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Post-glasto gloom

photo by Memespring

Back to London, and to the last tips.

Both Carl and Drew played at Glasto last night but not together, although they shared the special guest, i.e. good old Billy Bragg (above Carlos and Billy during the performance).

Says Alicepooh:
"Carl was absolutely brilliant. Came on a bit late, and clearly nervous. Announced he was going to play a new one and played 'Come Closer', followed by Deadwood. Then he introduced Kieran Leonard, who opened for DPT on their last tour, and is a mate of Carl's. Kieran played guitar for the rest of the set and was an excellent choice of support. They played Music When the Lights Go Out next, dedicated to Peter, and then The Man Who Would be King. Then Billy Bragg joined them and they played one of his numbers, with a name like 'And there's Richard' - lovely. Then Bragg requested Time for Heroes, so all three played that. Then Bang Bang and finally, Can't Stand Me Now, which Carl introduced by saying 'I'm going to get into trouble for this'. It went down a storm. The tent was packed - probably 3000 odd people, and Carl was excellent - really, really good. It was so nice to see him play solo and do some of this old material. Billy Bragg also guested in Helsinki's set with Drew McConnell earlier in the day. An excellent set in a really lovely location (small tent with carpet and sofas), and Helsinki were on fire. Drew was clearly having a great time, and they did one song with Jon McClure (of Reverend and the Makers and matching Mohawk-sporting man) and Loqi as well as 'A New England' with Bragg. Wonderful day. x"

Video with Helsinki.

Adam wrote a brief message yesterday to FDW simply saying that "Shambles are back on the road". And Peter is back to... nonsense, but actually he does his Sting bit pretty well! (I'm talking of his youtube channel of course).

Dirty Pretty Things are showcasing their new CD at the HMV store on Oxford Street tonight at 6 pm.

Anyway I'm not commenting the awful chart entry of Tired of England because I don't want to furtherly depress people (who seem already depressed enough).


Scarce reviews from yesterday

I can't believe a lot of websites are still claiming that "Babyshambles pulled out of the headline slot on the Park stage" and were replaced by Franz Ferdinand! How many totally unprofessional "journalists" are out there?

OK, we are supposed not to give a flying fuck about it. But somehow I'm starting to get very sick of lies (and I've heard one too many in the latest months).

Anyway, let's get it on, as good old Marvin used to say. There are a few (quite scarce I would say - I assume most reporters were getting drunk at the bar because they knew "Babyshambles" were not playing), there are a few reviews here and there.

The Guardian (main bullshitters yesterday, but making up today):
Where and when: the Park stage, Friday, midnight
Dress code: From our vantage point at the back of the field, we can confirm that there was some kind of straw trilby action. Beyond that, hard to say beyond the fact Pete's clothes were - as usual - tight and black.
In a nutshell: Having cancelled earlier in the day, the appearance of Pete Doherty is a surprise. "It wasn't to do with management or the record company - I just thought I was playing tomorrow night," the poetic pin cushion (copyright: the Daily Star) reveals to groans from the crowd. But there's nothing groan-worthy about the show: it's a poignant yet sturdy acoustic ramble through Pete's greatest hits. "What hits?" I hear you cry, but as What a Waster, Can't Stand Me Now, Up the Bracket and - his finest moment - Albion echo around the field, sung back to him by a spellbound crowd, it's confirmation that to a generation who came of age this decade, Pete Doherty is every bit as significant as Morrissey. Witty, squalid and totally authentic, history will judge him kindly.
Who's watching: A delighted crowd already beaming from excellent sets by Franz Ferdinand and Dizzee Rascal.
High point: Albion. "If you're looking for a cheap sort all a-glint with perspiration/There's a four-mile queue outside the disused power station". It's one of the great songs about England, in the category of the Smiths' The Queen is Dead and Blur's This is a Low.
Low point: The general "Will he? Won't he?' buggering about that has been an integral - and very annoying - aspect of the Pete Doherty live experience since about 1746.
Mark out of 10: 9
What does it all mean, maan?: Somewhere amid the drug hell and supermodel shenanigans, Pete has been quietly staking a claim to greatness.

The Sun (that's too funny, they've been licking Pete's ass all the way lately!): PETE DOHERTY DESPITE rumours of him going awol - PETE DOHERTY took to his Glasto headline slot like a duck to water. Wondering onstage like a character out of Oliver Twist, the BABYSHAMBLES frontman all of a sudden became incredibly endearing. Opening with LIBERTINES track What Katie Did Next, the ex-heroin addict proved a mighty fine musician as he encouraged everyone to wave their lighters around to his tingly tangly tones. A tortured soul maybe, but Pete kept it real and did not disappoint by playing spot on. There was a charm to him this evening that hinted towards why a certain MISS MOSS fell for him. He even showcased his sense of humour, dedicating song Albion to all the QPR fans in the crowd, before shouting: "So basically just me! And 'CARLOS' BARAT." Pete was top notch, performing to a dedicated following who finally believe he cares more about the music than the drugs.

Contact Music: Hitting the stage just before midnight, Doherty thrilled the crowd with a nine-song set, including two songs from his former band The Libertines - What Katy Did and Music When The Lights Go Out.And he paid tribute to his pal Carl Barat by dedicating Babyshambles' Albion to his former Libertines bandmate. The performance drew a large crowd as Doherty brought the first day of Glastonbury to a close. And there appeared not to be any hard feelings with his Babyshambles bandmembers - bassist Drew MCConnell was spotted watching Doherty's set from the side of the stage.

Photos by Getty Images.

Peter at Glastonbury 2008

Pete Doherty played a solo show at midnight last night (June 27) to close day one of the Glastonbury festival - and paid tribute to his old Libertines bandmate Carl Barat. The star played on the Park Stage with just an acoustic guitar, sporting a suit, trilby and wellies. He opened with 'What Katy Did' and 'Music When The Lights Go Out', both songs by The Libertines. He then dedicated 'Albion', the Babyshambles single from 2005, in part to Carl Barat, his former Libertines bandmate.The star drew a huge crowd at the Park Stage area, and was watched from the side of the stage by members of Franz Ferdinand, who had played on the stage earlier, plus his Babyshambles bandmate Drew McConnell, who was sporting a new mohawk haircut.As he began to play The Libertines' 2002 debut single 'What A Waster' a fan passed up a can of lager to Doherty, who took a slurp then hurled it back into the crowd. Doherty was on impressive form, seemingly bolstered by the hugely enthusiastic response he received from the crowd, who sang along to most numbers.During 'La Belle Et La Bette', the response was so great Doherty abandoned his guitar at the death, singing along to hand claps.After the aforementioned song Doherty donned a poncho, suggesting he was heading off stage. However, McConnell strapped on a guitar and the pair played 'Beg, Steal Or Borrow' together. After the duet Doherty did leave the stage, saying, "Thanks for watching, enjoy the rest of the festival.".
Setlist: 'What Katy Did' 'Music When The Lights Go Out' 'East Of Eden' 'Albion' 'Time For Heroes' 'What A Waster' 'Can't Stand Me Now' 'La Belle Et La Bette' 'Beg, Steal Or Borrow'.
Tiny video here.
So, it seems that all the last days' dramas, and the lies told by The Guardian and BBC, were only the usual storm in a teacup. Adam said that "All will be fine", and that's enought to me. All, of course, bar Drew's new haircut.
There should be other reports everywhere but the NME site seems to be broken at the moment and in any case it's still too early in UK. I'm going surfing and I'll come back in a few hours.


