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Early morning entry!

One Libertine for sale. Tickets here.

Dirty Pretty Things are in the October issue of the Rolling Stone Germany (see photo above). Oasis are on the cover - scans. The article is one page long but the photos are cool.

Peter's got a haircut. Do we care? No, but the photo with the towel on his head is a bijoux.

I'm happy to advertise my friends Fra & Sami's myspace "The Road to Arcadia". Check it out, lots of great stuff!

And now let's get serious!


London Hackney Empire (October 2)
Manchester Ritz (October 3)

Reading Uni - September 30 (i.e. tonight)
Preston 53 Degrees - October 3
Glasgow ABC - October 4
Edinburgh Old Picture House - October 5


Sunday shenanigans...

... waiting for the footie.

Setlist of Peter's gig at the Kasbah club in Coventry (Friday night -apparently the gig was spoiled by people throwing missiles):
1.Intro 2.What Katie Did 3.Dilly Boys 4.1939 Returning 5.The Whole World Is Our Playground 6.Albion 7.There She Goes (A Little Heartache) 8.Kilamangiro 9.Tell The King 10.At The Flophouse 11.Don’t Look Back Into The Sun 12.Smashing 13.Hooligans on E 14.Can’t Stand Me Now 15.East Of Eden 16.New Love Grows On Trees 17.Music When The Lights Go Out 18.Intro to 2nd set 19.Time For Heroes 20.For Lovers 21.Beg Steal and Borrow 22.UnBiloTitled 23.I Wish 24.Fuck Forever 25.Outro.
Pontiacb did a great job recording the gig (here).

Inthephotobooth takes us to a Libertines tour on Flickr.

Carlos fears his acting debut will be "diabolical" (here).

DPT played in Middlesbrough last night but we haven't any setlist yet.


Some DPT news

After a difficult summer, the Mighty Carlos and his gang seem to be back among the alive and kicking. And they do kick a lot. First of all, DPT, together with Jon McClure, Late of The Pier and other artists, have signed a petition to condemn a recent "nazi" festival.


Dirty Pretty Things, Reverend And The Makers' Jon McClure, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Late Of The Pier are among those who have signed a letter condemning the right-wing festival which caused havoc in a Somerset village last weekend (September 20). Other musicians to signing the Love Music Hate Racism letter include Billy Bragg, Roll Deep, The Specials' Jerry Dammers and Akala. Right-wing record label ISD organised an event in Redhill to commemorate the late right wing singer Ian Donaldson, which involved 800 people waving swastika flags, drinking and chanting, causing dozens of complaints to be made to police. In response the above acts have signed an open letter condemning those involved." As anti-fascist musicians we were horrified to read that 800 fascists gathered in Somerset at the weekend for a rally and concert in memory of Ian Donaldson," the letter read. "Donaldson described himself as a 'Neo Nazi' and [his band] Screwdriver, who raised funds for both the National Front and British National Party, were instrumental in setting up Blood And Honour, a network of bands promoting Nazi ideology through music." It will come as no surprise to anybody familiar with Screwdriver that the footage of the weekend's rally shows Nazi flags and members of the audience seig heiling. "Unfortunately despite the demise of Blood And Honour the use of music by fascists to spread their ideas is not a thing of the past, with the BNP's Great White record label being used to produce music targeted at young people. "It's a great way of getting our message to children" BNP leader Nick Griffin was quoted as saying in a documentary about the label shown on TV last year, "because they will listen to songs again and again and pick the words up straight away, whereas maybe one in 100 would bother to listen to a speech". Rallies like the one that took place at the weekend stand for the ugly politics of racial violence and ultimately the politics of Hitler's holocaust and a desire for an all-white Britain. Events like this have no place in Britain."

Good job, boys! On a lighter note, the much anticipated movie "Telstar", a biopic of producer Joe Meek starring Kevin Spacey and Carl Barat in the role of Gene Vincent, is expected to premiere soon at London Film Festival, From Gigwise:

"Kevin Spacey and Carl Barat are both expected to attend the premiere of Telstar at the London Film Festival next month. Spacey plays Major Banks in the movie, which tells the life of producer Joe Meek. Barat, meanwhile, makes a guest appearance as 50s star Gene Vincent. The singer, who currently fronts Dirty Pretty Things, has often spoken about his ambition to launch an acting career, although this is his first major role. The London Film Festival takes place from October 15th-30th. Tickets for the event go on sale on September 27th".

Meanwhile, The Gazette Live gives a preview of the band's gig in Middlesbrough (tomoro).

Middlesborough and other stuff

"Pete Doherty played a solo acoustic show at the MIddlesborough Town Hall last night (September 25). The star played an hour-and-a-half set peforming songs by his current outfit Babyshambles, his former band The Libertines and his solo compositions. The setlist included 'I Wish', 'Time For Heroes', 'UnBilotitled', 'Fuck Forever', 'Tell The King' and 'Cyclops'. Pete Doherty continues his solo UK tour at the following dates: Coventry Kasbah (26) London Hackney Empire (October 2) Manchester Ritz (3)".
"Pete was onstage around 9.15" says Albionrat on FDW "and looked healthy and bright. He played for around an hour and a half. It was a decent performance from Pete, but he wasn't half knocking back the rum and cokes, which meant he spent a bit too much time interacting with the crowd rather than belting out songs. It was really wierd as well, cos he kept playing the intro to "what katie did" and then taking a drink......and in the end he didn't even play the song Anyway, the setlist was roughly..... I wish All at sea Time for heroes Music when the lights go out Cyclops Never never Unbilotitled There she goes Fuck Forever Albion Death on the stairs What a waster Can't stand me now Tell the king".
Dirty Pretty Things are wrapping up their DJ mini tour (tonight they're splitting in two, with Carl and Anthony spinning records at The Hub in Plymouth and Didz and Gary on the decks at the Snug Lounge in Nottingham) and are about to begin their proper UK tour (tomorrow at the Middlesbrough Arena - that looks like a quite exciting town in these days!). In the meantime ther are shy signs of a European Tour in November. Dates for the moment are:
Berlin - Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, 19 November (tickets)
Cologne - Luxor, 20 November (tickets)
Amsterdam - 'De Melkweg', 22 November (tickets)
Paris - Bataclan, 25 November (tickets)


