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Rhythm Factory night 3 and NME Awards

Fantastic, fantastic night. Peter’s third gig at the Rhythm Factory was hailed as the best of the three, and once again he had everyone besotted with awe. He started quite late but played for two hours, a mix of Libertines and Babyshambles songs with some surprise as well. As much as I like Babyshambles… sorry, Mikster, Drusillo and Adamski, I love you all, but Peter alone (and I would say, unleashed) is a different story. And I’m very sorry to say so, but if things go on like this I’m afraid eventually Peter will be the only heir of the Libertines saga, and the only king in the Libertines kingdom, if there is one. There will be time to discuss this, of course…

Setlist: Last post on the bugle, Pipey Mcgraw, The ha ha wall, Baddies boogie, Vertigo, Up the bracket, What a waster, Albion, Merry go round, Dilly boys, Pipe down, My darling Clementine, The Delaney, Death on the stairs, For lovers, Hooray for the 21st century, The man who would be king, There she goes, Fuck forever.

While Peter was busy playing at the RF, his ex-bandmate Carl Barat was busy… guess what, partying. The mighty Carlos was seen with his usual tail of friends and hangerons at the NME awards ceremony, and then at the NME awards bash and then at the NME awards afterparty and then at the after-afterparty, and then at the after-after-afterparty and then at the post after-after-after-after-afterparty, which I believe is still on course. He didn’t boo at Peter winning as Hero of The Year but gave an award to McGee’s protégées Glasvegas. I think everybody saw his disasters on the telly last night so I won’t dwell on them any further. You still rock Carlos, no matter what.


Rhythm Factory night 2 and NME Awards

Thanks a lot to Eastendbestend for penning this review of last night's gig at the RF (taken straight from The Libs Daily livejournal):
"Amazing how different two shows can be. Both good, but just not the same experience at all. Which is why going to more than one night of the RF is worthwhile, I guess. Not just cause it's a buzz, but because each time it's a different show, and different feel. Last night was much bouncier, Pete was in a very up mood, and really played to the crowd - who wanted old favourites, and that's what we got. Less chatty, less laid back than Tuesday, Wednesday was a jostling, good natured, but really upbeat crowd. An approximation of the set list is... Last Post on the Bugle, Ask (Smiths), I Love You But You’re Green, What Katie Did, Unbilotitled, Time for Heroes, including the lyric change – 'fewer more distressing sights than a coked up Carlos Barat', What a Waster, Back from the Dead with guitar solo, Ha Ha Wall, Death on the Stairs with rather hilarious tongue trilling, Delaney twice (started, fumbled at the end of the first verse with guitar part, paused, played it a couple of times til he got it right and then started again from the beginning), Can’t Stand Me Now, Albion. 'Same time tomorrow' Pete announced as he went off".
Various friends and hangerons were seen at the gig, including Alan Wass, The General and Professor Ro.
I don't know whether any member of the Shambles will be in attendance tonight at the NME awards, Peter is playing tonight as well but he's beginning very late so he could drop at the awards for a while, Adam is d.j.-ing in Leicester, Dru is playing with Kid Harpoon in Leeds (isn't he?) so maybe only Mik could be present, who knows, the band might even get a fucking award.


Dirties are alive too

"Racists are scum!"

And they mumble! Sorry, speak!


Dirty Pretty Things will speak at the Love Music Hate Racism/Unite Against Facism national conference at London’s Congress House on Saturday (March 1). Other speakers, including London MC No.Lay, and Love Music Hate Racism organisers will join the band at the conference, which is also the official launch event for the forthcoming campaign's carnival, set to take place in the capital’s Victoria Park on April 27.
Patrick Wolf, The Paddingtons and Fionn Regan are among the acts confirmed for the carnival so far. The carnival will be free to attend.

Plus, there's a very positive review of the Paris gig here (in French).

RF night one and Shambles are not dead yet

From Babyshambles speak to NME about their new album, and the recording sessions in Wiltshire. Apparently they have more songs that they know what to do with.

It seems the band's third album will be out in January 2009 and Peter is planning to involve his bandmates in his solo tour as well.

The first night of Peter's solo residency at the Rhythm Factory went great. Allegedly he looked "high but sober" and interacted a lot with the crowd.

Setlist (not in exact order):
What a waster, east of eden, back from the dead, unbilotitled, through the looking glass, carry on up the morning, ha ha wall, dilly boys, la belle et la bette, albion, killamangiro, dont look back into the sun, death on the stairs, beg steal or borrow, fuck forever.

Our friend Wooly managed to climb on the stage and steal Pete's flag before being kicked off by the bouncers.


Peter + Ray? No way!