Drew writes to FDW

Now then. To avoid confusion I should say straight off its Drew here not Peter. yes yes I know we're supposed to have played Norway tonight. I'm fucking gutted. but i don't have much more to say on the matter or on many tandem matters as i'm not entirely sure myself what the fucks the matter. stolen passports, broken phones and a bag of bones kneeling at the alter of excess would seem to suggest i digress but can't digest or heal no matter how hard i try to focus us we do inevitably diversify... live by the sword then dine with the bored who equal every action my closest at times are driven to abstraction like a cowering child as the crowd go mild. I'm sure you're all as sick of hearing me apologise as i am of saying sorry. However heartfelt its meant, it sounds and feels hollow, as really I've not actually done anything wrong. Fuck off McConnell, stop singing that same old same old song and on and on and on and on............ But what i do want to say with some true joy in my heart is that a very unique Helsinki set(tlement) is brewing for Sunday on the Guardian Lounge Stage at Glastonbury. With so many great singers, musicians and poets all knocking about Worthy Farm my little slot is starting to look brimful of the kinda guests that make me giddy as a starstruck child. I won't mention names but if you're anywhere near our tent round that time pop in, I promise you'll see summat special unfold. Peace, Love, Respect and greasy comets covered in funkwarts Drew Helsinki McShambles x X

The loveliest guy in the world you are, Drusillo... if there had to be any remote reason why I should leave my island to climb up to Glastonbury tomorrow, that would be you, and nobody else.
Mucho love.


Confirmed! No way to Norway!

This looks serious enough but I would wait until things have chilled out a bit. Anyway, it seems that Peter has had some huge bust up with the Shambles tour manager (so that wouldn't mean Adrian, at least I hope) or the whole management (and that would mean Adrian too) and on the heat of the moment he cancelled the Hove Festival and also the rest of the gigs of this summer, and that would include the RAH for the second time!
I don't know how much truth there is in all this, the articles are all in Norwegian and in any case don't add anything to what I've said. Anyway, the appearance at the Hove Festival is CANCELLED.
For people going to Glastonbury Festival, the thing might start with a huge delay (5 hours)because somebody has started a fire. I guess I know who they are, maybe they were spotted while texting to Peter and thought it was better covering any proofs with some smoke!
Sometimes I think I've had enough of those two, I'm so glad I'm not going to Glasto and staying at the beach instead!

Norway No Way?

Something happened to the Shambles on their way to the Hove Festival in Norway, where they're supposed to play tonight.
That's the message Adam left on his forum, cryptic as ever:
It's the most depressing thing in the world, being excited about flying over and playing in front of a great crowd - then boom ! It's not Heathrow and back - oh well it was a lovely tour of Middlesex. It takes a lot of strength at times. x I need to crawl into a new roses song for a while.

I'm trying to find out what went wrong, hope nobody is hurt or framed or something like that...

In the meantime:
  • Uncut reviews Romance (here)
  • Carl goes paranoid (here)



Pre-glasto round-up

Bits of news scattered everywhere and not a bit of order!

Let's recap the last thingies:

Babyshambles will play at the forthcoming Moonfest festival, set to take place on August 29-31 in Wiltshire.The bash, set near frontman Pete Doherty's country home, will also feature Brandon Block, Ozric Tentacles and Heaven 17 on the bill. Babyshambles will play on the Friday (August 29) of the event.

More acts have been added to this year's T4 On The Beach.The one-day festival, taking place at Weston-Super-Mare on July 20, had already announced acts including: Adele, Sam Sparro, The Pigeon Detectives, Lightspeed Champion, The Hoosiers, Scouting for Girls, Robyn and The Feeling.They will now be joined by Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, Dirty Pretty Things and Five O'Clock Heroes, whose set will see supermodel Agyness Deyn joining them onstage too. There are still more acts to be announced. Tickets for the event are now sold out.

No info about Peter's solo set (Friday, Park stage) or possible guests (Peter is usually a last minute chap when it comes to making up his mind). We'll do everything to keep you informed ASAP.

Carl (Sunday) said he'll play a mix of DPT and Libertines songs (the latter particularly from Up The Bracket). No info about guests either but many speculations (Jon McClure and Drew, also playing on Sunday, above all). Let's hope Alan McGee is distracted enough by Glasvegas (the best band who ever put their feet on earth, no, in the whole universe, and also in the dark matter etc etc etc) and let Carlos perform his set the way he likes to.

There was a terrible review of Tired of England I found yesterday in the net. Practically it destroyed the song and the whole band from start to finish, with no mercy at all, not even for a poor convalescing sod (kidding). The rating was 1/5. I'm not posting it, I'm not a great fan of Romance at Short Notice, but that was really too harsh.

We should hear something about the record sales tonight shouldn't we? The mid week chart? Innit?

I can swear on what remains of my honour (which is very little) that I'm not the person who's calling The Sun every morning with exclusive news on the Libertines reunion. And I don't feel like asking Adrian who that person is and how much truth there is in what The Sun is reporting. I don't think anybody in the whole world wants new songs written by Peter and Carl more than I do (bar Peter and Carl, of course) but the secrecy that's around the boys at the moment and the lies we are being told every day (not by Adrian of course, who's one of the very few honest people working in the biz) makes everything very hard to believe.


Carl will play Glastonbury. Oh yes.

Sick??? Me???

He's ubiquitous too! And of course indestructible.
Carl Barat has declared he will play this weekend's Glastonbury festival - despite being rushed to hospital last week (June 17). The Dirty Pretty Things frontman was diagnosed with a acute pancreatitis after suffering from stomach pains. However he is now on the mend, and is confident he'll play this weekend's (June 27-29) festival. "I am feeling much better, almost as good as I ever do. Its not as bad as I thought, it appears that the pancreatitus was probably caused by a combination of the medication I was taking (for congestion that I still get after my ear operation) and maybe the odd drink too many," Barat told NME.COM. "I was discharged from hospital at the weekend, which was liberating," he added. "I have been told to take it easy this week and I shan't be over exerting myself, which may be difficult as the LP is out next week and there are rehearsals to be had. Anyways, as long as I behave I should be right as rain before you know it. We play in Switzerland on Saturday and then I will be doing an acoustic set at Glastonbury on Sunday (June 29) (for Jail Guitar Doors/Real Fits). Got to go, things to do – slowly…".

Right on, Carlos! And, just to let you know, the Scum has joined the army. I mean, my army. Funny, isn't it? (not linking, I've watched too many Lost episodes lately).


