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For he's a jolly good fellow

Photo by Latchiko

All-Carl entry tonight, in view of his 30th borfday (tomorrow).

  • Review of the Heineken Limerick Festival here.
  • Some silly photos from the mobile blog.
  • Extended version of the "culture" interview.

And finally, a Q&A from The Irish Times:

What's on your rider? Whisky, crisps, water, towels and the odd razor.

What would be on your fantasy rider? The cast of Blackadder.

What’s your pre-gig ritual/routine? Dutch courage.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? Rage Against the Machine & The Prodigy, Reading festival. Can’t recall the exact year. It was the first time I went to see bands live that I knew.

And the worst? When I went to see Ray Davies play - for various reasons I missed the whole show.

Arena or pub gig? Pub gig every time.

Who is the most famous person to have shown up at one of your gigs? Liam Gallagher.

Most embarrassing on-stage moment? Running away from a wasp.

What’s your crowd pleasing number? At this point it’s probably Bang Bang You’re Dead.

Chatting between songs - good or bad? Good if you can do it, bad if you are me. The songs should speak for themselves.

Groupies - would you? Hmmm...

Touring - blessing or curse? Both really. It depends on where you are.

When did you last play a free gig? Last week at Filthy MacNasty’s in Twickenham.

Do you like to meet and greet fans after the gig? Yeah, usually.

Any useful stage tips? Don’t be late.

What’s the worst thing ever thrown at you? The Libertines were rained on by Converse shoes (all of them odd).

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