Ok, so now we know. As you might remember a few weeks ago I posted something about Babyshambles being all excited at the thought of meeting Ray Davies. Apparently they were meant to play together next Thursday at the NME Awards main show. But something went wrong. The sweet Adam is not sure what it was but this is what he tells us about the meeting:

"Well as it's not happening now, I can tell you all. Twas a bright sunny evening when we all set out to rehearse 'you really got me' with Ray Davies at his famous konk studio. Have not been that starstruck fo a while.....but Ray Davies.... Well eventually all parties appear and in walks Ray, with an unassuming 'shall we give it a go then' - there we are, playing the song with the man himself. We all set up downstairs, him upstairs on a grand piano with a huge glass window. Had about three runs through the song, without blowing our own trumpets, it sounded amazing...everyone had nailed their respective parts, harmonies and all. was so proud when we listened back to the recording.. All was well, pleasant words and goodbyes to Ray then off with a smile. week later, we hear it's not happening! Don't know why, am sure there are valid reasons but hey hey.. that's what happened, so Thursday was supposed to be Babyshambles and Ray tearing up 'You really got me' at the NME awards, now it's a DJ set in Leicester, so it's still exciting but not quite as much."


The Buzz

  • Babyshambles' tour is over for real: the last date scheduled for tonight in Luxembourg is not going to happen. From Den Atelier: "It wasn’t meant to be... BABYSHAMBLES show now postponed (again)! Booking bands can indeed be adventurous… The show - scheduled for Monday, 25th February - is indeed being postponed... Again!Official statement from management as follows: […] I am sorry, but I have had a dreaded call and we need to postpone the show on Monday. Peter is exhausted and cannot do any further shows. This is the longest run of dates the band have ever done and it’s taken its toll. I am so sorry about this and will come back with an alternative date asap.Info about new date and possible refund on in the coming days. Stay tuned for the next episode of Pete and the neverending story... Very sorry for the inconveniences caused. Those are entirely beyond our control".
  • The Thirst, who have recently collaborated with Pete Doherty on his solo record, have been added to the bill of Love Music Hate Racism’s Hope Not Hate 2008 event (source:
  • Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell is taking time out from Pete Doherty-minding duties to assist Fionn Regan with the making of his second album (source: Hotpress).
  • Adrian Hunter has denied the rumor about a possible second date at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Carl Barat is back with a vengeance and frinkers are on a roll: plenty of videos, deciphered lyrics, mp3s and pictures from the Paris gig on various DPT-related sites (particularly the official forums and the livejournal DPT place). Apart from Faultlines I haven't listened to anything so I cannot tell you how the stuff is. I'm old fashioned and I can wait for some decent demos.
  • Downside: Gary Powell said the new album will be out in August.


dirty pretty things palais de tokyo

DPT were eventually reunited in Paris on Friday night. I failed to find decent reports in the press or elsewhere but this new song is worth a listen. Apparently it's called Faultlines and it's about a lost love once again but the musical vibe is sound enough. Enjoy.


Latest on Peter and Carl

Respectively, that is, and not together, not yet.
The Babyshambles eurotour is over and manager Adrian Hunter writes to FDB:
"Lots of laughs, a few tears, couple of skint knees, loads of new chums, ottophants, withered livers, romances, old time dances, break ups, make ups, shake ups, new songs, old songs, boabies, budgies, Brucies and Gay Goosies! WE MADE IT! Thanks to all my loving friends and colleagues, co-conspirators, all the lovely folks we met and everyone who came along!"
I reckon this will be remembered in history as the most professional and flawless tour Pete Doherty has ever done. Sounds strange? Yeah but man we had great fun didn't we.
Peter is coming back home and "The Future Is Unwritten" as the legendary Joe Strummer used to say. Probably the Shambles will carry on, with a new contract and a new album next year. But now a solo album is beckoning, and more collaborations and exciting things are coming up.
I can't say I feel equally optmistic about Dirty Pretty Things but who knows, when it comes to Carl Barat things may change within one week. First of all, Carl is playing tonight in Paris, and the gig is sold out. writes:
"Carl Barat will play at the Palais de Tokyo in France tonight (February 22) as part of a new scheme by Stage Of The Art to exchange artists between Paris and London.The series of concerts kicked off last night (February 21) when Sebastien Tellier and Poney Poney played London’s ICA in a sold-out gig.After arriving on stage in sunglasses and remaining motionless throughout the whole of the first song, Tellier played to a crowd full of fans who seemed to enjoy the electro-man’s use of lights, music and unique dancing.Tonight Barat will perform at an 'Acoustic Evening with Dirty Pretty Things' and special guests are promised for the event.The gigs will be accompanied by an exhibition of French artist Loris Gréaud’s work at the Palais de Tokyo till May 4 and the ICA from April 25 till June 22. More concerts are planned for London and Paris in April, June and July".
Also in some French sites the gig is alternatively credited to Carl alone or to Dirty Pretty Things. It seems certain Gary Powell won't be there. The presence of Anthony Rossomando is slightly dubious (but somebody assured Anthony will be there). Carl is expected to do a few more dj-ing jobs in the future and to participate to a few charity gigs. The next DPT album (or EP) is still waiting for a definite release date.