I don't like Mondays

But in any case...
  • You can hear DPT's new album here
  • Tired of England (out today) keeps collecting puzzled reviews
  • Carl is out of hospital but if you want you can still send him get well soon messages via the NME (been there done that, and I walk alone, I walk alone).
  • Glastonbury is a big question mark, at least for what concerns Carlos. The official site assures the DPT's Bern Festival date is on (I haven't tested Carl's gift of ubiquity yet).
  • The King of Ubiquity, i.e. Peter, will play Glasto next Friday (here's a preview).
  • Drew speaks against Boris.
  • Oh and Helsinki are playing Glasto too! Sunday at the Guardian Lounge! Check it out!


A sad, sweet story

(by Jule Wilson)

SCHOOLBOY Dan Squires last night told how being diagnosed with terminal cancer last November sparked a bid to cram a lifetime of incredible memories into just seven months.
The 16-year-old, from Jarrow, South Tyneside, lost a leg to bone cancer in December 2006. But less than a year later, he was told nothing more could be done to save him.
Since then, his friends and family – and an unlikely rock star – have helped a teenager’s dreams come true.
Music lover Dan has met, and struck up an unlikely friendship with, controversial rock star Pete Doherty after being invited to one of his Babyshambles gigs.
He has also met Oasis star Noel Gallagher, helped write a song for a performance at the Royal Albert Hall, gone clubbing for the first time, fulfilled a dream to go to Amsterdam, met the Newcastle United team and was the director’s assistant at a gig at The Sage Gateshead, where he met The Who frontman Roger Daltrey..
Surrounded by his family last night at home in Hazel Street, the Hebburn Comprehensive pupil said: “My goal at the minute is just to keep active and spend as much time with my friends and family as possible, and build as many special memories as I can for myself and everybody.
“I’ve been given some amazing opportunities and have met some of the nicest people I’ve met in my life, including some of my best friends.
“I’ve been given the chance to meet loads of celebrities and was even the director’s assistant at the Teenage Cancer Trust’s flagship event, Bandstand, at The Sage Gateshead last September.

“Pete and the band have just been absolutely amazing and hopefully I will be able to stay well enough to see them play again.
“They have given me the goal to stay well. They’ve given me hope and something to look forward to.”
Dan was about to begin his sports coaching qualifications, after his local community raised £20,000 for an artificial leg, when he was given the devastating news last November that he was unlikely to live long enough to qualify.
He said: “It just felt as though an 18-month-long battle had been a complete waste of time. But then you think during that time that you’ve got time to enjoy yourself and time to prepare. Some people get diagnosed and only have a few days or weeks.”
Dan set about enjoying his life by doing the things he had always wanted to do, and his list included seeing Babyshambles play and meeting the band, who invited him to a gig in London.
He said: “I only expected a meet and greet but I got my own dressing room, watched the whole gig from the stage, hung out with the band afterwards and then got taken to the after-show party. It was incredible what they did because they didn’t need to do that.”
Dan, who suffered a stroke last month and is now confined to a wheelchair after becoming paralysed down his left side, is in regular contact with the band and only on Thursday at the band’s gig in Brixton, exchanged personal gifts.
He said: “I took them each a friendship bracelet for what they’ve done for me and Pete just took off the bracelet he was wearing and gave it to me.
“He had also brought a book and signed the inside cover with a special message. It’s just lovely. I couldn’t believe it. I feel very privileged.”
Doherty dedicated a recent performance to Dan, and the band has pledged to help him raise more funds for the charity he is an ambassador for, the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT).
The bad boys who really came good for greatest fan
THE manager of so-called rock ‘bad boys’ Babyshambles, Adrian Hunter, last night paid tribute to battling teenager Dan.
He said: “All of us have just been incredibly inspired by the Squires family’s stoicism and Dan’s bravery, and how well he is dealing with the card that life has dealt him.”
Dan’s mother Rebecca, 36, said yesterday: “The band called Dan as soon as they heard about the stroke he had and told him to keep his chin up. It was worth a million pounds to see the smile on his face.”
A spokeswoman for the TCT said: “Teenage Cancer Trust has seen on a number of occasions how musicians can really have a positive impact on young people going through a hard time.
“Babyshambles have really helped Daniel through this very difficult period and have been such an inspiration to him.
“We’re grateful to Babyshambles for deciding to donate to us through their guest lists and grateful also to the Cato Trust.
“Funds raised will go towards supporting our new unit at the RVI in Newcastle to treat young people with cancer in the North East.”
The family, including Dan’s father Mark, 36, who lives in South Yorkshire, shared an important moment last December when they travelled to France for a holiday.
Mother Rebecca added: “It was very special. The time we have now is all about building memories for all of us.”

DAN now faces the difficult job of preparing his younger sister Lois, 15, and brother Jack, seven, for the day he is no longer with them.
He said: “I’ve got Jack a build-your-own teddy and a few surprises lined up for both of them. I’m also about to start writing letters for my friends and family to read afterwards, which I’ll do when my arm gets a bit better because I can’t write too well at the moment.”
He is also hoping to be able to help Babyshambles out in the recording studio as they write and record a song.
He said: “I’ve done little bits of production and helped out with the Bandstand show last year as well as helped write a song through the TCT, so I’m really hoping to be able to do that with the band. And I’d love to see them play again and meet up again soon.”
Dan’s oncologists have been unable to predict how much longer he may have with his family but he is determined to live each day to the full.
He added: “I just want to enjoy the good days and try to get through the bad days as best I can with my family.”


Solstice entry

Summer starts tomorrow and we have something to tell you (just like almost every day)!
The third night of the Brixton Mass residency was another unforgettable event seeing Peter, Shambles and many guests playing on the small stage for a couple of hours. Word to Alicepooh:
"Another unique evening at Mass... pending fuller write up, the highlight just has to have been the opening set - from Peter and Adam. Kyle and Kieran from the View did a small set. Wolfman was at the venue, and was supposed to come out in the second half of the Shambles set but apparently had left. The band was tight again and they appeared to be having fun. A slightly disjointed feel, but some real gems. Kyle played guitar on DLBITS and TfH and managed to do both solos - much to Peter's interest, who got him to play the TfH solo twice. The setlist as best we can remember it... Adam and Peter Lazy Sunday Afternoon Dilly Boys I Love You But You Say I Don’t Mean It (not all of it, not sure this is the name) Happy Birthday Rachael (as sung by Marilyn Munroe) Part of DLBITS instrumental Then Peter moved to play drums, much to everyone’s entertainment, especially Adam’s, and Adam played and sang…Sparkling Boots Pretty Sue with Peter joining in on vocals Swapped back to play… Arcady Folsom Prison (searching for fag break whistle) Music When the Lights Go Out (with extra yodel) Babyshambles plus Kyle from the View Jungle Book – King of the Swingers with Kyle DLBITS with Kyle playing lead Beg, Steal, Borrow Oceans (new one) I Love You But You’re Green Maybelline Maybelline (not an error in typing, they really did play it twice – Peter said, ‘it’s coming together, let’s play it again' - then threatened to play it a few more times) French Dog Blues Carry On Up the Morning Delivery What Katie Did Fag break Belle et la Bete (with Irina) Time for Heroes (With Kyle singing and doing the solo and, at Peter’s request, doing the solo again) Pipedown Albion (dedicated to Dan who’d come all the way from Newcastle) (Kyle on harmonica and Mik’s guitar over his shoulder)".
Video from last night with Pete and Adam here.
Peter (solo act) is confirmed at Glastonbury Friday 27 June on the Park Stage.
No news about Carlos today (well, as they say, no news is good news), but the NME has put on line the review of RASN (here).
And The Daily Record has an interview done just before the hospitalization (here).


