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Sunday shenanigans...

... waiting for the footie.

Setlist of Peter's gig at the Kasbah club in Coventry (Friday night -apparently the gig was spoiled by people throwing missiles):
1.Intro 2.What Katie Did 3.Dilly Boys 4.1939 Returning 5.The Whole World Is Our Playground 6.Albion 7.There She Goes (A Little Heartache) 8.Kilamangiro 9.Tell The King 10.At The Flophouse 11.Don’t Look Back Into The Sun 12.Smashing 13.Hooligans on E 14.Can’t Stand Me Now 15.East Of Eden 16.New Love Grows On Trees 17.Music When The Lights Go Out 18.Intro to 2nd set 19.Time For Heroes 20.For Lovers 21.Beg Steal and Borrow 22.UnBiloTitled 23.I Wish 24.Fuck Forever 25.Outro.
Pontiacb did a great job recording the gig (here).

Inthephotobooth takes us to a Libertines tour on Flickr.

Carlos fears his acting debut will be "diabolical" (here).

DPT played in Middlesbrough last night but we haven't any setlist yet.

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