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John Hassall: my favourite records

From a bizarre German blog... here we go, with some curious stuff!

* Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?
Sex pistols - Holidays in the SunThe Clash - Spanish BombsThe Stranglers - Something Better Change
* The La’s, The Stone Roses or The Coral - which one do you prefer and why?
The La’s, I think the other two bands are really good but for me the La’s are outstanding… they had great songs and a great sound.
* A record that will make you dance?
Anything by the Jackson Five
* Your favourite song by The Byrds?
Mr Spaceman
* What was the best and what was the first gig you’ve ever attended?
The first gig was my friend’s brother’s band called Captain Aquarius…. I remember being terribly in awe of these older and worldly boys. They probably weren’t that good but the fact that they were out there playing music was so impressive. the best gig i’ve been to was Matthew Herbert and his big band at the tokyo liquid rooms. He’s got an interesting sound, backed up by good songs and his singer Danni Siciliano is great.
* Your favourite song by Peter Doherty?
the one about rabbit holes
(Anm.: “Through The Looking Glass” dann wohl…)
* The worst record you bought last year?
Bach Greatest Hits
* Which song reminds you on London?
Anything from Abbey Road.
* The best song this year so far?
Tired of England - Dirty Pretty Things
….. it’s a bit nationalistic but it’s the only decent chorus that i’ve heard!
* The best “new” band right now?
Jessica Grace
* Your favourite german song/record?
Beethoven’s Ninth
* Your favourite record of all time?
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper

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