Mass second night and Carl update

The View's Kyle Falconer played a surprise acoustic show in support of Babyshambles at the Brixton Mass venue last night (June 18). Taking the stage at 10:30pm (BST), after being introduced by Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell, Falconer played an eight-song acoustic set which included an Oasis cover, a new song and hits 'Same Jeans' and 'Superstar Tradesman'. Falconer also played 'Wasted Little DJs', 'Skag Trendy' and a cover of Oasis' 'Don’t Look Back In Anger'.
Later on in the evening Babyshambles took the stage and played a 14-song set including two new songs, 'Ocean' and 'Heart Of The Matter'. Pete Doherty, wearing a suit and necklace, led his band on stage at 11:20pm and opened the set with b-side ’The Man Who Came To Stay’, which he declared the band "haven’t played in three years". The band then played the moody and melodic new song 'Ocean', then later gave 'French Dog Blues' a rare live airing. The crowd seemed impressed by Babyshambles' form, with many attendees commenting on the band’s tightness and sense of urgency. The band kept banter to a minimum and covered 'Janie Jones' by The Clash later in the set, then played 'Sedative' before heading off for a cigarette break. After the break Babyshambles played an amped-up closing set including 'Delivery', 'Pipedown' and 'Fuck Forever', which they closed the show with.

Babyshambles played: 'The Man Who Came To Stay', 'Ocean', 'Heart Of The Matter', 'French Dog Blues', 'La Belle Et La Bette', 'Killamangiro', 'There She Goes', 'Janie Jones', 'Sedative', 'Pipedown', 'What Katy Did', 'Delivery', 'Back From The Dead', 'Fuck Forever'.

Babyshambles play one further gig at Mass tonight (June 19). Tickets will be available on the door.

Besides, our friend Alicepooh remembers:
"At tonight's Mass gig, Peter introduced the subject of the Love Music Hate Racism event this Saturday. He asked Drew to talk about what was going on. Drew said... That on Saturday there's a big demonstration organised by LMHR to protest the election of BNP to the London Assembly. It begins at 12 noon at Tooley Street behind the GLA City Hall near Tower Bridge. The nearest tube station is at London Bridge. The march will go from there to Trafalgar Square and will feature a number of bands playing. Tomorrow (Thursday) there will be a publicity stunt between 10 and 11 am to advertise Saturday's demonstration. It will involve handing an eviction notice to Richard Barnbrook, the BNP Councillor. All LMHR supporters and band members welcome. Please text LMHR to confirm if you are coming. This will also take place at City Hall as described above. Seems as if Drew and Peter may be involved in one or both of these events".

The Mighty Carlos remains in hospital and as I write it's still unknown whether he will go under the knife or not. The Real Fits gig of course is cancelled, and so the Festival in Luxembourg scheduled for Saturday. "We don't know if Carl will need an operation, or how long it'll take him to recover," said Anthony Rossomando "They've ruled out anything majorly major, which is a relief. Carl's pretty sedated at the moment. He's being looked after as well as he can be".

In the meantime, the infamous Chavs are cooking something for Carl while he's in bed. Tim Burgess (Charlatans), Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons) and Carlos are planning to record material in August, if all goes to plan. “Myself, Carl and Jamie from the Klaxons actually went out for a bit of a band meeting" said Burgess "and I think that we are all free in August - but I’ve just heard the news yesterday that Carl got quite sick so hopefully he’ll be recovered by then.”
A huge "Get well soon Biggles" at this point is mandatory.


Ahem sorry to bring bad news

I had just come back to my office after a work lunch and I had just started my PC when I found out about Carl Barats's hospitalization. I'm very sorry to give you this piece of news. My best wishes to Carlos, I hope everything goes well and next time I post here I'll have some better things to say. You're a legend mate.

Peter-Marathon at the Mass

WOW that must have been quite a night! Pity I wasn't there... I leave the word to Luk, who had just come back from the Mass and wrote this very exciting message:
"Was fucking absoulutely amazing, started at 10:45 , finished at 3:30, it was truly special, i cant remember much but alicepooh posted the setlist on fdb, i am lost for words, oh and now its my birthday, what a fucking birthday, i need sleep , later palsxSalome, UTB (with another song wedged in the middle - can anyone remember what it was?), DOTS, Dilly Boys, Do You Know Me? Lost Art, There She Goes, Delivery, Carry on Up the Morning, Ha Ha Wall, I Love You But You’re Green, Who’s Got the Crack, What Katie Did, Lust of the Libertines, Hooray for the 21st Century, Don’t Be Shy, Never Never, New one, For Lovers, On the Weekend – Neil Young Cover, 2 other covers,(Smiths and Stone Roses), Pipey McGraw, Tell the King, Ballad of Grimaldi, Albion, TfH, The Delaney, Good Old Days, MWLGO, You’re My Waterloo, CSMN, Don’t Look Back into the Sun, Back from the Dead, Unbilotitled, East of Eden, What a Waster, Darling Clementine, Suicide in the Trenches with music, Blackboy Lane, Through the Looking Glass, Radio America".
"The gig finished at 3.15!" says Wolfman "Peter played 6 sets, until there was about 10 people left in the room".
And of course last but not least: Mrs. Alicepooh. "Will do a more fullsome write up after all 3 Mass gigs, but played from just before 11 til after 3 with four breaks - well over 3 hours of music - setlist, well, the question is more what did he NOT play? Radio America - biggest surprise of the evening. In the last set. Opened with a Neil Young cover Out on the Weekend. Covers also Smiths and Stone Roses songs, amazing musical version of Suicide in the Trenches, You're My Waterloo, and one new one, not sure of the title. Am trying to reconstruct what he played with friends who were there, but this is one mindboggling task. He threatened to play until not one man was left standing. Didn't quite make that, but it was extraordinary. The crowd started a reasonable size and dwindled down to (17 by Peter's count) at the end. Loads of chat, some quite argumentative with people in the audience who were talking or generally being disrupitve. Very funny, loads of joking about. Incredibly informal - shaking hands, little diversions in the middle of songs to tell a story or chat to someone or complain that someone was putting him off by talking. Set number 4 included a keyboard player who'd played earlier with Alan Wass and some very amusing song tuition as it went along. And not to be forgotten except it seems fucking ages ago - a lovely 4 song set from Adam to kick off the evening's proceedings."
And now, as if all this was not enough... me & Adam are very proud to annouce you all the birth of French Dog Records, Peter's very brand new record label! And the first release will be... (drumroll) Roses Kings Castels on 22 September.
Later with more and more stuff from this awesome night!!!


Shambles going separate

But only for tonight! Peter and Adam are playing Brixton Mass of course, and Adrian is titillating everyone about the usual mystery guest. "Is there a surprise guest tomorrow or Thursday" he teases "God I am vague sometimes. We may have someone a little bit special. We may ...... I CAN tell you it's not Amy though. Cue wild speculation ........ *stands back and refuses to comment further* p.s. We def got Roses, Kings and Castles for tonight. I can say that with some degree of truth". You're crying wolf aren't you Ade?

