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Solstice entry

Summer starts tomorrow and we have something to tell you (just like almost every day)!
The third night of the Brixton Mass residency was another unforgettable event seeing Peter, Shambles and many guests playing on the small stage for a couple of hours. Word to Alicepooh:
"Another unique evening at Mass... pending fuller write up, the highlight just has to have been the opening set - from Peter and Adam. Kyle and Kieran from the View did a small set. Wolfman was at the venue, and was supposed to come out in the second half of the Shambles set but apparently had left. The band was tight again and they appeared to be having fun. A slightly disjointed feel, but some real gems. Kyle played guitar on DLBITS and TfH and managed to do both solos - much to Peter's interest, who got him to play the TfH solo twice. The setlist as best we can remember it... Adam and Peter Lazy Sunday Afternoon Dilly Boys I Love You But You Say I Don’t Mean It (not all of it, not sure this is the name) Happy Birthday Rachael (as sung by Marilyn Munroe) Part of DLBITS instrumental Then Peter moved to play drums, much to everyone’s entertainment, especially Adam’s, and Adam played and sang…Sparkling Boots Pretty Sue with Peter joining in on vocals Swapped back to play… Arcady Folsom Prison (searching for fag break whistle) Music When the Lights Go Out (with extra yodel) Babyshambles plus Kyle from the View Jungle Book – King of the Swingers with Kyle DLBITS with Kyle playing lead Beg, Steal, Borrow Oceans (new one) I Love You But You’re Green Maybelline Maybelline (not an error in typing, they really did play it twice – Peter said, ‘it’s coming together, let’s play it again' - then threatened to play it a few more times) French Dog Blues Carry On Up the Morning Delivery What Katie Did Fag break Belle et la Bete (with Irina) Time for Heroes (With Kyle singing and doing the solo and, at Peter’s request, doing the solo again) Pipedown Albion (dedicated to Dan who’d come all the way from Newcastle) (Kyle on harmonica and Mik’s guitar over his shoulder)".
Video from last night with Pete and Adam here.
Peter (solo act) is confirmed at Glastonbury Friday 27 June on the Park Stage.
No news about Carlos today (well, as they say, no news is good news), but the NME has put on line the review of RASN (here).
And The Daily Record has an interview done just before the hospitalization (here).

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