Shambles in Brussels

Photo by Gewoon Toon on Flickr

Thanks to Amyboo who went to the gig and wrote down her review (posted to

"The band were on great form - I couldn’t believe how much more together they were than when I saw them here back in May 2006. The venue was sold out, but unfortunately there seemed to be a fair few wankers in the crowd. Someone threw some kind of poster on the stage which Pete read before throwing it back saying “That’s really rude that it. You shouldn’t comment on things you haven’t got a fucking clue about. Belgian twat” - which was quite funny.
Anyway, music wise, we got some great tracks. I can’t remember the order, but we got: Carry on up the Morning Beg, Steal and Borrow Side of the Road Baddie’s Boogie Delivery The Blinding Sedative I Wish Kilimangiro What Katie Did Back from the Dead You Talk Albion Unstookietitled.

In the encore we got an amazing version of Pipedown, and they closed with Fuck forever - which was brilliant. While waiting for them to come back on for the encore, the crowd started throwing tons of glasses and bottles onto the stage. When the band eventually came back on after making us wait about 10 minutes. Pete had his videocamera, so I guess we might be seeing some clips on youtube? He gave a girl in the crowd his hat (she’d given him a sign saying “Pete give me your hat please"), before being hit with a flying glass. He then commented “Well, we’ve had worse crowds” - I think the comment was lost on most of the crowd!
All in all, it was a great gig - the band were definitely on form, and Pete was definitely more “there” than I’ve ever seen him. It was so good to actually see them play the music I wanted to hear, and to see Pete actually play guitar, as last time he only managed to vaguely stum through a couple of songs. I just wish that the crowd hadn’t been such a bunch of wankers, as this was the last show of their European tour".


Carl and Didz speak to the NME

Thanks a lot to Rosebay Fairie for the transcription. It looks like we'll have an EP before the proper CD after all. That's cool.

Dirty Pretty Things have revealed how tensions during recent recording sessions in America led to the band attacking each other with pool cues. Speaking to NME last week, Carl Barat and DPT bassist Didz Hammond explained that various band members were kicked out of the group at different points during the making of their second album. They had been holed up in producer Nik Leman's Santa Monica studio space at the tail end of 2007, before mixing the resulting album in London.
"It was intense," Barat explained. "We broke up and reformed a few times. Everyone got kicked out at least once. At one point it was just Gary (Powell, drums) left."
Although the duo wouldn't be drawn into explaining the specific reasons for the tension, they did reveal just how serious it got things got. "Didz attacked me at one point, physically," said Barat, before Hammond added: "All I'll say is, never try to use a paper-mache pool cue as a weapon." Barat: "Er, actually, Didz was on (magic) mushrooms. It was a real pool cue. Flights were booked home at various points- credit card numbers were put down."
Despite the fights and fall-outs, the band survived the sessions and now claim the experience actually galvanised the group. "There was a lot of foot-stomping, justified and unjustified," said Hammond. "It was like schoolboy play," added Barat. "It was chaos, but on opening night when the curtain call comes, everyones in love with each other. We came together, confidence was stronger and we're more of a unit now than we were before."The band are set to release the album in June, although Barat declared he'd rather not wait that long to get the new Dirty Pretty Things music out.
"After everything we've been through (in the USA), my plan is to do the EP in the flat," he explained. "I want to do it in the next week or so- record stuff we wrote to late for the album. We miss doing happy-go-lucky bathroom recordings, although Anthony's house isn't very big and the bathroom hasn't got stunning acoustics."
As well as a new EP, fans should look out for intimate gigs that Dirty Pretty things are planning. "That goes without saying," Barat said. "It's foregone conclusion. As for when, I can't really say, but that will come to light. I'm just so excited to be back in London. Compared to Los Angeles the streets here are like crooked teeth - I just grin and look in the mirror and I've got the perfect map of Muswell Hill."
After revealing the band's EP and gig plans, the duo just had enough time to tell NME about a strange encounter Powell had with an international rap figure in the States. "Gary had a bust-up with Suge Knight in Los Angeles," explained Hammond of the Death Row Recordings mogul. "He was coming out of a nightclub with a lady friend when Suge jumped into a cap they had flagged down. Gary went 'Oi! Hang About!' There was what you might call argie bargie""There was a confrontation, a stand-off, I think," added Barat. "Gary is a principled man, as well as a strong man." And Hammond concluded. "Let's make it clear though, that Suge got the cab in the end."

