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The Invasion of Gary

Legendary Libertines and DPT drummer Gary Powell is back! While keeping his lips sealed about any possible rebirth of his first band, Gary has been working in the shadow since DPT split up and now he is ready to introduce you his brand new project, named "The Invasion Of...". The band has a myspace page where you can hear thir first effort, an experimental affair entitled "The Invasion of Radio". The Invasion Of... describe themselves as "a juxtaposition of 5 like minded souls playing progressive, forward thinking music - born of friendship and other commonalities".

But this is not enough! If you're in London you will be able to see The Invasion Of... live at The Monto Water Rats next Sunday (25 October). Gary writes: "first show, 25th october at the Water Rats, kings cross, Londonia! if you can make it you should, it'll be a blast!!! catch you later!!!!! gary".

Other bands listed at the event are The IC1S, Sukie and The Guns Of Pig Alley, band led by guitarist Olie Barat, half-brother of the very famous Carl Barat.

All the roads lead to the Libertines in the end.


Moa said...

really liked your summary!

Caroline J. said...

that's my picture! where did you get it? im one of the girl you cut out

EZ said...

I found it on google images, and it was just like that, I didn't cut it. This is the link:

Anonymous said...

"All the roads lead to Libertines in the end" I really hope so! Great said!!