Peter in Bournemouth

Photo by Tim Churchill
Thanks to PushyBeggar1 for this very good review:
"It was an amazing gig. The support acts pleased most people however alot of people became impatient as they clearly only came for pete not the whole experience. When pete finally came on, pleasing most of the crowd everyone went wild. Pete was on form, looked healthy and with adam by his side for the first few songs he could do know wrong. The whole set was an absolute blinder, one of the best i've seen pete playing classics both new and old. The only downer on the gig was when the crowd got rather rowdy after a short break where pete left - some stupid announcer that was possibley the most annoying person i've ever seen kept getting the crowd over excited, not helping the situation, bottles flying everywhere but once pete - and adam returned the gig continued, the only way the venue staff could get rid of pete was finally closing the curtains whilst pete and adam bashed out a superb version of piracy. In all an absolutely fantastic night at a super venue. The setlist couldn't of been better, combining old with new. Anyone with tickets for the rest of the acoustic tour should be getting very excited".
We also have an "official" review by Patrick Gough for the Bournemouth Echo:
LADIES and gentlemen leave your pre-conceptions of Mr Peter Doherty at the door. The bad boy of rock produced perhaps his most sincere and intimate performance right here in Bournemouth. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Last night was all about the crème de la creme of local talent picked by the man himself for not-for-profit organisation Dorset Music Forum. The night began with blistering sets from Supernova, Zara Sophia and Roses, Kings, Castles featuring a stunning performance from Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek. The Bournemouth eight-piece band Betika followed swiftly with a rabble-rousing playlist of folk-inspired rock that brought the eager audience to their feet.
However, the evening was all about one misunderstood musician with a guitar who found himself at peace on stage. Dressed in a sharp mohair suit and customary pork pie hat, Pete delivered pitch perfect renditions of Libertines and Babyshambles favourites.
Tracks included What a Waster, Don't Look Back Into the Sun and Can't Stand Me Now.
The crowd, buoyed up by Pete's enthusiasm, followed him willingly into the night for songs such as Albion, What Katy Did Next and Killamangiro. After what can only be described as a lengthy encore, that saw die-hard fans throw glasses on stage, Doherty swaggered back on stage. Picking up the frenetic tempo where he left off - and playing like a man possessed - he carried on playing even as the stage curtains were drawn down around him. Say what you like about him, at this performance he gave his all and then some.


John Hassall: my favourite records

From a bizarre German blog... here we go, with some curious stuff!

* Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?
Sex pistols - Holidays in the SunThe Clash - Spanish BombsThe Stranglers - Something Better Change
* The La’s, The Stone Roses or The Coral - which one do you prefer and why?
The La’s, I think the other two bands are really good but for me the La’s are outstanding… they had great songs and a great sound.
* A record that will make you dance?
Anything by the Jackson Five
* Your favourite song by The Byrds?
Mr Spaceman
* What was the best and what was the first gig you’ve ever attended?
The first gig was my friend’s brother’s band called Captain Aquarius…. I remember being terribly in awe of these older and worldly boys. They probably weren’t that good but the fact that they were out there playing music was so impressive. the best gig i’ve been to was Matthew Herbert and his big band at the tokyo liquid rooms. He’s got an interesting sound, backed up by good songs and his singer Danni Siciliano is great.
* Your favourite song by Peter Doherty?
the one about rabbit holes
(Anm.: “Through The Looking Glass” dann wohl…)
* The worst record you bought last year?
Bach Greatest Hits
* Which song reminds you on London?
Anything from Abbey Road.
* The best song this year so far?
Tired of England - Dirty Pretty Things
….. it’s a bit nationalistic but it’s the only decent chorus that i’ve heard!
* The best “new” band right now?
Jessica Grace
* Your favourite german song/record?
Beethoven’s Ninth
* Your favourite record of all time?
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper


Gigs gigs gigs

Photo by Veronika Moore

Dirty Pretty Things kicked off their UK tour last night in Brighton, with a gig at the Concorde 2, as part of the first Silent Disco Festival. We have some beautiful photos by Mike Burnell, and by The Avangelist. After a 4 day break the tour will be resumed properly next Saturday in Middlesbrough. speaks about Peter's future solo commitments. We have still some doubts about some of the figures behind this adventure (that is, one), but anyway...

Pete Doherty is set to kick off a series of solo shows at the Bournemouth Opera House tomorrow night (September 24).The show will be part of a tour that will see him return to the scene of his first reunion with former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat. Pete Doherty and Carl Barat reunited at the Hackney Empire in April 2007 – the first time they had performed together since The Libertines split up. Doherty will play a solo show at the London venue again on October 2. He will also play shows in Manchester, Middlesborough and Coventry as part of the short tour. Meanwhile, the former Libertines reunited at the Prince Of Wales pub in north London on September 17, where they played an acoustic set together for London Fashion Week.