Drew is going south instead: "We're playing a little show in portsmouth today/tonight for The British Red Cross" he writes (using Pete's account - "we" of course is Helsinki) "Usual suspects, including some roustabouts from The View who are crashing these days on the sofa of guess who. If you're about come doon an shake your tailfeather an that innit though anon and onandonandonramallamadingdong drew".

As for the NME "DPT album verdict" I can only give you the score, which is 6/10. Naughty naughty boys.

DPT announce UK tour

Carl Barat and co hit the road this autumn
Jun 17, 2008
Dirty Pretty Things have announced a new UK tour.The band will hit the road in October, touring throughout the autumn.The group, led by The Libertines' Carl Barat, are set to release their second album, 'Romance At Short Notice', on June 30.
They will play:
Glasgow ABC (October 4)
Edinburgh Old Picture House (5)
Manchester Academy 2 (7)
Leeds Metropolitan University (8)
Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (9)
Keele University (11)
Cambridge Junction (12)
Norwich UEA (13)
London Roundhouse (14)
Oxford Carling Academy (16)
Southampton Guildhall (18)
Tickets go on sale on Friday (June 20).



Shit. Not in London at the moment, so not going to Pizza's gig tomorrow at the Brixton Mass. I'll be staying in watching Italy rotting away against France. Argh. But for those who're going, there's something great. First of all, Adam and his Roses, Kings, Castle project will be one of the opening acts. So says the Sweet Adam: "Have just been given the solo waiver for my album to be released in Sep, at last, a weight off my shoulders. So expect the eponymously titled 'Roses Kings Castles' album out Sep 22nd. Have put up an album sampler of 'Horses' on myspace Regarding playing some songs before Peter, it's just a short set really, I'm not who's doing the main support??? It's all going to be good though, see you then".
The second opening act is still unknown, Adrian says: "No idea about supports. Lots of people asking but Peter not made his mind up or at least told me. So it'll be a nice surprise. Looking forward to RKC's set immensely".
On DPT front the temperature is rising. Tune in to 6 Music this Thursday, 19th June, as the band will be live in session in The Hub on George Lamb's show. You can listen online - go to the 6 Music website for more details.
Rocksound gives Romance a good review. "You know what the real tragedy of the Libertines was?" says Iain Moffat "That they devolved into a triumph of substances over substance". The start is awful but Moffat promptly makes up for it: "It's taken Carl Barat a while to get over it but excitingly it's seem from this he finally has. Romance at short notice bristles with vitality, imagination and righteous confidence, from the whirling playfulness of Buzzards and Crows through the gorgeous lead-off single Tired of England and on to the touching warmth of Best Face and brassy exuberance of Truth Begins. After something of a false start (another fall, I'm getting sick with this Waterloo backlash) DPT are suddenly drinking happily and heartily from the many wells of rock classicism; it's Britpop revivalism, certainly (I want to cry), but a great leap forward. For fans of Blur (no), Smiths (yes), Supergrass (no)".
OK, next.


DPT Sunday Special

The Mighty Carlos at Where the Action Is
(photo by BeataCervin)

Yesterday Dirty Pretty Things played at the Where the Action Is Festival in Stockholm.

Sarah Surr reviews the festival in her (swedish) blog.

Something about Peter but showing Carlos.

Gary Powell says something to the crowd.

Get seasick with this Wondering clip from the Fest.

Not so good review of Tired of England.

The NME gives its verdict on RASN in the next issue (out on wednesday).

A nice photo from the Secret busking set for BBC Culture Show.

That's what the guy who took the photo says about the set: "The band played for a short while playing a few covers and well as some of there own tracks, as well as chatting and joking around with the crowd".

DPT's next show is a fundraiser called ‘A night of Real Fits’, with Dirty Pretty Things, Reverend and the Makers, House DJ’s the Archie Bronson Outfit, Grammy Award winning James Bond/Little Britain composer David Arnold and The Bluetones Mark Morris, Kieran Leonard and The Good Knights and MORE to be announced. The event is taking place on: Friday 20th June, at: The Round Chapel 1D Glenarm Road Hackney, from 7 to 11. For more info on Real Fits go to their site.


Shambles return to the studio

From Gigwise:
Babyshambles have gone straight back into the studio to record their third album just hours after playing a last minute gig in London, Gigwise can reveal. Speaking exclusively to Gigwise, drummer Adam Ficek said that the group are in “the process of knocking our new album into shape.”The band performed last night (June 12th) at 93 Feet East in aid of the charity Teenage Kicks, a charity that Ficek described as close to the bands hearts. Babyshambles were a last minute addition to the line up, having just arrived home from a festival in Sweden. “We just about had time to play through a short set of shambles classics, ending with 'Fuck forever',” Ficek said.“It all ended up in the usual showered excitement of booze, sweat and thankfully no tears”.

And now some videos:
DPT in Moscow 1 (Bloodthirsty Bastards)
DPT in Moscow 2 (The Enemy)
DPT in Moscow 3 (Gin and Milk)
Babyshambles at 93 Feet East

Ubiquity part 2

I can't believe what Babyshambles managed to do last night!
As you know, Babyshambles were scheduled to play at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden. In the afternoon some Swedish website gave the news that Peter "had landed" (here) and that he and the shambles were going to play at the Festival. Which they did actually (see photo).
But soon after they finished their set they boarded on the plane and came back to London.
This is what Adrain wrote to FDW at 10.30 pm:
From my blackberry so forget aboot spellinmg We are just off the plane from sweden etc etc But more importantly teenage cancer trust has a show tonight at 93 ft east Dunno if we can make it to do anything in time but try we shall We are setting up a wee thing, well big thing in conjunctionm with them, Cato Trust and a friend of ours called Daniel Squires so support the cause. Not a gig as such but a good good thing nevertheless. Cuirrently speesing down the M11 hoping to make it. The boys are ahead and me and the boabie are assembling kit in the back of the van. Hope we make it and hope you do too if you are local. Not a "no show" if we don't make it in time but a "tried hard" at short notice! Bb
Well, it wasn't a "no show" nor a "romance at short notice"! And this is a beautiful gallery of photos by Dan Griffiths. We also have a very brief comment by red rose: the show was "short, sweet, energetic" (no setlist yet).

While Peter was splitting up in two, Dirty Pretty Things were hitting Moscow. Don't know about the amount of Vodka Viborova consumed by the bunch but we have some beautiful photos from this site and the setlist:
1. buzzards and crows. 2. wondering. 3. doctors and dealers. 4. tired of england. 5. gin & milk. 6. blood thirsty bastards. 7. last of the small town playboys. 8. chinese dogs. 9. the gentry cove. 10. b.u.r.m.a. 11. hippy’s son. 12. the enemy. 13. plastik hearts. 14. deadwood. 15. you fucking love it. --- 16. bang bang you’re dead.
Tonight DPT are showing up at a Stockholm Fest while Babyshambles are probably taking a breath.


Gigs update

Just a quick recap, OK?