PSV Eindhoven wins a Shambles gig!

Photo by Erik Luyten

Ahem. Sorry for the crap headline.

We have an article with a video.

Another article with some stalking photos and another video.

Something that looks like a review.

Beautiful photos by Erik Luyten on Flickr.

A review by Codyke (in English!):

Well well, just got back from the Effenaar gig. It was a very strange gig Before the supportact Mik and Peter came on stage and were jamming for quite a while. they played something was Maybeline and something with Sailing in the ocean (new stuff? old classics from other bands? ) Then Adam and Drew Joined them, they played: La Belle Et Le Bete French Dog Blues Stone Me Then the supportact played: The 925s, they reminded me of DPT. Quite liked them. Although I appeared to be one of the only ones in the crowd to like them A while later the gig really started, they played in this order: Sedative I Get Along (ska version, with Mik doing some of the vocals, I loved it) Carry On Delivery Beg Steal What Katie Did (yay!) Intro to Albion (aborted) Baddies Boogie Side Of The Road UnStookieTitled UnBiloTitled After the instrumental part of UnBilo, when pete normally sings a small part, he suddenly stopped and said he couldn't play with all the people talking, He then walked of stage. The rest of the band seemed to follow him in confusion. (Mik even seemed like he was making gestures like ''Don't worry, he'll come back etc) He did come back: Fuck Forever End of gig.


More trouble in dirtyland

Dirty Pretty Things' recent recording sessions have ended in fights with pool cues and band members getting the sack.
The new issue has a story about DPT's current hardship, plus a photo of a very bored Carlos together with Miss Winehouse, and a review of the shambles' gig at the Manchester Apollo.
Carl Barat is expected to play with Dirty Pretty Things (?) an acoustic (??) gig in Paris next Friday, and dj at the Jamm Club in Brixton (with Didz) on March 1. Plus, an appearance at the Snowbombing Festival in Austria has just been confirmed.

Lotsa stuff from Amsterdam

Photo by L-isforLila on Flickr

Review n. 1
Photos by Wenn
Article with video of Pizza hanging with fans and looking all happy
Review with very raw babelfish translation:
Pete Doherty Monday night has shown that he has to everything in house a tight give concert. In sold off Paradiso provided he and its link Babyshambles a an hour and a half lasting set finished products public of feasted. That Doherty sometimes unintelligible was, could not the pret press.
It was still but the question if Doherty, which is in March 29e anniversary celebrates would come show up. Fans know meanwhile that purchase of a concert ticket absolutely no guarantee offers on its presence, late stands that he ascends the podium on time. But Monday night was this apprehension undeserved. Only twenty minutes later than planned were released Doherty livelily looking forward to on confessed numbers as ' Delivery ' and play ' Fuck Forever '. That was in May 2006, however, differently. Then public in the from Amsterdam headstock temple hours had wait before staggering Doherty on the podium appeared to play its songs. The opinions of critici had been afterwards divided. Some found it a mockery, others spoke of a legendary action. And also Monday became clear that there are several manners pass a judgement concerning Pete Doherty. Both its song and its comment between the songs were unintelligible, but environment was there not less for. A thing was however clear; those see going whom in Paradiso were him from under came deceived from. In spite of its what shaky verschijning could Doherty really a tight put down show. Doherty, which last year nearly only came in the news because of its drug use and its relation with top model Kate Moss, showed that he can nothing do at its fans error. To be moods are apparently forgiven him.



Wow that's magic. Listen to what Pixiedust said:

just phoned royal albert to c if there were any tickets left, apparantley there is an extra date added on the 25th, tickets to go on sale shortly. fingers crossed and everything else crossed i get 2 this time.x

Looking for info... LATER!!!