Pete Doherty will play:

Bournemouth Opera House (September 24)

Middlesborough Town Hall (25)

Coventry Kasbah (26)

London Hackney Empire (2)

Manchester Ritz (October 3)

To check the availability of Pete Doherty tickets and get all the latest listings, go to NME.COM/GIGS now, or call 0871 230 1094.


Peter's picked

Nice article from the Bournemouth Echo:

"At school he was a bit cheeky and always took things too far," says Emily Baker about her childhood sweetheart Pete Doherty.
The rock star was in Bournemouth on Friday night to pick a local band for the bill of his An Evening With...' show at Boscombe's Opera House on Wednesday.
But it was also the setting for a surprise reunion for Pete and his old flame Emily.
In recent weeks, the musician has shown an unprecedented level of support and commitment for the not-for-profit organisation, Dorset Music Forum.
Sitting with a bottle of rum and a laptop computer in the Opera House, Pete spent several hours painstakingly listening to different local acts.
With a click of his fingers and a tip of his famous pork pie hat, it was decided that Betika would be his support band.
Asked why he had chosen the eight-piece band from Bournemouth, Pete told me: "From what I've heard they've got good old-fashioned song writing. You know, structure, melody and lyrics. Plus the name sounds like a Spanish football team."
As we carried on chatting about music, Pete produced a blue feather from a pocket in his jacket and theatrically mused on his selection: "The proof will be how they perform live, there's a big difference in sounding good on record and actually playing on stage."
Another young hopeful is 23 year-old local singer-songwriter Zara Sophia. "I missed the deadline to audition, but someone saw me perform at the Pointy Field festival at the weekend and here I am with my guitar and a demo!" she said.
Strolling down Boscombe high street with Pete, Zara and his colourful entourage, we pulled in to an alleyway where a surprise lay in wait. Pete told the Daily Echo last week of his fond memories of a classmate from St Leonards School in Blandford, who he hadn't seen since he was 11.
"My God, you've grown!" said Emily, as she appeared behind a startled Pete Doherty. After a brief catch up, Pete was then whisked away into the night.
"Peter hasn't changed all that much. I remember him being an incredible dancer and really good at chess and football. My mate's still got one of his QPR football scarves," Emily later told me.
Having played in a school band together, Emily will be bringing her guitar to Wednesday's show at the Opera House. Who knows what might happen?".

There's also a video of the event (here).
Pete Doherty
Wednesday 24th Sept - Bournemouth Opera House
Thursday 25th Sept - Middlesborough Town Hall
Friday 26th Sept - Coventry Kasbar
Dirty Pretty Things
Monday 22th Sept - Concorde 2, Brighton
Saturday 27th Sept - Middlesbrough Arena


Saturday morning treat

Peter and Carlos sing Don't Look Back Into The Sun and Peter nearly breaks into a rendition of Elvis's Can't Help Falling in Love. All in all, it looks lika a quite informal thing, the way I like to see them both.


Peter, Carl, Adam, West Side Story...

The Ficek talks to BBC6:
"18 September 2008 - Pete Doherty and Carl Barat reunited on stage last night. The pair played three tracks at Camden pub the Prince of Wales - after Doherty had played a solo acoustic set. Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek wasn't there, but he did answer questions on whether it’s the first sign of a Libertines reunion... He told us that despite the inevitable speculation, he’s not sure if it’s a sign the band will get back together. “Those two are really good friends still. I think there are obviously a lot of issues they need to talk about, and settle up on, but I don’t think this will be the last time that we’ll see them together.” Adam also says there’s no West Side Story-style animosity between Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things: “People think it’s like two gangs that hate each other. It’s not, I get on really well with all those guys.” And while the prospect of a high profile reunion between Barat and Doherty could cause some instability for Babyshambles, it wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of the band.
“Peter’s more than capable of doing many things. It’s embraced and that’s the reason myself and Drew (McConnell) do our own projects, and there’s no problem there. It’s nice to have that freedom. I think in the earlier days there was perhaps a little more insecurity, but these days everyone’s free to go when they want.” At the moment, the future of Babyshambles seems assured. Adam told 6 Music the band is about to start work on their next album - just as soon as Pete finishes his long awaited solo record. Their third full length release “will definitely be out in 2009. We’re choosing producers, and then in November I think we’ll reconvene and really start kicking it into shape.”
Word Magazine has a harsh but also true-ish analysis of what became of the likely lads "after marriage" (scan by Broom Broom).
In the meantime, Peter's solo gig at the Hackney Empire (2 October) is confirmed.


More from last night

The organisers of the event ( have put the news up:

The former Libertines put differences behind them and take to the stage in Camden…..
The shock reunion happened at The Prince of Wales pub in Camden, North London, where Pete Doherty was performing as part of a fashion show for rock & roll designer-label Gio-Goi.
As he neared the end of his 45 minute set, Pete’s attention was drawn to a commotion at the door, the next thing he knew his old mate Carl Barat was being rushed through the crowd and on to stage. After an embrace and a scramble for an extra guitar the pair broke into song.
Surrounded by screaming fans and models, they played several tracks including ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’, ‘Time For Heroes’ and an ironic cover of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ - showing glimpses of the old chemistry and whispering to each other between songs.
Backstage afterwards - joined by Gio-Goi supremoes Anthony & Chris Donnelly - the pair spoke exclusively to MTV News about their plans for the future. Carl motioned to a new cryptic tattoo on his forearm: “look I’ve got it here, ‘let’s put our futures behind us’, I thought that was pretty clever”. Pete replied: “Mmmnn. A bit complicated though.”. The pair then broke into song “Together again, just like the old days…..”
Confusing as always, but watch this space……..

