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More from last night

The organisers of the event ( have put the news up:

The former Libertines put differences behind them and take to the stage in Camden…..
The shock reunion happened at The Prince of Wales pub in Camden, North London, where Pete Doherty was performing as part of a fashion show for rock & roll designer-label Gio-Goi.
As he neared the end of his 45 minute set, Pete’s attention was drawn to a commotion at the door, the next thing he knew his old mate Carl Barat was being rushed through the crowd and on to stage. After an embrace and a scramble for an extra guitar the pair broke into song.
Surrounded by screaming fans and models, they played several tracks including ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’, ‘Time For Heroes’ and an ironic cover of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ - showing glimpses of the old chemistry and whispering to each other between songs.
Backstage afterwards - joined by Gio-Goi supremoes Anthony & Chris Donnelly - the pair spoke exclusively to MTV News about their plans for the future. Carl motioned to a new cryptic tattoo on his forearm: “look I’ve got it here, ‘let’s put our futures behind us’, I thought that was pretty clever”. Pete replied: “Mmmnn. A bit complicated though.”. The pair then broke into song “Together again, just like the old days…..”
Confusing as always, but watch this space……..

The event was also commented by XFM, Gigwise, and the NME.

As for myself... despite the various claims by the naysayers, mainly some snotty losers on .org, or some desperate DPT buffs still clinging to their 2006 memories, a Peter & Carl “get together” is still something that can make my brain melt (OK?). And there aren’t many things that make my brain melt in these days, certainly not Last Shadow Puppets, certainly not Courteeners, AND CERTAINLY NOT GLASVEGAS.

Please don't put your life in the hands of a rock'n'roll band...


Janeev said...

Just thought I'd ask if you realise that in English, if something makes your Blood Boil, it means you hate it and it pisses you off?

H said...

blood boil in a good way right

EZ said...

I stand corrected!