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Peter-Marathon at the Mass

WOW that must have been quite a night! Pity I wasn't there... I leave the word to Luk, who had just come back from the Mass and wrote this very exciting message:
"Was fucking absoulutely amazing, started at 10:45 , finished at 3:30, it was truly special, i cant remember much but alicepooh posted the setlist on fdb, i am lost for words, oh and now its my birthday, what a fucking birthday, i need sleep , later palsxSalome, UTB (with another song wedged in the middle - can anyone remember what it was?), DOTS, Dilly Boys, Do You Know Me? Lost Art, There She Goes, Delivery, Carry on Up the Morning, Ha Ha Wall, I Love You But You’re Green, Who’s Got the Crack, What Katie Did, Lust of the Libertines, Hooray for the 21st Century, Don’t Be Shy, Never Never, New one, For Lovers, On the Weekend – Neil Young Cover, 2 other covers,(Smiths and Stone Roses), Pipey McGraw, Tell the King, Ballad of Grimaldi, Albion, TfH, The Delaney, Good Old Days, MWLGO, You’re My Waterloo, CSMN, Don’t Look Back into the Sun, Back from the Dead, Unbilotitled, East of Eden, What a Waster, Darling Clementine, Suicide in the Trenches with music, Blackboy Lane, Through the Looking Glass, Radio America".
"The gig finished at 3.15!" says Wolfman "Peter played 6 sets, until there was about 10 people left in the room".
And of course last but not least: Mrs. Alicepooh. "Will do a more fullsome write up after all 3 Mass gigs, but played from just before 11 til after 3 with four breaks - well over 3 hours of music - setlist, well, the question is more what did he NOT play? Radio America - biggest surprise of the evening. In the last set. Opened with a Neil Young cover Out on the Weekend. Covers also Smiths and Stone Roses songs, amazing musical version of Suicide in the Trenches, You're My Waterloo, and one new one, not sure of the title. Am trying to reconstruct what he played with friends who were there, but this is one mindboggling task. He threatened to play until not one man was left standing. Didn't quite make that, but it was extraordinary. The crowd started a reasonable size and dwindled down to (17 by Peter's count) at the end. Loads of chat, some quite argumentative with people in the audience who were talking or generally being disrupitve. Very funny, loads of joking about. Incredibly informal - shaking hands, little diversions in the middle of songs to tell a story or chat to someone or complain that someone was putting him off by talking. Set number 4 included a keyboard player who'd played earlier with Alan Wass and some very amusing song tuition as it went along. And not to be forgotten except it seems fucking ages ago - a lovely 4 song set from Adam to kick off the evening's proceedings."
And now, as if all this was not enough... me & Adam are very proud to annouce you all the birth of French Dog Records, Peter's very brand new record label! And the first release will be... (drumroll) Roses Kings Castels on 22 September.
Later with more and more stuff from this awesome night!!!

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