The event was also commented by XFM, Gigwise, and the NME.

As for myself... despite the various claims by the naysayers, mainly some snotty losers on .org, or some desperate DPT buffs still clinging to their 2006 memories, a Peter & Carl “get together” is still something that can make my brain melt (OK?). And there aren’t many things that make my brain melt in these days, certainly not Last Shadow Puppets, certainly not Courteeners, AND CERTAINLY NOT GLASVEGAS.

Please don't put your life in the hands of a rock'n'roll band...

Peter and Carl Princes of Wales

So I guess Carl Barat was the "close friend " Peter was doing a favour last night? Whatever. Seeing those two together on a stage is always a joy for the eyes but maybe something that wasn't an "invite only" show would have been more endearing. Or maybe it was the only way Carl could get away with it, a "private" thing on the eve of a DPT national tour. Whatever again. Peter and Carl played Horrorshow, Time for heroes and Don't look back into the sun.

Waiting for videos and more photos, thanks to Nomorepure for the one above. Later!


Hackney Empire on 2 Oct?

  • Straight from Cal Roberts's mouth. Or better, his myspace. Gig starts at 20.00 and Cal will be opening. Still waiting for confirm.
  • This might console people who' ve been left very disappointed by the Prince of Wales invite-only gig tonight. Babybear explained Peter's doing the gig "as a favour for a close friend of his". Anyway. MTV will be airing the show someday. I think.
  • And Gigwise is doing a recap of the shows scheduled at the end of the month: Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty has announced a short solo UK tour. Doherty will play venues in Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, Manchester and, as Gigwise reported recently, Coventry. The singer is expected to release his first official solo album soon. Tickets for the tour are on sale now and available through Gigwise here. Alternatively, you can call our ticket hotline on 0871 230 1098 for more details.

Pete Doherty's tour dates are:

Bournemouth, Opera House – September 24

Middlesbrough, Town Hall – 25

Coventry, Kasbah – 26

Manchester, The Ritz – October 3

  • So now shall we add Hackney Empire - October 2?



From Gigwise:
Pete Doherty and Sam Sparro will both make a special appearance at the Prince of Wales pub in London's Kentish Town tomorrow (September 17th). Doherty will perform an exclusive acoustic set alongside Kid British, while Sparro will take part in a live fashion show. The one off spectacle, which will also feature DJ sets from up-and-coming supermodel Alice Dellal and Tom Frog, will be filmed for an MTV documentary. Doors open at 7pm for the event, which coincides with this week's London Fashion Week.
This just in - Babybear said: "Just so you folks know .... this event is invite only I'm afraid. bb". Sigh.


Fete de l'Huma

Photo by Patrice Guino

I leave the stage to my fellow blogger "RockerParis". Read his review and watch his videos here.
Plus! We have a video taken from Adam's RKC gig at Le Truskel (here) and a brief review by Anjali on FDW:
"the club gig was not completely crowded, it was still pretty early on for a saturday night (11pm). so the atmosphere was good, relaxed, not rotten like you usually get at Shambles or solo Pete. he played for, what, maybe half an hour? i can't remember after that we started waiting for the other guys in the band, but then it transpired they wouldn't make it, so Adam and some of the fans retreated to the hotel. there he played on the pavement for about maybe an hour. it was really cute. some fans had a go as well, it was really funny and sweet. they played a lot of covers (Beatles, Smiths...)"


Let's talk about Mongrel

Everybody knows I've got a soft spot for the lovely Drew McConnell, Shambles' bassman. Yeah, I love his personality, his voice and his eyes, but's that's got nothing to do with the fact that I'm expecting a lot from his last side project "Mongrel". First of all, McClure is a terribly sound bloke too, and in any case I'm up for anything described as "horrible, dirty, greasy funk thing". Read this interview from the last NME issue...

