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Civilised interviews

We've all seen that funny (?) thing from Holland right? Well I'm glad not all TV assholes are concentrated in Italy and UK. We've even got a transcription of the interview, thanks to Daisy100:

Interviewer: Are you civilised?
Pete: Yeah, I'm civilised. I believe in keeping the streets clean of litter... and stuff like that.
I: OK. Do you clean up behind your bum? You leave nothing behind is what I mean
P: Do I clean up behind my bum? How old are you?
I: 20
P: And you're presenting your own TV show?
I: Yeah, it's what I do.
P: That's great.
I: You like it?
P: You should be proud of yourself.
I: I'm kind of proud.
P: Are your parents proud?
I: My parents are proud, my mum is really proud... because I'm kind of civilised.
P: Because you're cute and your mum loves you.
I: My mum loves me a lot.
P: Are you Dutch born and bred?
I: I'm Dutch born and bred, I was born in the South of Holland.
P: I lived near Venlo. I lived in Krefeld.
I: Do you know ?????
P: No. You're doing well for 20, man.
I: Have you been to Amsterdam? P: Yeah! I love Amsterdam, man.
I: I'm going to live in Amsterdam next year. If you want, you can come over and we can smoke joints together?
P: (laughs) Yeah? Alright. (Pete puts microphone down so camera can't pick up what he says)
I: I will stay away. So you were just saying I should stay away from drugs, or what?
P: Well... stay away from crack, isn't it.
I: No crack. Alright guys, one last question. Are you enjoying yourself at the moment?
P: Yeah. Are you gay?
I: No, I'm not gay. Are you?
P: No, I'm not. But if I was...

OK, there's a more civilised interview here with The Ficek, for BBC Berkshire. The sweet Adam can also be seen on youtube in a 50 sec video from last night's gig. Pity that people were being noisy as fuck.

Mongrel, the supergroup featuring Drusillo and Jon McClure, are in the new NME issue out today, on the set of the video for their upcoming track "The Menace" (see pic on the right).

One more thing, since Peter has been mostly going solo lately, and Carl seems to be willing to do so as well (at least sometimes), I have added two new tags for my posts, that is "Peter news" and "Carl news", which are joining the old "Babyshambles news" and "DPT news".

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