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Ubiquity part 2

I can't believe what Babyshambles managed to do last night!
As you know, Babyshambles were scheduled to play at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden. In the afternoon some Swedish website gave the news that Peter "had landed" (here) and that he and the shambles were going to play at the Festival. Which they did actually (see photo).
But soon after they finished their set they boarded on the plane and came back to London.
This is what Adrain wrote to FDW at 10.30 pm:
From my blackberry so forget aboot spellinmg We are just off the plane from sweden etc etc But more importantly teenage cancer trust has a show tonight at 93 ft east Dunno if we can make it to do anything in time but try we shall We are setting up a wee thing, well big thing in conjunctionm with them, Cato Trust and a friend of ours called Daniel Squires so support the cause. Not a gig as such but a good good thing nevertheless. Cuirrently speesing down the M11 hoping to make it. The boys are ahead and me and the boabie are assembling kit in the back of the van. Hope we make it and hope you do too if you are local. Not a "no show" if we don't make it in time but a "tried hard" at short notice! Bb
Well, it wasn't a "no show" nor a "romance at short notice"! And this is a beautiful gallery of photos by Dan Griffiths. We also have a very brief comment by red rose: the show was "short, sweet, energetic" (no setlist yet).

While Peter was splitting up in two, Dirty Pretty Things were hitting Moscow. Don't know about the amount of Vodka Viborova consumed by the bunch but we have some beautiful photos from this site and the setlist:
1. buzzards and crows. 2. wondering. 3. doctors and dealers. 4. tired of england. 5. gin & milk. 6. blood thirsty bastards. 7. last of the small town playboys. 8. chinese dogs. 9. the gentry cove. 10. b.u.r.m.a. 11. hippy’s son. 12. the enemy. 13. plastik hearts. 14. deadwood. 15. you fucking love it. --- 16. bang bang you’re dead.
Tonight DPT are showing up at a Stockholm Fest while Babyshambles are probably taking a breath.

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