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Still on Carl...

Photo by YFLI

... And still for the "WTF Carlos???" series...

"CARL BARAT and Jon McClure teamed up on stage to celebrate Jack Daniel's birthday this week - and revealed they are making a movie together.
Former Libertine Carl said: "I'll be acting in it and Jon will direct."
Carl and Reverend And The Makers frontman Jon - who have already worked together on the Instigate Debate campaign - performed along with ex-Suede man Brett Anderson and Sex Pistol Glenn Matlock at the special JD set gig at Village Underground, London onThursday

Besides, according to some people who spoke with Carl after the JD set, the man has revealed "he has no more gigs planned". Amen.
Enjoy Truth Begins from the event, come on!

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Sjanu said...

Why oh why? that's all I can say.
And he is looking so sad on this picture. :(