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Peter writes to French Dog Writtles

Peter wrote two posts to FDW a few hours ago, one entitled "by thee used disused power sta-tion, the Batter'd sea":
I know he's got his faults, but when he's off the wesleysnipe he's a warrior and he's a don. I first met him on the landing in Pentonville and he didn't stop singing . Terrifying.
It's on for the 6th..get yer tickets now cause we'll be showcasing shitloads of new songs... and it only holds about as much as a Brentford away mob.

And in reply to somebody who asked if the new songs will be performed by him and The General, Peter replied:
"£30 sobs... eh, blimey, you do you know he's just had his 9th kid. It's kinda of Bio-Jah-nows-we-need- a knees up. I guarantee it''ll be the best you've ever seen. What more can I say. I'm trying to help a mate but trust me i'll pull out all the stops. Barat? Ballerina's? Free demoof the new bumfest masterpieces....? c'mon.
No, the shitcasloaders will be the shambles who have been rehearsing at least two days a aweek".
Peter also announced he got a new implant two days ago:
"I'm 2 days back from another implant and a little fucked if at least clean for another few months. ow."

The second post was more obscure, but anyway:
"What is all this play rumy formoney and internet dating blurbs.Eek must be raking it in. Which reminds me. Adrian's sweet so stop blocking his posts or it'll all go off. the liquid kosh had me roaming portugese wards, getting into bed delerious with 90yr old women. Thinking I was an ice skater. marvelling at the way i could sleep upsidedown in the cupboard. Then they bang it in stitch you up and here i am.
sometimes you need to find a song to get you going, spark you up, make you cry. I'm trying. I need something so bad there'snothing left but st ettienne and the libershivershambles. suggestions for tear jerkers:"

Speaking of Adrian, the man posted a message in his blog, the first time we hear from him after he fell out with FDB's administrators. I hardly know what happened so I'm not taking sides whatsoever, but I'm glad Babybear is still alive and well.


babybear said...

Aaaaah. Thanks for caring I was alive.

Sjanu said...

I'm also glad that babybear is alive and kicking.