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No Libertines until 2011

Errrrr... I'm not commenting this. I only hope Carl Barat knows what he's doing (because actually nobody else does).
"Carl Barat has said he will not reform The Libertines until at least 2011, because he is too busy. Speaking at the premiere of the 'Breaking Rocks' film at Proud Camden in London last night (October 1), Barat told the BBC that The Libertines will not reform in 2010, adding that he doesn't want to simply regroup for money.
"I'm too busy next year. Maybe the year after that," he said. "See how it goes. When it needs to happen, it will fall into place. It's more a way of life than a band for me. I’m not going to jump up there and play the songs for some money – if it feels right then it will fall into place."Barat also stated that he hasn't spoken to Pete Doherty "for a while", though he keeps being sent text messages from fans pretending to be his old bandmate." I keep getting kids texting me pretending to be Pete, which is a bit confusing because I never know when it actually is [Doherty]," he revealed. "Without realising, I could be harming my diplomatic relations with Pete by sending reactionary texts."
In March this year, Pete Doherty told NME.COM that The Libertines have "unfinished business", and was keen to get the group back together".


Sonyana said...

Has anyone told Carl that there is no way it could possibly be the same, the East London squat scene is being dismantled, all Pete's movements are shadowed by tabloid photographers and the police, and Carl himself is under doctors' orders to watch how much he drinks?

And has anyone further told Carl that it's OKAY for it to not be exactly the same, that no one expects The Libertines to go back to the way they were at age 22 except for that subset of crazy fans who also aren't very bright?

Let's not even talk about wanting shelve people as if they were things. I wish it worked that way too, but dude, it doesn't.

In conclusion, since old way won't work, find a new way! Preferably one that is very different from the old way so that no one will make unfair comparisons.

Too bad reality-based thinking was never this band's strong suit. Siiiiigh.

Tessa said...

I fear it's not only what the subset of crazy fans expect, it's what he himself expects... O_o

Sonyana said...

Haha, now I'm afraid that you are right to fear such a thing.

Looking over my comment above... presumptuous, much? Got to stop giving unsolicited advice to people I don't know over the internet, it's not like it helps. XD (But it makes me feel better!)

Tessa said...

I have learnt first-hand that "famous" people actually do read comments on news items concerning them, and spend time working out counter-arguments and justifications that they never actually post, though it prepares them for face-to-face conversation on the topic...

Editor said...

Meanwhile I focussed primarily on how the PeteCarl relationship is to founder again due to dreaded cellphone technology...