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Peter + Lee?

From The Liverpool Echo:

HE’S known as something of a mysterious maverick in the music world, but it seems former La’s frontman Lee Mavers could be about to take a much talked about step back into the spotlight.
Only this time it won’t necessarily be with his old Scouse bandmates, but with a new partner ... Pete Doherty.
Insider’s spies report seeing the pair keeping each other’s company quite regularly and that’s prompted speculation that they could be working together on a new project.
Mavers penned the famous La’s anthem There She Goes but then disappeared almost without trace after the band split in 1992, until they got back together to play Glastonbury in 2005.
There were rumours of a highly belated follow-up to the one and only La’s album towards the end of last year, but nothing appeared.
But Mavers was spotted in the crowd watching Babyshambles at the O2 Academy on Monday, and it’s not the first time he’s been seen with Kate Moss’ ex.
He made a surprise appearance in Birmingham in March this year, joining Doherty on stage to play La’s classics Son of a Gun and There She Goes.
Our source says: “Pete and Lee have been spotted together on Bold Street and in the Albert on Lark Lane, so hopefully they’re recording in the Motor Museum together.”


Rory said...

I remember in a not too old interview Lee Mavers said that he would like Babyshambles to contribute to his new album, if he were to record one. Lee was also haging around with Carlos (and Jon McClure) not so long ago for something, some musical forum/discussion thing cant remember the name of it. Anyway a Pete and Lee collabaration would be awsome!

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