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Anthony talks of "The Docks Film"

From BBC6:
"Carl Barat has teamed up with his former bandmate Anthony Rossomando to make a film about the death of the east London docks. The film is called No Place/Good Place: The Rime of the Modern Mariner and features myths and folklore from the docks that are still told by mariners today.

Speaking to 6 Music, Rossomando said that the idea came from their "love and romantic view of the sea and east London".

Barat will narrate the film and has co-written the script with Mark Donne, a journalist from The Independent. Rossomando played guitar alongside Barat in Dirty Pretty Things, the band which split in 2008. He is writing and recording the soundtrack.

For the premiere of the film, an orchestra will perform the soundtrack live. The full line up of the orchestra has not yet been finalised, but Rossomando explained that he will be conducting: "I’m going to try and keep myself out of having to play, but for the night, maybe I’ll get Carl to play, but his gig in this is the narration."
While the former Libertine is notorious for mumbling when he speaks in interviews, Rossomando thinks people will be pleasantly surprised. "I think it will be nice for people to hear Carl speaking properly," he said. "In the studio we get a close microphone on him... you’ll be able to hear him. When he sings you can understand him, it’s just when he speaks quickly. We’ll slow him down!"

Filming has just started and the group is preparing to set off on a month long trip aboard a container ship along the Suez Canal. Rossomando told 6 Music this excursion will be very different to the long periods of time he’s spent in the recording studio with Barat: "This is way out of our element and our comfort zone. In the studio there’s always a runner who can pick up booze, fags and food. On the ship you can’t exactly run out for a few cans of Guinness and a pack of salt and vinegar!"

The film is set to premiere at St Anne’s Church, Limehouse in London during the East End Film Festival next April. It will then be screened in selected London cinemas and film festivals across Europe and America, with the dates yet to be announced".

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