Basel konzert

Thanks a lot to Kutschi who went to the gig in Basel last night and posted a long review (below) and a beautiful photo (above) to

"I'm ashamed for my country. Full of great expectations and loaded with excitement I packed my camera equipment into my black Fred Perry bag, got hold of my friends and made sure they'd join on my way to what could've been the best night of the season. We arrived in Basel fairly early and not an indie soul insight, just some cheerful kids on the playground enjoying the mild and sunny winter day. Me and the gang found ourselves a lovely table in the sun, got out our booze and killed the afternoon with laughter, drink and song.later on we had a little chat with Drew, shot some polaroids and got our bits n bops signed. none of the other kids seemed to even have the slightest clue who he was.some time later in the afternoon my friend sighted the lovely Mr. D. so we walked up to him and had our pictures taken. Somehow I lost my voice - which has never happened before, believe me. Peter has been absolutely lovely, and noticing me being a nervous wreck he gave me a big old, fluffy cuddle. We quickly got our scrapbooks signed and then let him deal with the attention hungry, heart-attack-endangered tabloid fans. hours passed. the sun has faded away. the wintery frost came over us. we moved ourselves to the bar for a nice cuppa hot chocolate. after waiting for what seemed forever we finally queued up to get into the venue. i got my photopass sorted and went straight to the band played their songs. nothing special really.break.finally the infamous babyshambles got on stage. crowd went mad. photographers went mad - me included. security got mad. madhouse. The boys opened their show with "Carry On Up The Morning" then played "Delivery" had to stop shortly after the song though because there was a "Brixton-NME-Awards 2007" - incident going on. The crowd was going absolutelx mental and pushed so hard that the band was forced to leave the stage and the security got busy fixing and securing the barriers. the madness lasted for about 5 long minutes. band came back on stage and continued with another tune from Shotters Nation - Crumb Begging Baghead. after the song Bilo lifted his trilby and ruffled his hair - my personal highlight of the concert so far. ;) anyways. the band was in great spirit, they all seemed to be in top form, Peter looked great and so did Mik. Drew and Adam looked top as usual. The played very lovely guitar solos and Mik did a great job on the Harmonika. Though the band was amazing, the crowd was an absolute and utter JOKE. Bad enough that they didn't know the names of the band members let alone recognized them when they walked past them - they hardly knew the chorus to Albion and Fuck Forever. They threw beer at the band and they just acted like righteous fucking cunts.I felt ashamed and angry at my fellow concert goers and felt a strong urge to snipe a whole bunch of 'em. Apparently Peter noticed the shite crowd aswell, he said something in the likes of: "There are about 3 guys in the front row who really put some effort into this, the rest of you were RUBBISH" which in my opinion was a very mildly and nicely shaped statement.what was even more ridiculous, the crowd didn't even get this and cheered at Peter's insult. afterwards they played Fuck Forever as their final song and Mik and Pete started doing the Nazi salute. Then our boys left the stage without another word having been said".

SETLIST: Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery, Crumb Begging, Side Of The Road, The Blinding (great instrumental at the end of the song), The Whole World Is Our Playground (requested by one of the few hardcore fans. stopped after a couple seconds because the crowd didn't have a clue about this tune and was utterly awful), You Talk, Unbilo Titled, Killamangiro, Albion (lovely long intro), Back From The Dead (my real concert highlight), Back From The Dead, Outro, Fuck Forever.

Word to Babybear: Sorry for the interruption to the show tonight folks if you were there but there were serious safety issues and someone could have been hurt. Part of the job is to help bring you the entertainment but there's no way we'll continue a show if it appears someone could be hurt. Anyway, on the bus bound for the low countries. Big singalongs and too much Leffe (for me) so ...... Nighty night!
The tour is quickly wrapping up. Tonight it's Amsterdam. Oh my gosh the memories!


Munich konzert and other stories

Review by sueddeutsche. And it's Babelfish time again!!!

Actually nobody had so punctually expected it. There straight times half ten, the public in the residents of Munich concert hall is straight thereby warmly to be drunk, there tumbles itself suddenly and unexpectedly Pete Doherty on the stage. It snatches itself the guitar, "Carry on" rings out: "into the morning, where does all the pain go? The same place the fame goes: straight tons your head!" In the Song it concerns that one becomes also not smarter by drugs, fame and dear illusion. From the first instant on the spark jumps over on the public. Inconspicuously, in the long run, but unbelievably charismatisch the front man of the Babyshambles works. Without large float, dreamed it stands for something on the stage. Black trousers, black flowing shirt. The aura of a dark raben, a face of full innocence. Everything which one so far over the 28-jaehrigen musician heard and read, comes one into the sense: The drug scandals, the relationship with Kate Moss, its lived melancholy. And exactly constitutes it: The more glaringly stories, the more interesting. Doherty seems in this evening of best things. It sings from pain and fame, from hard awaking in the morning, from liberty and of it, how it gets drunk with its girl. Its music is dirty, hingerotzt, unperfekt - and has exactly therefore this magnetic effect. Between the Songs it nuschelt something incomprehensible, it with rejoicing is acknowledged. The public loves it. Some months ago still, after the separation from Kate Moss, worked Doherty at the end of his forces. Now it seems to have itself imprisoned. Nearly already disciplined it gives its Songs to the best one. But the aura of the tragic one, Morbiden, broken one surrounds it inevitably. "delivery straight from the heart OF misery", he sings Here of comes A. All its Songs are messages from the heart of the darkness. Dramatically and schaurig beautifully. The chords the vierkoepfigen volume do not use always accurately, the tones are correct not always. But that is all the same. The Message is the important. Pete Doherty is a poet with miracle soul. And one feels exactly, if he stands before one on the stage and told by the wrong its life. With the second Babyshambles album "Shotter's nation" proved Doherty that he is able, to write more than only coincidentally a good Song. The debut "down in Albion" was rather still another experiment: rau, imperfectly, nonlinear. A mirror of the chaos in which it to be seemed. Now it pushed its music an unmistakable stamp open. Its songs waste themselves on the moment, sound broken rau and. As terriblly and beautifully as the life. Therefore Doherty at the best live functions. "Pipedown", "You talc" or "Killimangiro" prove that. Wonderful unangestrengt spoken. And the guests in the residents of Munich concert hall are best mood: Giggelnde Indie girl, wild chaps with wide Tattoos, kreischende dte-sneeze, leave Rocker - the love for the sound and for Doherty connects somehow all. At the conclusion, after one and a half hours concert, the high point of the ill-bred unity: "Fuck Forever". The guitars rotzig, Pete stubborn-playful: "glory", he sings hard ton chose between death and. That fits.