"Mongrel, the supergroup featuring Arctic Monkey's Matt Helders and former Monkey Andy Nicholson, Babyshambles' Drew McConnell, Reverend and the Makers' Jon McClure and Joe Moskow, plus rapper Lowkey, have given NME an exclusive album update from the studio.
The collective explained that their debut album has been mixed by Primal Scream and Depeche Mode producer Adrian Sherwood and is scheduled to be released late October. It is set to be named "Better Than Heavy" after a Mongrel song title. Tracks include "Lies", "Guess who's coming home?", "The Menace", "Off the leash", "Barcode", "Julian" and "Alphabet".
The band were set to air the tracks live at three UK and Ireland shows in November, but have since postponed the dates due to scheduled clashes. They do, however, promise the gigs will be rescheduled.
The group members said the album was influenced by dub and hip-hop - a product of their listening tastes. "It's us playing the kind of music we listen to" Helders told NME "We grew up listening to hip-hop, I liked it before I liked rock music". The drummer's former bandmate, bassist Nicholson, agreed. "That's what we'd listen to when we were 13 and smoking weed - things like Dr Dre" he said.
McConnell warned people not to expect anything similar to the band members' day-job indie groups. "There's a big funk thing [on the album]" he explained "It's dominated by Joe's keyboard parts, and Matt and Andy have a horrible, dirty, greasy funk thing happening".
As well as the core members, the band recruited Saul Williams to add vocals to "Barcode". They also signed up a slew of British rappers to appear on "Alphabet", which features one rapper for every letter in the alphabet. Skinnyman has laid down rhymes on the tune, while McConnell was partcularly enamoured of east London rapper Purple's contribution. "He's fucking bad-ass" the Shambles bassist, who plays guitar on Mongrel's album, gushed. "I was doing this guitar part when I heard this voice rapping 'Fuck Lil Wayne!'. Then he continued rapping in this incredible style... I thought he was so amazing for such a young talent".
The Rev added he hoped the album would propel the rappers - largely unknown beyond the London hip-hop scene - into the mainstream. "If I could get 20 lads and lasses from London ghettos on to the coffee tables of the middle-classes and make them realise what the fuck really happens in the country, I'll be a happy man" he said.
The Rev - who is still adamant he will step down from music next year - described the release as a "fucking rebel album" adding that lyrical themes would include the Iraq war and government oppression. "When was the last rebel album made?" he asked. "Was it Rage Against The Machine or Public Enemy? Nobody's made anything [rebellious] since".


Fete de l'Humanité and Adam's gigs

At the beginning of this week I said there were no gigs in sight. I was wrong. Babyshambles should be playing at La Fete de l'Humanité (PARC DE LA COURNEUVE-ESPACE FETES, LA COURNEUVE, France), tomorrow night at 20.30.

Soon after the gig, the sweet Adam will start his Roses Kings Castles tour with a gig at Le Truskel in Paris, at 23.00.

Here's the list of dates in full:

13 Sep 2008 23:00 Le Truskel Paris
14 Sep 2008 1:30 Eden (White Room) Ibiza
20 Sep 2008 17:30 Avalanche records
27 Sep 2008 17:00 Spillers Records Cardiff
28 Sep 2008 14:00 Rough Trade East, Brick Lane E1 London
30 Sep 2008 16:00 Rise records Cheltenham
22 Oct 2008 20:00 The Hub, Exeter, UK Exeter
1 Nov 2008 20:00 Electric Boogaloo, Hitchin, UK


Babyshambles Biography Press Release - Check it out!

Thanks a lot to Karen for providing this preview of the Official Babyshambles Story "Beg Steal or Borrow", out on November 1st. Click on the images below for the full press release.

More and more gigs!

It seems we have a quite exciting Autumn ahead!

From This is Dorset:
ROCK bad boy Pete Doherty was in Boscombe on Tuesday night in what appeared to be a major effort to scrub up his public image. Pete had travelled from his home near Marlborough, Wiltshire, to check out the revamped Opera House where he plans to perform solo with a bunch of variety acts on September 24. He had come at the invitation of Dorset Music Forum (DMF) with whom he plans to give a high profile support slot to a local musician/band/act.
DMF president Chris Jenkins said: "Pete has been impressed by the work we do - as a not-for-profit-organisation that aims to provide a platform for local musicians, bands and promoters - and he says it's about time he put something back at grass root level."
Arriving fashionably late (90 minutes), looking pale and unsteady on his feet, the former Libertines singer/songwriter who now fronts Babyshambles, posed with a pint and his guitar and told me: "I hope there's plenty of talent out there."
He had good vibes about the town recalling: "I first picked up a guitar living in Bournemouth. I did ad hoc stuff with Emily Baker - because I fancied her like mad. I was 11. We went to St Leonard's School in Blandford. My dad was in the forces and it was my first time living in England.
"Emily played drums and there was a lad called Gommy. I wrote my first song then called Billy the Hamster, which was diabolical!"
Despite refusing to play it, after some gentle arm-bending Pete picked up his guitar and sang it! It was a tale about wanting a pet and ending with a hamster that got electrocuted!
“I’m looking for a bit of variety – something with a bit of spark – something different.”
Perched on the edge of the
Opera House stage he gazed round and in his softly spoken voice said: "It's quite burlesque here. I'm really looking forward to this and performing solo."
As for the support act he said: "I'm looking for a bit of variety - something with a bit of spark - something different."
He said he would consider any kind of variety act: "I'm a massive Tony Hancock fan - he grew up here. I've got a comedian and a few surprises - maybe I need some burlesque rock."
So was this move to give an aspiring act a break an effort to clean up his public image?
"I'd have to go a bit better than this to change the Pete Doherty caricature, which is not the real me. My name's Peter for a start. If people read these things in the tabloid press God bless and help them."
Had he any plans for the year ahead other than working on recording his solo album?
"Yes, to have my own column in the Daily Echo I used to deliver local papers so that's a start!"
Those interested in supporting Pete Doherty should contact the
Opera House or email, sending details of their MySpace pages or websites, or to send mp3 recordings of their music.

(A few beautiful photos of Tuesday's event can be seen here).

Dirty Pretty Things have added more Irish dates to their Autumn tour.
Here's the updated list:
22 Concorde 2, Brighton
27 Middlesbrough Arena

04 ABC, Glasgow
05 Old Picture House, Edinburgh
07 Academy 2, Manchester
08 Metropolitan University, Leeds
09 Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
11 Keele University, Newcastle
12 The Junction, Cambridge
13 UEA, Norwich
14 Roundhouse, London
16 Carling Academy, Oxford
18 Guildhall, Southampton
23 Hertfordshire University

02 Belfast Mandela Hall
03 Dublin Academy
05 Cork Cyprus Avenue
06 Wicklow Greystones Theatre
07 Galway Roisin Dubh

For more info go to DPT's official site.


