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Review of the Two-Day Doherty

While both Stockholm and Malmo gigs have been pulled allegedly due to "passport loss" (my ass) or alternatively "sickness" (my asser), Peter went to MTV Germany last night and appeared in a show called "MTV Home" with Klaas and JOKO, performing his "opium and tea" song (thanks to Sister Ray for the info).
Meanwhile, there's an interesting review (with videos) of the German dates here, for which you're granted my usual dodgy google translation:

by Christian Ihle

So much was read into Doherty's Munich gig and the expression of those four words were scandalized, and unleashed a blitzkrieg in a teapot, it probably is inevitable that Doherty's last tour appearance in this country ended with the fronds of a flag of Germany. But more on that later.
Next: one is a little bit familiar with Doherty and his environment, so the two most commonly cited reasons for "Germany Germany contribute about everything" rather absurd. Doherty sang that neither a "Nazi anthem" nor a "Hymn to Hitler" - as newspapers said - as Mr Erk in the well yet most intelligent articles on the whole Chose beautifully presented. That it furthermore includes a certain absurdity in the argument, he implicitly Doherty vorzuwerden was) a) or b wanted the Nazis to claim omnipotence, the desire for world domination of the Germans sing affirmatively (which would be a context that would make those four words really inexcusable) should be clear to everyone with a small reflection.
The fact that Doherty is controlled to produce beautiful a minor scandals of the tour, when you have a vague knowledge of the Doherty-"management" and its Betreung (unfortunately) also deny. Throughout the rich history of events Doherty was not a single target provoked scandal there. The sad truth is much more: the man is a junkie, his entire self-chosen environment over the years as in league with drugs. Some have apparently made the jump (Carl Barat - sang about Pete "You gave me my first pipe anyway"), Others are on the London scene as crack and heroin dealer known (former (?) Manager, for example), not to mention the fellow musicians altogether. This, I fear that even a somewhat well-read and interested people like Doherty, the sensitivities and changes in the German national anthem are not known in depth, as we assume that in this country - perhaps speaking from the presupposition that knowledge and the somewhat unpleasant subtext that it everyone would be interested so much for Germany in order to know those sensitivities. The fact that Germany is still very navel of the world. I think not.
But enough about the subject of endless at this point. Eric Pfeil reported even from the Cologne concert in a way that could not be more appropriate (please read!). I attended the concert in Hamburg and Berlin to highlight its analysis. It is the very fragility, spontaneous, the desire to present themselves and their own songs completely skeletar and all the meat, all the muscles, which otherwise confer on the plates of the Libertines or Babyshambles gitarrenkrachenden the songs their force to leave out that this Appearances do so extraordinary. Basically, despite continued commercial failure Doherty is still too large to adequately present his songs to be - these songwriters, these songs, they do not belong in an airplane hangar (Berlin Festival) Or in large event space and the "evil and dangerous" in Hamburg, but in the pub next doorIn the living room of his friend.
Doherty, however, that it succeeds in drawing an unbiased audience under his spell, is neither to his guitar skills nor the Sangesperformance. Especially the latter is suffering greatly from his health problems. He croaked these days more than he sings. But precisely because he presents his songs in this openness and is not afraid, could be under attack en masse, he also shows the size of the songwriting. The fact that most of his songs just carried away even in the worst possible starting point and touch a nerve, as could almost any other songwriter from the island over the past ten years.
Doherty's concert is always wonderful in the arbitrariness of the setlist. He did not present his new album, but played out on your mood (and audience wishes) by his immense back catalog. How many great songs he has written already, it is noticeable when he can leave in Hamburg, for example, "Time For Heroes," "Albion" and "Killamangiro" - three of his best songs - or indeed even in the Berlin boiler house to "Fuck Forever" a large consensus on the song he has written up to now (and unfortunately also extended his fan base to a sometimes awkward corner) had waived. To be b-sides from old-time Libertines (Mockinbird "in Hamburg) as well as album tracks (" The Good Old Days ", Berlin and Hamburg) played or even taken old unreleased demos from the closet with the Libertines uniforms. The latter used Doherty in Hamburg, then to persist for a beautiful Diss the Munich fans who provoked him with Kettcarrufen to "Germany above all" singing ": "The next song is for those shitty Kettcarfans a couple of days ago - Hooligans On E ...".
Was the Hamburg concert well, was the Berlin of an event. In much better shape than the day before, finally appearing without a hat, Doherty was a huge joy. But he, the tabloid hysteria surrounding his "Nazi gaffe" was recorded and Germany with a flag on the stage and spontaneously slipped into a little parody of Hitler, had this been a history of sovereignty, so we could not wait.
The setlist in Berlin was written about his own songs out yet with cover versions of "April Skies (the text on his own arm and while reading off of the song) by The Jesus & Mary Chain and" Another Girl Another Planet ", the great hymn of heroin Only Ones, also bolstered. "Delivery" as the first song showed even at an example, why in Doherty solo is the secret: (video)
While the Babyshambles recorded Version was of "Delivery" is a bit too Quasicover straddle the Kinks, is his solo performance as the early demo of the song and once again underlines the vulnerability out of his text ( "Oh now what use am I to anyone / I'm fucked, forlorn, frozen beneath the summer ") But also his hope for escapism, for the better world in which we love wegfeiern all the self-doubt, and can-drink ("Where all you skins and mods you get together / Make pretend it's 1969 forever / Find a girl, have a drink, have a dance and pray"). And here, in the desire for unconditional escapism staying with him a figure of thought, lies the whole problem of Peter Doherty. The boy kicked out at the world / The world kicked back a lot fucking harder now: (video)


Angela said...

Interesting, especially considering that the author features a link to an article in which the other author quotes peter's german sentences and then claims that not every one knows about those german sensitivities.

Angela said...

sorry for the bad English. I think I read to many of Westerwave's tweets...