Peter + Babyshambles:
17th June - Pete Doherty (Acoustic show) at Mass Brixton London
18th/19th June - Babyshambles (Live) at Mass Brixton London
Thursday 12-Jun-08 : Sweden : Hultsfred
Thursday 26-Jun-08 : Norway : Hove Festival
Friday 4-Jul-08 : Belgium : Rock Werchter
Saturday 5-Jul-08 : France Argeles Sur Mer : Les Déferlantes
Sunday 6-Jul-08 : France Belfort : Eurockeennes Festival
Friday 11-Jul-08 : France Alpes : The Musilac Fetival
Saturday 12-Jul-08: Pete Doherty at the Royal Albert Hall London
Tuesday 15-Jul-08 : Switzerland Montreux :
Montreux Jazz Festival, Miles Davis Hall
Thursday 17-Jul-08 : France : Vieilles Charrues Festival
Friday 18-Jul-08 : Spain : Benicassim
Saturday 19-Jul-08 : Spain Madrid : Benicassim
Saturday 16-Aug-08 : Austria Koppl : Frequency Festival
Sunday 17-Aug-08 : Hungary Budapest : Sziget Festival
Friday 22-Aug-08 : England Reading : Reading Festival
Saturday 23-Aug-08 : England Leeds : Leeds Festival
Friday 29-Aug-08 : England Wiltshire : Moonfest
Saturday 30-Aug-08 : Netherlands Utrecht : Festival De Beschaving
Saturday 13-Sep-08 : France La Courneuve : Fete de l'Humanite, open air

Dirty Pretty Things:
June 14 – Where The Action is, Stockholm
June 20 – Round Chapel, Hackney
June 21 – Rocka-field, Luxembourg
June 28 – Sun Jam Festival, Bern
July 4 – O2 Wireless Festival London
August 14 – Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium
August 15 – Frequency Festival, Austria
August 23 – Reading Festival
August 24 – Leeds Festival

P.S. I'm not sure about Carl at Glastonbury, they're just rumors and nothing is confirmed yet. So I'm leaving it out.


Unshambled shambled shambles

Well I'm glad I was so busy today that I didn't have a minute to post what seemed to be the breaking news of the day. And in any case I would not have posted anything wihout Adrian's confirm. So, everybody please calm down and take a breath: Mik Whitnall is NOT leaving Babyshambles, and surely he's not leaving to join Amy Winehouse's band. OK? Now, that's what the NME says about the whole story:
Babyshambles have responded to claims in a tabloid newspaper today (June 9) that guitarist Mick Whitnall is set to depart the band.The Sun claimed that Whitnall was planning to quit the band and join Amy Winehouse's touring group. Whitnall has been writing songs with the singer recently in his spare time.Following the report Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek said the claims were "a load of bollocks". He said the band were about to begin work on their third album, the follow-up to last year's 'Shotters Nation'. "It made me laugh, though," the drummer said of the newspaper report.

The new issue of the NME has also an article on Peter's new solo album:
Pete Doherty has revealed that he wants to scrap the solo album he has been working on and start it all over again abroad.Speaking to NME.COM, the Babyshambles frontman explained that his time in Wormwood Scrubs prison, where he recently served 29 days of a 14-week sentence for breaching his probation, has made him rethink his plans.Doherty has been working on a solo album over the past year with producer Jake Fior, who managed The Libertines in the early days."I've re-thought everything about what I'm going to do with the solo record," Doherty explained. "I'm not allowed out of the country until my [probation] license is up, which is a little while, but I want to go to Portugal and Paris and record the solo album – do it from scratch with Jake."Doherty has already recorded several songs set for the album including 'Darksome Sea', written by his friend and musical collaborator Wolfman, plus 'Withdrawn And Shaken' and 'Salome'.Despite claiming he wants to head to warmer shores to re-record the songs, he posted YouTube videos of him recording new song 'Broken Love Song' with Fior last week. The producer explained that the song was the follow-up to 'For Lovers', the hit Doherty had in 2005 with Wolfman.He went on to tell NME.COM that Doherty's record label, EMI, have asked for the album to be delivered by September – so whether it is recorded in Portugal or at home, a new Pete Doherty record is taking shape.


Some bizarre news

Peter seems to be concerned with, guess what, money. And he seems to be addressing the issue, guess what, founding his own record label.
The first snippet comes from
"Pete Doherty has told MTV News he is worrying about Babyshambles management and having a lack of money in a bizarre rant. At Rock Am Ring festival he revealed: “We’ve got a few concerns at the moment over issues with management, where the money has been going (and) distribution of wealth.” Bandmate Drew McConnell then asked “Do we?” before the wayward singer continued: “We need to sit down as a band and talk about the future. What’s happening and why, when and who with. Two years of arseing about, we could actually make money out of this job.” Doherty added: “I’ve just realised people are always saying to me ‘yeah but you can afford it’ and I’m like ‘what’s making them say that?’”. Incredulous Drew then interrupted asking the rest of the band: “Are You listening to this lads? We need to stop f**king around!”. Pete- whose Babyshambles played the German festival on Saturday- then got onto the topic the local fans who are known for loving heavy metal: “They think we’re a bunch of penises. They think we’re pussies but what they’ve got to understand is those bands are all about special effects and pedals,” he said". “Every scream that comes out of my guitar is because I’m screaming and my fingers are screaming.”
The second snippet comes from Showbiz Spy, so I would take this thing with a pinch of salt (although it looks quite interesting!):
"Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY is in talks to set up his own record label with the help of a millionaire British businessman. The Babyshambles frontman is reportedly in talks with internet tycoon Andrew Michael, who is worth an estimated $100 million (GBP50 million), about forming their own company. The move would pave the way for Doherty to have complete creative control over his music career. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Star Sunday, "Pete's thinking the sky's the limit. He's getting some good advice and he can't wait to get going. "A record label would be good to start with but he's got a whole host of other ideas to make money."

In the meantime, while Peter is struggling with financial problems, and Carl is struggling with... NME readers, John Hassall and his band Yeti manage to score a rave review on Gigwise for their upcoming album. Between two dogs striving for a bone...

Back to Shambles, Gigwise appointed Adam as guest editor of the week and had him review the new singles: "This week’s guest editor of Singled Out! is Adam Ficek of Babyshambles. When the drummer, who also fronts the fantastic Roses, Kings, Castles, popped by our office last week we played five singles into his ears and told him to review them. Interested to know what he thought? Well read on to find out..."


Babyshambles at Rock Am Ring

The best review comes from Mr. Pete Doherty himself:

"The gig was a good'un, standard set but it was a mental crowd for 2 in the morning. ended up going on after the verve. not that i'm one for name dropping but to the strains of 'the drugs don't work' i got batterred at pool by Metallica's bus driver in the backstage bit [all candles in little glitter lanterns ('ve need zem tomorrow' said the security bloke as i tried to bag a load of them for the albionRooms) and palm tres and that) my hotel room looks out over beautiful Koblenz.. a wide busy river and medaeval bridges and gothic churches and cobbled streets".

Another delay (this time it was a traffic jam!) meant that the Shambles took the stage around 2 am. The photo above is the only one I've found (and it's from libs daily). No videos yet.



