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Ho ho ho part 2

There you go.


Ho Ho Ho

The Libertines 2003 part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.


Dirty South round-up

Setlist by Ollie 90:
gang of gin - babyshambles - 8 dead boys - loyalty song - the man who came to stay - up the morning - janie jones - the blinding - why did you break my heart/piracy - la belle et la bete - clementine - do you know me - black boy lane - encore: love will tear us apart - there is a light that never goes out - comfortably numb

Fuck Forever
You Talk

Baddies Boogie

Peter is to play an intimate gig at Camden venue The Blues Kitchen on December 28.
Doherty, who has been bailed until January following an arrest for heroin possession at Gloucester Crown Court on December 21, will play the show with tickets being sold on a first come first served basis. Doors for the venue open at 7pm (GMT) and all tickets for the gig are to be sold on the door.



Quick update


Pete Doherty has been charged with possession of heroin after being arrested just moments after a court appearance yesterday (December 21).
The Babyshambles frontman avoided jail for a driving office, but was then re-arrested by police for possessing a controlled substance.
A spokes person for the Gloucestershire Constabulary has since confirmed to NME.COM that Doherty has been charged again.
"The 30-year-old from Wiltshire who was arrested in Gloucester yesterday has been charged with possession of heroin and has been bailed to appear at Gloucester Magistrates court in January 2010," they explained.
Meanwhile, Babyshambles have announced a last minute gig in London tonight (December 22).
So it wasn't crystal meth, it was pure and simple good old smack. I guess the implant is off then. Whatever. I think we've given too much importance to this... heroic feat, even if I found it hilarious.
What counts is that tonight's gig is on. I'm not in but for those who go, please have fun!


Peter, po caridari!

(expression in my original lingo to be understood only by Anto Dust and circa other 300.000 people)
Anyway, the last piece of news is that today Peter totally outdid himself and went to the Crown Court in Gloucester (where he had to be sentenced for the famous drunk driving of last summer) proudly carrying a packet of crystal meth in his coat pocket. The packet was soon found by the cops as soon as the likely lad arrived at the court and checked in at the security desk. I guess he's still in custody.
The only thing I can say about this is... that I nearly killed myself laughing.
Here we are. I'm starting to laugh again.

Last gigs in town

So, back home for Christmas and waiting to cross the pond in the new year... but that's another story. Left the snow behind me, and also the RATM vs X-Factor battle (oh what shall we do to sell more records next time). And the Babyshambles tour has come to a halt after a frenzy week. Today it's court day. Bugger. We'll talk about it later.

For now, enjoy:
a good review of the Birmingham gig (here)
another very good review with videos of the same gig (here)
slide show from Southampton
setlist from last night's gig in Nottingham (thanks to Casterplast, who described the gig as "the best i have seen Babyshambles yet!")
I wish
There She Goes (ALH)
Carry On Up The Morning
What Katie Did
Back From The Dead
Baddie's Boogie
Side Of The Road
Stranger In My Own Skin
Native At The Gates Of Rome
I Wanna Be Adored
Time For Heroes
Beg, Steal Or Borrow
Fuck Forever


Chrimbo romp at The Dirty South

Babybear writes to FDW:
Xmas Beano on 22nd Dec, The Dirty South.
Babyshambles and Krakatoa.
Ho Ho Ho!
Or alternatively .....

Tickets here