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See the man with the stage fright

While Peter has often enlightened us on the fear of climbing up a stage in front of a thousand people Carlos had never spoken about it... until now. Listen to what he thinks about stage fright in the latest episode of BBC6's The Music Week (here - Carl is at 14.30, followed by Don't look back into the sun).


Sjanu said...

Did not understand much of this.
English is not my language, but anyway....... honestly....
Is it only me who has problems understanding Carlos?

Tessa said...
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Tessa said...

"I've been fielding these questions for 5 years now and I've never come up with an answer that satisfies anyone"


*headdesk* *headdesk*

alexis said...

He does mumble a lot bless him.

ItMustBeKate said...

Shouldn't this post be called "The Man Who Would Be Sha-King"?