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Berlin, 2/12

The Germans are still a bit irritated but the last gigs have received goodish reviews. This is from Morgenpost:

Berlin is not easy Munich. There, the British musician Pete Doherty had recently received boos for his appearance. Not so in Berlin. Here is applauded after the Romantics has finished the Rock n 'Roll, including Germany flag and alcohol his acoustic solo appearance in the culture brewery.
They had already thought he was now clean. At the Berlin Festival last summer, Peter Doherty surprised with punctual attendance and pleasure in their presence. In the gossip columns, the English singer emerged on the other hand, increasingly rare, since the chaotic relationship with supermodel Kate Moss has ended. Of new prison stays for drug escapades, nothing has been reported. On top of surprised to be released in the spring solo album "Grace / Wastelands" with a more mature artistic expression.
But now this! Doherty voted last weekend at a gig in Munich, Germany, the first line of the song and took it far beyond the borders of the Bavarian capital, also for outrage.
Through its recent misstep that was already long ago announced a solo acoustic concert in the boiler house of Kulturbrauerei even more interesting. On the morning of the first day, the competent agency reported that no cards were having. Once again, therefore, had confirmed that affronts and controversy to boost the business wonderfully.

And so that too for a while that way, does the singer also in Prenzlauer Berg is anything but tasteless. Before he ascends the stairs to the stage, he announces his coming from below with the fronds of a Germany flag, which he then puts on his guitar amplifier.
In addition, alcoholic beverages are plentiful, for nothing is the singer a greater abomination than the thought of an impending hangovers. He mumbles and attacked varies a bit, the voice seems bad. Doherty sounds like one who sings behind the next, and Bechert, although the landlord had closed the pub doors already and only have guests that are already part of the inventory.
Basically, one has expected nothing else. Doherty is among the young musicians of the last true romantics of Rock 'n' roll, his tendency to blunder makes him seem authentic. Of course, he has also written a few songs, in which there is a certain something. In "What a Waster" puts both the rebellion of the Clash as well as the sensitivity of the Smiths. With "Down In The Tube Station At Midnight", he thanked another hero, the group The Jam. Finally, of course, can not praise the missing Albion, the ancient name for England and the British Isles.
Doherty has never made any secret of the fact that it sees itself as a pop-patriot. Not even the flag of Germany does not change, which he shortly before midnight, along with the many drinks resumes backstage. In Munich he earned boos in Berlin, but he received for his eccentric sympathetic imagination much applause.

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