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Confirmed! No way to Norway!

This looks serious enough but I would wait until things have chilled out a bit. Anyway, it seems that Peter has had some huge bust up with the Shambles tour manager (so that wouldn't mean Adrian, at least I hope) or the whole management (and that would mean Adrian too) and on the heat of the moment he cancelled the Hove Festival and also the rest of the gigs of this summer, and that would include the RAH for the second time!
I don't know how much truth there is in all this, the articles are all in Norwegian and in any case don't add anything to what I've said. Anyway, the appearance at the Hove Festival is CANCELLED.
For people going to Glastonbury Festival, the thing might start with a huge delay (5 hours)because somebody has started a fire. I guess I know who they are, maybe they were spotted while texting to Peter and thought it was better covering any proofs with some smoke!
Sometimes I think I've had enough of those two, I'm so glad I'm not going to Glasto and staying at the beach instead!

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