Manager Babybear posts to FDB: "Basel, sweet Basel. Me and Mickey checked into a hotel for some r'n'r. Everybody else on the bus kipping. Smashing show in Munchen last night. catching some zzzzzzzzz's before a swim and a lovely dinner. Does anyone in Basel know a restaurant caled Aqua? Need some details about it's quality of scran before attending. All's well for the noo. bb. xxx"

Dirty Pretty Things give us a nice glimpse of their Californian adventure at the band's official site.


The Libertines - Last Post On The Bugle Live (unpublished)

Come on guys... we still need this kind of things don't we???

The Libertines - The Delaney Live (new! unpublished)

The Royal Albert Hall gig seems to be sold out folks! I guess many people are expecting somebody with a striped T-shirt to come up... but could it be like this again?


Glasgow, 14/2/08

Beautiful photos and review by Gavin Ian Campbell.

Some thoughts by the rocknrollstar:
"Just home, and what a gig. Last night's gig was no where near as good as tonights. Although there were worrying moments. Shambles were late coming on again tonight - arrived on stage at 9.45pm and played through set of Carry on Up the Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal Borrow, Baddies Boogie and Albion before some punter skelpt Mik with a drink - he put his guitar down, walked off, followed by pete,drew then adam. they stayed off stage for about 10mins when mik appeared back on stage: "some prick down the front is throwing pints at us, if you see who it is kick the fuck out of him, and if you dont, i will" he then went on to do solo I wish before the rest of the band joined him for the rest of the set which included pipedown, killamangiro, you talk, time for heroes, for lovers (dedicated to the lovers in the house, and wolfman who was "by miracle" in rehab" and the chords of i love you but your green. peter ended with fuck forever, forward rolls. the view stood at side of stage and watched, but the wee guy who introduces the "the view the view the view are on fire pish" ran on and nicked petes hat - got nailed by security and pete tried to calm them down and explain he knew the boy... good nite, good fun, nice guys the lotta them. another pic with adam, adam n mik autoraphs and a setlist, as well as meeting macdonsj, lilsusie and ladyracdy (again) it was a great couple of nites in glasgow, cant wait for the next..."

Some dickhead thought it was cool thrashing one of the shambles hotel rooms (Keith Moon is dead, mate!).


Glasgow, 13/2/08

One of the last things you'd expect from a Babyshambles gig would be the ever controversial Pete Doherty turning up on time. And, as usual, his band were late on stage at a sold out Barrowland last night. Despite this, the crowd went wild when the quartet did appear, ambling on stage to Flower of Scotland and ensuring a warm reception right from the start.
While Doherty may have garnered headlines for his off-stage antics, as a live performer he still has a captivating presence. Former single Delivery was blasted out early on, its 60s-style riff bringing to mind a rougher version of the Kinks.
Doherty kept his between song conversation brief, apparently attempting a Scottish accent at one point in a moment that is probably best forgotten. Luckily, there were more highlights when he stuck to the music with the guitar pop of The Blinding seeing Doherty hurl himself into the adoring crowd, only to be swiftly dragged out by a roadie. It was the raucous, frantic sound of Killamangiro that really got the crowd going, pints flying through the air as Doherty careered across the stage. Of course, being a Babyshambles gig, the night wasn't perfect. The band's lengthy 10-minute break for an encore stopped the gig's momentum and too many of their songs are simply generic indie rock. But Doherty's occasional bursts of songwriting genius provided enough to save the show.
Report from our friend Milly:
Shambles came on 9:45 and played really really well. Were really tight, thought it was a good setlist too. Not too sure what it was (tis too early still) but i think it was roughly (in the wrong order): Carry On Up The Morning Delivery Beg Steal or Borrow There She Goes Sedative Pipedown Killimangiro Fuck Forever Crumb Begging Baghead (maybe) You Talk Baddies Boogie Side Of The Road Unstookie Think i've missed some....