Sunrise mystery and Rock Am Ring

As if Peter had not created enough confusion during his Paris adventure, we woke up this morning with this message of his posted to FDW:
"acoustic show upon the very dawn at Cafe Bergerac, beside Hotel France Albion, Place Saint George, Paris. A few hours time actually..... Puisqu'il faut partir sur les douzes coups de midi pour l'Allemagne, ce séjour à Paris -que l'on peut facilement qualifier de désastreux étant donné la malchance qui nous a frappé sitôt la Manche traversée- se clôturera "en beauté" par un concert acoustique au petit jour, sunrise special. Rendez vous au levé du soleil au café Bergerac qui jouxte l'hotel France Albion... il ne vous reste plus que quelques heure de sommeil..."
Since Peter does not even know how to say "sorry for being late" in French I assume there was someone else with him giving a French help. Anyway, what he said was that he was playing an acoustic show at the Cafe Bergerac in the early hours of this morning because he had to leave at noon heading to Germany.
Frenzy ensued. Then, another post:
"putain de merde, enculés de taxis! je me suis réveillé du mauvais côté de la rivière de rêve noirs à propos de 'no show' my arse. personne n'est plus deçu que moi! d'accord maintenant café bergerac pour des chansons d'amour, il doit y avoir quelques personnes dans les parages... je sais que le barman sera là, double shots gratuits pour chaque couplet ralongé de for lovers, that's what i call happy hour! (screams from background) alright alright i'm fucking coming! ooooouuuggh...."
OK, this message said: 1. that Peter had seen a post on ("Peter no show in Paris tonight") that drove him mad; 2. that he confirmed the Cafe Bergerac gig and the barman was going to be there so he would buy double shots for cute couples; 3. that somebody was calling him (screaming) and he was "coming" (screaming. I assume he's heard Hippy's Son).
Well, as I write I still don't have any clue as to whether this "Sunrise Special" happened or not.
But Peter and Babyshambles are in Germany now, expected to play at Rock Am Ring Festival at 21.30 (CET). At least, that's what Adam says: "so here we are - it#s so hot! somewhere between Frankfurt and Cologne, a place that was destroyed 82% in 1944, near a river, I still dont know what it#s called though. anyway its hot and we#re looking forward to tonights show".


Babyshambles announce new dates

Babyshambles have announced plans to play two shows at London's Brixton Academy later this month.
The band will take over the venue on June 18 and 19, with tickets costing £20.
Pete Doherty will play a solo acoustic show at the Brixton Mass club on June 17, fans can reserve tickets by emailing with the number of tickets they require and the date they wish to attend.
All three shows come before Pete Doherty's rescheduled solo date at the Royal Albert Hall on July 12.
P.S. I have edited my previous thread deleting some sentences that almost caused an eruption on FDW. I understand Peter, Adrian and the French kids were all pretty pissed off with what happened last night, although it wasn't anyone's fault, and certainly not Peter's. Anyway, I swear that IF Peter was an ordinary bloke who shows up at every fucking gig he's expected to, IF Babyshambles AND LIBERTINES were ordinary bands who BLINDLY follow all the fucking military corporate rules of musicbiz... I wouldn't be here, and this blog would not exist. Period.

Peter fails to show up at Le Grand Rex

Photo by Oliver Peel

But he made up later. I leave the word to Sweet Matilda, who had an awful night in Paris, albeit being able to see Lollipop Peter!

I went to the (no) gig with Anjali,we had some great 2nd row seats. The support act (Daniel Darc,no comment) began at around 9pm (not sure) then I was out smoking a cigarette when I began to hear some people saying that Peter wouldn't get there before 11h15 but that he was coming so we had to wait,so we did wait but at 11:30 the gig was officially canceled cause Peter was stuck in the eurostar... We were all very disappointed but we saw babybear outside the venue who told us that Peter was gonna play later in this bar/club called le Truskel (thanks bb!) so we headed there but still no news from Peter at 2:30(not sure again) then bb and the crowd arrived and installed some guitars on the stage so there was hope...everyboby moved to the stage ,I was at the front row,it was nice but we had to wait again 45 min I would say with people pushing (it was about 40 degres inside!) (oh btw thanks to this very nice scottish guy with the shotters nation jacket for the beer!) Then Pete finally arrived,it was about 3am(not sure again!),a beautiful Peter with a lollipop in his mouth,he went on stage,asked me how you said late in French and apologized for being "en retard",he had a beer and a cig and picked up his guitar,he played:(from what I remember and not in that order): Albion Death on the stairs Merry go round Fuck for ever What Katie did The boy looked at Johnny Back from the dead (beautiful!) ahhh can't remember... The crowd was AWFUL ! [... ] I heard Peter saying something about the crowd being terrible and a big "fuck you",which was so right!(and people just laughed...jeeez! I don't know if he played again after that... Well,that was my night... back to London now. I feel sorry for the people because the gig was canceled but I feel even more sorry for Peter because he still made the effort to come and play very late after spending a long time stuck in the train,and this is what he's very sad and there is really something wrong with people!

Beautiful photos by Oliver Peel on Flickr.


For he's a jolly good fellow

Photo by Latchiko

All-Carl entry tonight, in view of his 30th borfday (tomorrow).

  • Review of the Heineken Limerick Festival here.
  • Some silly photos from the mobile blog.
  • Extended version of the "culture" interview.

And finally, a Q&A from The Irish Times:

What's on your rider? Whisky, crisps, water, towels and the odd razor.

What would be on your fantasy rider? The cast of Blackadder.

What’s your pre-gig ritual/routine? Dutch courage.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? Rage Against the Machine & The Prodigy, Reading festival. Can’t recall the exact year. It was the first time I went to see bands live that I knew.

And the worst? When I went to see Ray Davies play - for various reasons I missed the whole show.

Arena or pub gig? Pub gig every time.

Who is the most famous person to have shown up at one of your gigs? Liam Gallagher.

Most embarrassing on-stage moment? Running away from a wasp.

What’s your crowd pleasing number? At this point it’s probably Bang Bang You’re Dead.

Chatting between songs - good or bad? Good if you can do it, bad if you are me. The songs should speak for themselves.

Groupies - would you? Hmmm...

Touring - blessing or curse? Both really. It depends on where you are.

When did you last play a free gig? Last week at Filthy MacNasty’s in Twickenham.

Do you like to meet and greet fans after the gig? Yeah, usually.

Any useful stage tips? Don’t be late.

What’s the worst thing ever thrown at you? The Libertines were rained on by Converse shoes (all of them odd).