Good news for Moonfest ticket holders

From Wiltshire Times:
"THE organiser of Moonfest has confirmed that Pete Doherty will play a free solo gig for Moonfest ticket holders to make up for the disappointment of the festival's cancellation.
Moonfest, which was due to take place at Storridge Farm near Westbury over the weekend of August 29, was cancelled when police won a court order at Chippenham Magistrates Court on August 18 after they expressed concerns over the lack of security at the site.
But it has been announced that bad boy rocker Pete Doherty will play a free gig at the Brixton Academy in London for all of those fans who bought weekend for Friday tickets to the festival.
Another huge' name is also expected to be on the bill.
Organiser of Moonfest, John Green, said: "I've spoken to Pete today (Wednesday) and we're looking at putting the gig on at the Brixton Academy in London.
"On the same bill will also be a very special artist - a huge name. But I am waiting for conformation so, at the moment, I won't give any names.
"We are trying to arrange a date at the moment, I think it will be in the next six weeks but we need to tie it in with the venue and with Pete."
A party was held for nearly a thousand people at Storridge Farm on Saturday night to thank all the organisers and supporters of the failed festival.
Mr Green is confident that Moonfest 2009 will go ahead after he said police were impressed with the organisation of the party.
He said: "The police were over the moon with what we did. We will be entering into negotiations with the police to ensure any concerns over security are quashed and I think we demonstrated on Saturday that we know how to run a peaceful event.
"It was absolutely amazing party. We had just under a thousand people there and there was no trouble what so ever.
"There were eight unsigned bands playing as well as Justin Hawkin's new band Hot Leg who played an hour and a half set.
"Under the circumstances it was an overwhelming success and on the strength of its success we will definitely be running Moonfest 2009."
Mr Green also confirmed that anyone who bought tickets for Moonfest 2008 would get in for free to Moonfest 2009".
No gigs are announced this week, on both fronts. But if I happened to hang around the lovely Brighton I would pop up at the Joogleberry Playhouse tonight (remember?).
Pete Doherty at The Ritz, Manchester, Friday 3 October (buy tickets)
Dirty Pretty Things at The Academy, Dublin, Monday 3 November (buy tickets)
Dirty Pretty Things at the Róisín Dubh, Galway, Friday 7 November (tickets soon here)


Sunday tips

Pete's on the Sunday Mail talking about his household, his dad, his son, his ex n. 1 (Moss) and his ex n. 2 (Barat). The interview is quite entertaining though (and the piccies spectacular).

The DPT + Charlatans televised collaboration in on youtube now. As much as I think Burgess is a burnt out character (and his hairdresser is mad) this time he and Carlos managed to do a funny thing.

Frankly I'm much more interested in Carl collaborating with Jon McClure and Kieran Leonard at the moment. The threesome played together a surprise gig at the Hideaway club on Wednseday night and Linguist Wannabee took some beautiful photos (here). I hope Carl has finally found the right direction.


Peter speaks to MTV News

MTV News caught up with Pete Doherty in the early hours of this morning at the Rhythm Factory venue in Whitechapel and spoke exclusively about the media claims that he nearly died earlier in the week due to an overdose.
Pete played a completely acoustic show for his fans and was supported by friends, The Thirst.
After the gig Pete left the stage to speak to MTV News and tackle those recent claims.
On the claim by the media that Pete nearly died earlier in the week due to an overdose...
Pete Doherty: 'I know that was absolute rubbish, I was in Austria, I mean between me and you like, it would’ve been lovely to have enough stuff but there was nothing about, to be honest it was a really clean week and it was complete rubbish.'
On how his solo album is coming along and how he needs money…
Pete Doherty: 'Unfortunately, the bailiff’s have been knocking quite a lot so I’ve got to do (shows) like, I’ve got to go back on in a minute and do the encore for things like this, but that’ what I’m doing really, writing and recording on my own but I’m doing some stuff with Babyshambles as well.'
On why he’s chosen to release a solo album and when he wants to release it…
Pete Doherty 'In the past everything I’ve done on my own I’ve just recorded on my own and stuck it on the internet for nothing and this time I’m going to hold it back for a bit and then put it on an album rather than just give it away… bailiffs and that. Hopefully by Christmas everything will be wrapped, recorded and mastered.'
On the media hounding him…
Pete Doherty 'To be honest where I am at the moment, I’m slap bang in the middle of a forest and they don’t really trouble me to be honest, they’re not really about.'
On why he’s collaborated with band, The Thirst, on his forthcoming solo album…
Pete Doherty 'They’re f***ing dynamite, they’re young, full of beans, quality lyrics, they play guitars like b****ds… and they’re like a proper little gang, as well I noticed, meeting them offstage they’re quite moody and hard to talk to, like a little closed camp and I like it, it’s how bands should be, dangerous.'
On wanting to work with UK rapper Klashnekoff…
Pete Doherty 'Been trying to but we keep turning up at different times, but it will happen hopefully. I love that line about swinging like McGuigan, I love that bit. From the manor where man is animal, selling flammable rocks, specialise in handling cops. Lambing you like fox.'
After the interview, Pete returned for his encore.
(Interview by Dael Poulter)

King of the Wild Frontier

Is Carlos taking his new Adam Ant obsession too far? It looks like that, at least judging by this photo, taken last night outside Mark Ronson's birthday party. Should I get worried?...


