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Waiting for the great leap forward

Let's look at some scattered news:

Babshambles played at the Liverpool O2 Academy last night. We have one video (the other one was too sci-fi for my taste):
Delivery (get seasick!)
Adam Ant (FDW) wrote: "jus got back. shambles certainly lived up to their name tonight, pete was a fuckin mess- fallin over,throwin mics etc. Drew looked so pissed and think he tried to stop it early at one point but pete wasnt havin it. personally i had a great time, reminded me of the old shambles so gd in that respect yet i still feel for the boys trying to make them a credible musical force, it will always be the pete doherty show when hes like this".

Drusillo will participate to an event scheduled at the Flowerpot in Kentish Town on 22 December, to mark the seventh anniversary of the death of Joe Strummer. The line up so far includes Sam Duckworth (Get Cape Wear Cape Fly!), Drew McConnell (Babyshambles and Helsinki), Ray Gange (star of Rude Boy) on the decks and the Guvnor's of Punk - Night of Treason playing the Clash classics with their customary very special guests. There will also be special showings of the Jail Guitar Doors movie, Breaking Rocks, and clips from the documentary The Last Night London Burned with unique footage of Joe's last ever London gig at Acton for the firefighters where he was reunited with Mick Jones. If you're in London, don't miss it!

If you care about Carl Barat's acting career (I'm being serious!) you will know his stage partner Miss Frost has just "started rehearsing with carl B" (from her Twitter page). To this point you have taken us, Carlos. How will I ever forgive you?


claudia said...

Ciao,il video di BreckRoadLover (a parte essere girato nel futuro,lol) รจ stato caricato 4 mesi fa,quindi suppongo sia del 2008.. x

EZ said...

allora lo elimino, grazie.

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