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I don't like Mondays

But in any case...
  • You can hear DPT's new album here
  • Tired of England (out today) keeps collecting puzzled reviews
  • Carl is out of hospital but if you want you can still send him get well soon messages via the NME (been there done that, and I walk alone, I walk alone).
  • Glastonbury is a big question mark, at least for what concerns Carlos. The official site assures the DPT's Bern Festival date is on (I haven't tested Carl's gift of ubiquity yet).
  • The King of Ubiquity, i.e. Peter, will play Glasto next Friday (here's a preview).
  • Drew speaks against Boris.
  • Oh and Helsinki are playing Glasto too! Sunday at the Guardian Lounge! Check it out!

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DY said...

Also Yeti's debut album comes out today. Review of the album here, also one in the NME that mainly talks about the Libs.