This is just to remind you to tune on Channel Four tonight at 23:50. Transmission is showing Carl Barat and the Charlatans' Tim Burgess doing their best Antmusic bits.

"so unplug the jukebox
and do us all a favour
that music's lost its taste
so try another flavour"

(ahem not directed at anybody - *looks innocent*)


Mongrel cancel dates

Mongrel, the supergroup featuring members of Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Reverend And The Makers, have cancelled all previously scheduled live dates. The band had previously been set to play at the London Scala (November 5), the Sheffield Academy (9) and the Dublin Academy (11). In a statement the band said they plan to reschedule the shows soon. Mongrel have, however, revealed that they will release their debut album, 'Better Than Heavy', on October 22. In a statement band leader Jon 'The Reverend' McClure said that the gig cancellations were the result of scheduling conflicts between band members. He added: "The thing that makes this project so amazing is also the thing that at this moment and time is preventing us from making these shows happen. "The people involved in this project are some of my best friends, they are also in some of the busiest bands in this country. Including myself." Mongrel is comprised of Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders, his former bandmate Andy Nicholson, Babyshambles' Drew McConnell, Reverend And The Makers' Jon McClure and Joe Moskow and rapper Lowkey. See next week's NME, out September 10, for an exclusive in-the-studio report from the band about their album.

Rhythm Factory night 2

The Good Old Days
Don't look back into the sun
Can't stand me now

Can't Stand Me Now - Death on the Stairs - Music when the Lights Go Out - Last Post Flophouse - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - Back from the Dead - Carry on up the morning - Albion - East of Eden - Jeanne (Smiths) - Good Old Days - Do You Know Me - Man Who would be King - There She Goes (rudely interupted) - What a Waster - All At Sea - Son of a Gun (La's)
Guy Eppel has put up more photos from the first night, you can see them here.
Another top show tonight! Stay tuned!


Civilised interviews

We've all seen that funny (?) thing from Holland right? Well I'm glad not all TV assholes are concentrated in Italy and UK. We've even got a transcription of the interview, thanks to Daisy100:

Interviewer: Are you civilised?
Pete: Yeah, I'm civilised. I believe in keeping the streets clean of litter... and stuff like that.
I: OK. Do you clean up behind your bum? You leave nothing behind is what I mean
P: Do I clean up behind my bum? How old are you?
I: 20
P: And you're presenting your own TV show?
I: Yeah, it's what I do.
P: That's great.
I: You like it?
P: You should be proud of yourself.
I: I'm kind of proud.
P: Are your parents proud?
I: My parents are proud, my mum is really proud... because I'm kind of civilised.
P: Because you're cute and your mum loves you.
I: My mum loves me a lot.
P: Are you Dutch born and bred?
I: I'm Dutch born and bred, I was born in the South of Holland.
P: I lived near Venlo. I lived in Krefeld.
I: Do you know ?????
P: No. You're doing well for 20, man.
I: Have you been to Amsterdam? P: Yeah! I love Amsterdam, man.
I: I'm going to live in Amsterdam next year. If you want, you can come over and we can smoke joints together?
P: (laughs) Yeah? Alright. (Pete puts microphone down so camera can't pick up what he says)
I: I will stay away. So you were just saying I should stay away from drugs, or what?
P: Well... stay away from crack, isn't it.
I: No crack. Alright guys, one last question. Are you enjoying yourself at the moment?
P: Yeah. Are you gay?
I: No, I'm not gay. Are you?
P: No, I'm not. But if I was...

OK, there's a more civilised interview here with The Ficek, for BBC Berkshire. The sweet Adam can also be seen on youtube in a 50 sec video from last night's gig. Pity that people were being noisy as fuck.

Mongrel, the supergroup featuring Drusillo and Jon McClure, are in the new NME issue out today, on the set of the video for their upcoming track "The Menace" (see pic on the right).

One more thing, since Peter has been mostly going solo lately, and Carl seems to be willing to do so as well (at least sometimes), I have added two new tags for my posts, that is "Peter news" and "Carl news", which are joining the old "Babyshambles news" and "DPT news".

New Glastonbury movie to premiere next week

Carlos at Glastos

Carl Barat and The Reverend both feature in the film.


A new Glastonbury movie is set to premiere in Brighton on Monday (September 8) at the Joogleberry Playhouse. 'Glastonbury Left Field 2008 – The Movie' documents the action from the festival's trade union-powered tent, Left Field, now the festival's biggest covered stage. The film features live footage from artists including British Sea Power, The Automatic, Carl Barat, Reverend And The Makers, Alabama 3 and Billy Bragg alongside footage of the field's campaigning activity.Causes supported by the stage include Rock Against Racism, Miscarriages Of Justice, Anti Slavery International and Jail Guitar Doors. Monday's premiere will feature a DJ performance from legendary Clash collaborator Don Letts, as well as, according to organisers, some surprise live sets from acts who supported this year's Left Field.