P.S. If you read the comment at the end of the report above, the late start was not Pete's fault. The flight was late, not him.


Rhythm Factory gigs confirmed

We were bit unsure but now it's all in the club's website
Check it out:

Tue 26th February:
LET THEM EAT GAK presents PETER DOHERTY SOLO ACOUSTIC SET + SLUMMIN ANGELS + LASKY + LAZY SUSAN + THE OTHER DANCES + THE VELODROME - Hosted by VIS the SPOON - 8pm - 2am - £20 advanced tickets available from ticketweb (click here for direct link) / 08700 600 100 - and venue (soon)

Wed 27th February:
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Babyshambles at the Brixton Academy

Babyshambles played a headline Shockwaves NME Awards Show gig at London’s Brixton Academy venue tonight (February 11).Pete Doherty led his band through an eighteen-song set of hits including songs from both the band’s albums, ‘Down In Albion’ and ‘Shotter’s Nation’, ‘The Blinding EP’ plus new song ‘Pretty Sue’.Taking the stage at 9:20pm (GMT), Doherty, wearing a black suit, white shirt, thin black tie and trilby, started the gig with the guitar lines of ‘Carry On Up The Morning’.After third song ‘Beg, Steal Or Borrow’, after a sound technician passed on a message to the singer/guitarist, Doherty said, “You’re going to have to calm down a bit and stop pushing at the front,” encouraging rowdy fans to create some space among the front rows, which were heavily crowded.After the next song, ‘Baddie’s Boogie’, Doherty was given another message and said, “There’s people getting squashed at the front – their eyes are bulging out. We’re gonna have to leave the stage [if you don’t calm down].” The fans seemed to take the message on board and relaxed, the crowding subdued and the gig continued without further need for messages of calm.Before playing ‘UnBilotitled’ Doherty introduced a keyboardist, “Luca”, who accompanied the band during a bulked-up version of the song with particularly prominent, pounding beats from drummer Adam Ficek. Babyshambles left the stage for a full ten minutes after ‘Back From The Dead’, leaving the crowd wondering if they would return for an encore or not. The band did return to the stage for a four-song encore. During ‘Albion’ Doherty name-checked the Hawley Arms, the Camden pub which suffered severe fire damage on Saturday night (February 9). The set ended with a kinetic version of ‘Fuck Forever’ before the band left the stage.
Setlist: Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Baddie’s Boogie, UnStookieTitled, Side Of The Road, UnBilotitled, The Blinding, You Talk, There She Goes, Sedative, Pipedown, I Wish, Back From The Dead, Killamangiro, Albion, Pretty Sue, Fuck Forever.


Peter's on a fucking roll

Peter at The Apollo
(photo by Sam Boyd on Flickr)

Peter's on a roll, and it's got nothing to do with hash, or toilet paper. I had just read about the solo nights at the Rhythm Factory (see below) when I caught this:

Pete Doherty is to play the biggest solo gig of his career in April. The Babyshambles frontman will headline the Royal Albert Hall in London under his own steam on April 26.The giant gig follows a handful of Pete Doherty solo shows at the Rhythm Factory in London this month. Tickets for the album all show go on sale at 9am on Saturday (February 15).

And the Rhythm Factory thing? Yes, sure, check this out too, here.

And then there's the Mighty Carlos who, in the physical impossibility to play live gigs, has gone back to his 2005 fave activity: dj-ing.
Carl Barat will play a DJ set at Brixton’s Jamm nightclub on March 1. Barat last played a DJ set at the same venue on January 18, where he played a selection of tunes including songs from his band’s forthcoming second album and 'Can't Stand Me Now' by his former band, The Libertines. (Keep checking NME for a Dirty Pretty Things exclusive soon - blah blah blah).
I guess Carlos didn't show up on Saturday night at the Mango Joes then? Well, spinning records is funny Carlito but we'd like to see you on a stage sometimes. With your band. On your own. With Pizza (preferably). Whatever.

Oh, all the above info comes from

We have also a review of the Babyshambles gig at the Manchester Apollo, and it comes from the Manchester Evening News.