Peter and the gift of ubiquity

From the Teenage Kicks website:
In aid of the 'Teenage Cancer Trust', Noonan Media presents: Teenage Kicks 2008.
23/05/2008 NEWS! PETE DOHERTY confirmed to headline gig, with special guest appearance TBA... Teenage Kicks could well be the charity event of the year. We are giving some of the worlds top artist, designers, tattooist and rock stars, a pair of white canvas Vans Slip Ons to do what ever they want and be as creative as they like. The shoes - now custom works of art - will then go in to a live internet auction, running along side an evening of mayhem. A secret east London venue is secured to host the event, with Top Live Bands, World Famous DJ’s, Celebrity Hosts, Skaters, BMX, Live Graffiti (with 5 artists creating a collaboration mural throughout the evening), Doodle Wall, Interviews and off course the 20 pairs of shoes will be on display ready to be auctioned off. When: 5th and 12th June 2008 Where: Brick Lane E1 – exact location to be confirmed nearer the time. The whole event will also be simulcast (broadcast live) on the screens at Piccadilly Circus via WHY: We feel strongly that its time to give something back for years we have all enjoyed the popularity of street art fashion and tattooing and now it’s our time to make a difference. And simply, because we can. HOW: The Event is an ALL PROCEEDS (and we mean ALL) charity event with everything going directly to our chosen charity, The Teenage Cancer Trust, via EBay/Paypal. This will show transparency, with no third party involvement (if your going to do it, do it right!). To create excitement and in keeping with the spirit of the event, all the tickets will be auctioned via EBay. Electronic tagging of the winning tickets via registration on the site with the final ticket arriving or the registered mobile (to limit touting). Our aim is to generate excitement and enthusiasm that is rarely seen in this cynical world, the kind that is normally reserved for the silver screen, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind. With your help this event will deliver one hell of a kick to cancer. This is a fantastic opportunity to give real help where it’s needed. WE WILL and YOU CAN make a difference.

BUT. That's what Adam says:
…and I'd love to play myself, but, he's in France on the 5th and Sweden the 12th, perhaps we could do it early, think I'll try and blag an early roses set...

So: no Peter, yes Adam? It looks likely, because Adamski claims he’s gonna take his side project (i.e. Roses Kings Castles, i.e. himself and his guitar) on tour in Septermber/October, even though he’s “shitting himself”.
Things look rather confusing indeed.

Besides, Peter is not in Paris at all (sorry for the wrong tip), and last night he played a private gig at the Jazz After Dark (see photo above). There was also an exhibition of paintings of artist Sam Shaker (Peter bought 3) and Peaches Geldof was djing. Drew was also spotted there.


Gig news

Photo by Simon Rossi

  • Saturday night Babyshambles played a short set at the Papillon de Nuit Festival, at Saint Laurent de Cuves, France, in front of 50.000 people (see photo above). Comment (in French) by local site "On savait Pete Doherty sulfureux, on a été gâté. Le leader des Babyshambles s'est montré plutôt minable dans son show samedi après-midi. Titubant, essoufflé, le regard perdu, il a fini par jeter guitare et micro dans le public pour tout arrêter. Finalement reboosté par ses musiciens, il a tenu encore quelques minutes avant de partir sous les sifflets. Le concert n'a duré que 30 grosses minutes". Major stars of the night were the Hives.
  • It's confirmed that Peter will play his rescheduled show at Le Grand Rex in Paris next Thursday (June 5th). Pete is rumored to be staying in Paris this week, at the Libertines famed France Albion Hotel. Shall we expect a new youtube video then?
  • Adam Ficek has posted three bulletins in a row today: 02 Jun 2008, 02:59 Subject: Un projet du batteur de Babyshambles; Body: Des petites demos acoustiques et delicates faites a la maison. 02 Jun 2008, 03:54 Subject: live Roses web chat etc (Wed) Body: 4pm I might play a few bits.. on Wednesday tha is. 02 Jun 2008, 05:21 Subject: Sparkling 7", album, free Cd's, Babyshambles etc Body: Firstly 'Sparkling bootz is being released on limited 7", see to order. Have just sent another batch of Cd's off so I'm up to date now, see blog if you want one. I'm just starting to prepare the next release before the album. The album is finished it's entitled 'Roses Kings Castles' it was the only appropriate choice! That will be released in Aug, further details as they come in, it's a ten tracker..... Hopefully will get round to putting some more stuff on you tube, check out - brass winter or folk song if you haven't already done so. I have a gigwise web chat on Wed 4pm. Shambles wise, we're still trying to knock these demos into shape, Peter's in France on Thursday, then we all head out to Germany so all well. if youwant to air some views go to tc see you there. Also starting to build a web site for roses hopefully be able to order stuff online then...
  • Dirty Pretty Things played in Belfast last night and as I write they're about to play at the Heineken Green Spheres Festival in Limerick (Ireland). For some snippets go to their mobile blog.
  • Oh back to shambles: Drew McConnell played a charity concert last night at the Scala, for the populations of Burma (ahem, not the DPT song), or Myanmar, devastated by the cyclone. Other acts included Enter Shikari, Editors and Get Cape etc. Photos here.
  • Oh and one last thing, Bo Diddley has passed away. And so has Yves Saint Laurent.

What's in my Ipod: Accelerate - R.E.M.

Tonight's gig: Sex And The City THE MOVIE!


Tired of England?

On my way back to my beautiful Mediterranean island it suddenly struck me: my iPod features 60% American music, 30% Brit rock and 10% world stuff. Tired of England? Not really. When British music sparkles it really sparkles a lot, and my three top bands ever are British (and very British they are: Clash, Smiths and Libertines). I can't let a single day pass without listening to Morrissey's voice (hey, he's got a new album out in Autumn!) and fucking hell, I'm writing this blog dedicated to two 100% British songwriters. OK? BUT. There are times when britrock gives me claustrophobia, and long spells when albionic music seems to shrink into itself, and I'm afraid this is one of those times. As crazy as I am for the Libertines I can't help but admit that they spawned a whole population of awful clones. And to me this is the major limit of britrock: a new band is born, they make wonderful music, they set a new trend. Hordes of kids want to be like them, they start a band of their own. And the next generation is only made of clones. Awful clones. Until a new original band is born again and a new cycle starts, but it takes years. Having been born in 1981 I've had the time to witness the long tail left by the Smiths in early 90s (the infamous shoegazers) and most of all the Beatles revivalists of mid 90s (Oasis and Blur) but I've never been into them at all. I chose to listen to old stuff, or dedicate myself to Yank rock. Until the Libertines came. Now their cycle is over and we need fresh stuff. I've had enough of clones. Tired of England? No, tired of clones.

Anyway, since we still have Peter and Carl, let's have a look at what happened to the boys in these last days. Peter played with Babyshambles on the third night of his Brixton Mass residency last Friday. The gig was crowded ("Where were you all on the other two nights?" Peter joked) but the security staff behaved horribly, hitting kids and doing the fascist thing until Peter shouted at them and left the stage in a huff.

Carl is on the Irish leg of the DPT tour and last night played in Dublin. I've found a very nice review by my fellow blogger Mark, who also met Carlos at a Guinness convention before the gig. For review and photo go to his blog.

As for the "Libertines wish" allegedly expressed by Carl you'll find splattered all over the press today... of course it was taken out of context. Of course Carl Barat can't go around promoting a new DPT record talking about his desire to make music with Peter again. Of course if journos didn't ask him about the Libertines all the time he wouldn't mention it. Of course his bandmates get irritated when he speaks about his current commitment with them as if it was a little more than a burden. That he can't wait to be finished with.
Of course.

What's on my iPod: Sunday at Devil Dirt, Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell.