
Anderson was up next, playing Suede songs including 'The Wild Ones', 'Killing Of A Flashoboy' and his set-closer 'Trash'.
Barat played The Libertines' 'The Good Old Days' and 'What Katy Did'. He also played 'Truth Begins' by his other old band, Dirty Pretty Things, plus covers, including Bertolt Becht's 'Alabama Song', famously covered in the '60s by The Doors.
Barat was then joined by McClure and Anderson on stage for their set-closing collaboration.

Plus, a snippet from The World of Que Pasa blog:

Finally it’s Carl Barat’s turn, which starts with a shambolic cover of Belle and Sebastian’s Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying before plunging into The Libertines’ What Katie Did. His cover of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s Alabama Song beats the odd choice of Noisette’s Wild Young Hearts. Luckily he turned things around with The Libertines’ The Good Old Days.
The bar closes after the trio cover Velvet Underground’s Shiny Boots of Leather and we head home powered by the sweet taste of American whiskey.


JD set on NME Radio

Thanks a lot to Bilo & Biggles for posting the photo above (plus other two) to the Pete Doherty Italian Forum. The piccie was shot during the rehearsal for the Jack Daniel's Birthday party to be held tomorrow at The Village Underground (source: The Jack Daniels Facebook).

Meanwhile, tomorrow NME Radio will broadcast a special on the event from 3 pm: "Tune in later, meanwhile, for a very special outside broadcast from the annual JD Birthday Set gig at Village Underground in east London with Brett Anderson, Carl Barat and Jon McClure. Iain Baker will be speaking to them all from 3pm".

It will be interesting hearing Carlos talking about whisky, whereas his latest video appearance was all about wine.


The Ballad of grimaldi @ Zenith, Paris 5 octobre 2009

Thanks a lot to Sebwarri. Very good video!



Thanks a lot to Anthony (or Dorian Gray) for his reports on Peter's last gigs in France, namely Toulouse (here) and Perpignan (here). Actually the gigs were largely ignored by French press.
"A concert to remember" says the report "At times serious, joyful, poignant, rock, punk. Peter is unleashed. So are his musicians. They are happy to be together and it shows. The crowd stays in control until the last two tracks: a Fuck Forever unrecognizable but terribly exciting with Peter playing the drums, chained to an apocalyptic Time for Heroes. The last notes are still echoing in the ears of an audience gasping in shock at the set Peter Doherty and his friends have just delivered. A stormy end, electric, wild. It was not BabyShambles but it was approaching.
The entire set was electric. They are six people on the stage: ¾ of the Shambles, Peter, Adam and Drew. A keyboardist on Adam's right. On both sides of the stage two guitarists, no less, Mr Stephen Street on the right, Mr Graham Coxon left. They are accompanied by a string trio which will magnify the versions of "Broken Love Song" and "New love grows on trees." They played almost the entire solo album. They played old songs from Babyshambles, "32nd December", "Bollywood and Battersea", and a chill-spinning "For lovers".
  • Monday October 5: Le Zénith Paris, France (with Graham Coxon)

  • Wednesday October 7: Milk it! Private Party at Centro, West Central Street, London (6:00pm - 10:00pm) FOR COMPETITION WINNERS ONLY (Remember e-mail with your name for a chance to come!) - Hosted by Jon McClure from REVEREND & THE MAKERS. With: TREVOR FUNG, CARL BARAT (live) JAZZY M, EVIL EDDIE RICHERD, NOEL WATSON, THE ENEMY (DJ).
  • Thursday October 8: Jack Daniels Birthday JDset at The Village Underground, London. With: Brett Anderson, Carl Barat, Jon McClure, The New Silver Cornet Band, Jon Tiven, David Hood.



No Libertines until 2011

Errrrr... I'm not commenting this. I only hope Carl Barat knows what he's doing (because actually nobody else does).
"Carl Barat has said he will not reform The Libertines until at least 2011, because he is too busy. Speaking at the premiere of the 'Breaking Rocks' film at Proud Camden in London last night (October 1), Barat told the BBC that The Libertines will not reform in 2010, adding that he doesn't want to simply regroup for money.
"I'm too busy next year. Maybe the year after that," he said. "See how it goes. When it needs to happen, it will fall into place. It's more a way of life than a band for me. I’m not going to jump up there and play the songs for some money – if it feels right then it will fall into place."Barat also stated that he hasn't spoken to Pete Doherty "for a while", though he keeps being sent text messages from fans pretending to be his old bandmate." I keep getting kids texting me pretending to be Pete, which is a bit confusing because I never know when it actually is [Doherty]," he revealed. "Without realising, I could be harming my diplomatic relations with Pete by sending reactionary texts."
In March this year, Pete Doherty told NME.COM that The Libertines have "unfinished business", and was keen to get the group back together".


Everything's OK. For now.

Pete Doherty appeared at Gloucester Crown Court this morning to plead not guilty to a dangerous driving charge.
After entering his plea, Judge William Hart told Doherty that he will stand trial shortly before Christmas on December 21.
The trial relates to an incident on June 11 when the Babyshambles star was pulled over by police shortly after a gig at the Gloucester Guildhall.
According to, Judge Hart told the court that the trial should last two to three days.
Other charges of drink driving, driving without insurance and having no licence have been committed to the court and will be dealt with after the dangerous driving trial.
Defying his reputation, Pete arrived at court 20 minutes early today and signed autographs for fans outside.

Gigwise has also a gallery of beautiful Babyshambles piccies taken in Cannes last week.

Pete Doherty - Time For Heroes 30.09.09

Peter did show up atThe Underground (Stoke) last night, and according to the people who were there (Babybear included) he played a smashing gig.
Now let's keep fingers crossed for the court hearing!
Oh shit, once again...