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Rhythm Factory n. 1

It’s not easy to find a decent review of last night’s gig this morning. Too many “Doherty died” and “Doherty’s heart stopped” sensationalisms in the redtops (and not only). But after all, that’s Peter, and this is England.
By the way, I’m happy to say that Peter hasn’t “died” at all and last night he played a good show, albeit turning up very late once again. “Pete got there pretty late” says Powermonkey “so we got a support slot / fag break from the Wasster [that’s Alan Wass of course], and then lo and behold young Mr Ficek comes ambling along to strum a tune or two. The crowd, in the main, didn't give a toss and yakked on, bar the occasional shout along the lines of 'Where's PEter????!111111' and so forth. Anyhoo, Peter seemed on good form, singing very well. He busted out Radio America, which was rather nice”.
I thought Peter was ace last night” says Anna Karenina “despite the fact he looked knackered - felt bad for the people that had turned up expecting to see him on stage at 9pm, I think lots had left by the time he came on. The bloody door men wouldn't let us leave and nick off up the Lane for some drinks, so sitting around in the RF for 4 hours was just a bore. Alan Wass just gets creepier every time I see him. Adam was the star of the night for me, I thought he was very brave to hold the fort with a crowd that were clearly getting antsy - Pete was billed as coming on at 11.30pm, so by 12.30am and still no sign of him, well... its just tedious especially when you can't get battered cos it's a school night! I spied some cronies in the bar, The General seemed to be having some kind of agro with the doormen, Paul, sorry PROFESSOR, Ro was skulking about and that Matilda girl was there too - totally wasted and with mascara smudged all over her face!”.
The photo above is by the legendary Guy Eppel. No videos yet. Later!

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