Rhythm Factory n. 1

It’s not easy to find a decent review of last night’s gig this morning. Too many “Doherty died” and “Doherty’s heart stopped” sensationalisms in the redtops (and not only). But after all, that’s Peter, and this is England.
By the way, I’m happy to say that Peter hasn’t “died” at all and last night he played a good show, albeit turning up very late once again. “Pete got there pretty late” says Powermonkey “so we got a support slot / fag break from the Wasster [that’s Alan Wass of course], and then lo and behold young Mr Ficek comes ambling along to strum a tune or two. The crowd, in the main, didn't give a toss and yakked on, bar the occasional shout along the lines of 'Where's PEter????!111111' and so forth. Anyhoo, Peter seemed on good form, singing very well. He busted out Radio America, which was rather nice”.
I thought Peter was ace last night” says Anna Karenina “despite the fact he looked knackered - felt bad for the people that had turned up expecting to see him on stage at 9pm, I think lots had left by the time he came on. The bloody door men wouldn't let us leave and nick off up the Lane for some drinks, so sitting around in the RF for 4 hours was just a bore. Alan Wass just gets creepier every time I see him. Adam was the star of the night for me, I thought he was very brave to hold the fort with a crowd that were clearly getting antsy - Pete was billed as coming on at 11.30pm, so by 12.30am and still no sign of him, well... its just tedious especially when you can't get battered cos it's a school night! I spied some cronies in the bar, The General seemed to be having some kind of agro with the doormen, Paul, sorry PROFESSOR, Ro was skulking about and that Matilda girl was there too - totally wasted and with mascara smudged all over her face!”.
The photo above is by the legendary Guy Eppel. No videos yet. Later!


Peter plans new solo gigs

NOTORIOUS rocker Pete Doherty has announced a rare solo show on Teesside. The Babyshambles frontman and former Libertine will play an intimate one-man gig at Middlesbrough Town Hall on Thursday, September 25. The singer played a similar concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in July which sold out 20 minutes after tickets had gone on sale. Doherty is now taking the one-man show out on the road to a selected number of towns and cities across the UK - including Middlesbrough. Promoter James Beck, said: “I’m very chuffed to bring Pete to Teesside, especially in a show like this. The Albert Hall show was amazing and very intimate and he promises to make this one just as special.” Doherty was last in Middlesbrough with his band Babyshambles in December 2006 for a show also at the Town Hall. The venue’s manager, Pat Fysh, said: “The show in 2006 sold-out quickly and was a great night for everyone who attended. “We look forward to seeing him back at the venue and hearing his solo show. I’m sure it will be just as successful.” Controversy has always followed Doherty since his rise to fame with The Libertines. The former boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss has repeatedly found himself in the news for drug offences. Most recently he spent 29 days in Wormwood Scrubs prison in London for breaching his probation and was released on May 6, but his numerous shows on Teesside over the years have always passed without incident. Tickets priced £17 go on sale tomorrow from Middlesbrough Town Hall box office on 01642 729729. A full preview of this show will be featured in Friday’s What’s On guide.
ROCK 'n' Roll rebel Pete Doherty will return to the city next month for a special solo performance. Doherty's set at the Kasbah club, formerly known as The Colosseum, in Primrose Hill Street, Hillfields, takes place on Friday, September 26, from 7pm. It will be the first time in five years since he has performed at the newly refurbished venue and last since played there with Babyshambles which sold out in a matter of days. Doherty was brought up in the Bedworth area and attended the town's Nicholas Chamberlaine Comprehensive School, where he achieved 5 A* GCSE grades before moving to London with his grandmother. His live show will consist of his own solo work and tracks from Libertines, Babyshambles. Tickets are £20 and available from
Pete Doherty, Mark Ronson and The View are among the artists set to play a gig at the London Matter venue on October 11. Mystery Jets, New Young Pony Club, Friendly Fires, Lethal Bizzle, These New Puritans and The Teenagers will also perform. The gig is dubbed xXx – The Creative Experiment, and is organised by clothes company Diesel. Organisers say that the night will feature many collaborations, and that the full line-up, when announced, will feature 30 artists. Matter is a new venue on the O2 Arena site. Tickets go on sale on Thursday (September 4).


The last festival of the season?

Photo by L-isforLila

Well it looks like that. I'm talking of the De Beshaving Festival in Holland, where Babyshambles played on Saturday night.

The Shambles jammed with Adam Green, Soko and Gary Jarman.

We have photos.
The setlist: Carry On Up The Morning, Fuck Forever, UnstookieTitled, Sedative, All At Sea, Killamangiro, I Wish, Beg Steal Or Borrow, Twist And Shout (w/friends), Man Who Came To Stay, Albion, Side Of The Road, Pipedown, Delivery, Baddies Boogie, UnBiloTitled.
And a few videos:


Another busy week!

Tuesday 2 September: RHYTHM FACTORY presents: PETER DOHERTY solo set+ LASKY + SABATTA + REMODEL + GILLAN EDGAR 8pm - late - tickets £20 available from ticketweb / 08700 600 100 and from the venue.

Wednesday 3 September: RHYTHM FACTORY presents: PETER DOHERTY solo set+ ELECTRICITY COMES FROM OTHER PLANETS+ CORPORAL MACHINE AND THE BOMBERS+ BO PEPPER + RED ROOTS + ORPHAN BOY 8pm - late - tickets £20 available from ticketweb / 08700 600 100 and from the venue.

Thursday 4 September: RHYTHM FACTORY presents: PETER DOHERTY solo set+ SEMAPHORE + THE PATIO SET + RED ROOTS + ROSIE ODDIE AND THE ODD SQUAD 8pm - late - tickets £20 available from ticketweb / 08700 600 100 and from the venue.

The DIRTY PRETTY THINGS gig at The Scala on Tuesday night has been CANCELLED.