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Shambles in Cardiff and DPT reunion

photo by Steve Burnett

Shambolic gig in Cardiff last night, during which Babyshambles had to play together with the fire alarm. Steve Burnett was there and, beside taking fantastic pictures, he wrote in his blog:

You always know that an evening spent with Pete Doherty isn't going to be routine and tonight was no exception. Due onstage at 9pm the band fail to show and instead an unnanounced third support act, some long haired herbert, ambles on to play some aimless acoustic numbers for 20 minutes. He departs and Pete immediately appears, looking like death cooled down he signs a few autographs and then promptly disappears again for another 30 minutes. The increasingly restless crowd begin to get lairy and it is a huge relief when Babyshambles finally arrive, albeit about an hour late.
Having shot Doherty before I know that it isn't going to be much fun in the pit and, fearing for the safety of my cameras, I pray that they don't play any hits in the first three songs. Typically, they kick off with their biggest hit 'Killamangiro' and, right on cue, a monsoon of warm lager cascades over the band. That's the least of our worries though because the support band's free 7" singles are also being used as potentially deadly missiles. It's easy to criticise security at gigs for being heavy handed but the guys here tonight have to put up with absolute bloody murder. The are constantly drenched in beer and stand there and take it, carefully helping fans out over the barrier despite the bestial provocation from a minority of neanderthals in the audience. I doff my beer soaked cap to them.
Never mind the bouncers though as Pete is visibily not amused either, flicking the v's to the crowd with evident venom. The band struggle on through 'Beg, Steal or Borrow' and gradually the beer showers clear up allowing Babyshambles to finally hit their stride. As they begin the third song, however, something is clearly amiss and after many long, meaningful glances offstage the band suddenly drop their instruments and make a mad dash for the exit, with Pete rivalling Usain Bolt over 100metres.
This time it seems as though it isn't Pete's fault. Some clown has set off a fire alarm. Game over. Apparently the gig eventually resumes but it's too little too late".
Angerjas (FDW) wrote: "first three songs were: killamangiro, beg steal and borrow, baddie's boogie, then everybody was thrown out and when we were let back in, they carried on where they left off during baddie's boogie then they played pipedown, side of the road, you talk, fuck forever, delivery, there she goes, sedative, i wish, ocean or natives.., carry on up the morning, psycho killer, hooligans on e, unbilotitled, back from the dead, stranger in my own skin, albion. then it ended with a fucking awesome fuck forever encore again. those were the songs but i probably got the order they were in very wrong".

Meanwhile we had quite a funny night at The Tabernacle bar Friday night when we witnessed a curious Dirty Pretty Things reunion one year after the band's official breakup. Rumours had been rife throughout the evening of course but they verged more on the Libertines-side than DPT (why is Kieran Leonard supporting Babyshambles when he's promoting a record produced by Carl? how come Shambles' tour has a day off today? Isn't that Babybear over there? (it wasn't)". Well, everything cleared out when we saw Didz, Anthony and a very sick Gary doing a ragged soundcheck. So, instead of hearing Carl's new material we got Deadwood, Gin and Milk, Wondering, Buzzards and Crows, Bloodthirsty Bastards, Doctors and Dealers and Bang Bang You're Dead (video by Anto Dust, who played earlier).

And Carl's solo stuff? Try again, next time you'll be luckier.

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