Come Back to Camden

Back to my London base the first thing I hear is that Camden is on fire. Spectacular and terrifying images keep going on the telly and I fear somebody might have died or gotten seriously hurt. Thankfully, they’re not. The damage is mainly financial and it’s going to cost a lot, image-wise, to that beautiful place. And there’s a sentimental price too. The Hawley Harms, the famous boozer where you can easily “bump into the likes of Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty” (so say the redtops) is practically burnt to the ground.
“Unique signed prints of the Libertines and Razorlight were destroyed in the fire that tore through Camden last night” the NME tells us “Renowned rock'n'roll watering hole The Hawley Arms was severely damaged in the blaze, including much of its music memorabilia. NME photographer Andy Willer had staged two exhibitions in the pub, including one depicting pub regulars Razorlight. Willsher said: "It made sense to stage the Razorlight exhibition at the Hawley because it was the band's favourite drinking den. On some nights it felt like the centre of the music industry. There were unique prints on the wall that were signed by The Libertines, Razorlight, Dirty Pretty Things and The Mighty Boosh, which I guess have been destroyed." He continued: "I feel terrible for the people who run the place. They were always really helpful, and massive music fans." Hawley landlady Ruth Charles-Ridler told BBC News she was "devastated." She said, "everyone I've spoken to is in complete shock." The pub had become infamous in the press recently as the local hangout of Amy Winehouse".
Luckily, the day after things don’t look so bad. Maybe the place is not totally destroyed and can be recuperated. "It's not as bad as people first said to me it was and hopefully it's going to be ok," said Razorlight’s Andy Burrows. "It's such a beautiful pub hopefully it will be back very soon".

As for our lovely protegees, last night Babyshambles played at the Manchester Apollo. “Everything seemed to go off okay tonight” says Oldgrayfan “No surprises. Supportive crowd - I was standing towards the back and most people were listening/ watching/ dancing around”. And Shambles Smurph says: "A great performance from Babyshambles. highlight for me was Pretty Sue. Smurph's Rating - 9/10”. BUT!!! “But for the first time tonight I started to wonder where things are heading with Shambles” continues Oldgrayfan “I always enjoy seeing them play but the set list was pretty much the same as when I saw them play at the Apollo a year ago. I have to say I preferred the two arena gigs I went to as I liked the accoustic bit with There she goes etc. Where has the innovation gone? I either need some completely different new material or a golden oldies tour!
I think we’ll have a serious discussion regarding the current state of Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things very soon and I will need input from you all.
For the moment, enjoy the setlist (thanks to Smurph):
Carry on Up the Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal or Borrow, Baddies Boogie, Unstookietitled, Side of the Road, Unbilotitled, The Blinding, You Talk, Sedative, I Wish, Pipe Down, Back from the Dead, New One? - maybe Dont Look Back, Albion, Killamangiro, Pretty Sue, Fuck Forever


More and more news

From Xfm:
Babyshambles have been confirmed as the first headliner for the forthcoming Love Music Hate Racism Carnival. Scheduled to take place in East London's Victoria Park on April 27, the huge open air gig is set to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the 1978 Rock Against Racism carnival and march. To mark the occasion, original headliner Tom Robinson will be performing. Also confirmed to appear are The Paddingtons, Roll Deep and Fionn Regan as well as former Specials keyboardist and veteran campaigner Jerry Dammers.
It is understood that a new act will be announced every week until the carnival.
The 1978 Rock Against Racism carnival attracted an estimated 80,000 people and saw performances from The Clash, Steel Pulse and X-Ray Spex.
More information is available at the Love Music Hate Racism carnival
Well, what did I tell you. This is going to be the fucking event of the year.
Rumor: Peter is going to be on the cover of the next Rolling Stone issue.
TV Guide: French/German channel ARTE tonight (10.25 pm CET) airs a documentary entitled "Tracks", apparently conducted by Pete Doherty.

Waterloo Sunset

No showing up for Peter tonight at the Thirst gig (Jamm Club, Brixton), but something much more exciting. The man is going to meet... (drumroll) Mr. Ray Davies in person. That's what the Pizza writes to FDB: "know nothing about this [i.e.tonight].. someone is upto fuckery and no mistake officer.. just spoke to thirst's management and it didn't come from them either. Tonight the shambles are off to meet Ray Davies [gasps].. may nip to Brixton and see whats happenning but no promises so dont go on my behalf.. new labour?> [chucks]". Fuck, Peter, I envy you so much! Let us know how it all went, right?

DJ mania in Dirtieland! As already announced, Carlos and Didos are spinning records tomorrow at Totally Wired. Didz will also be on the decks (alone) at the 4th Floor Club's Bloody Valentines Ball on Saturday, 16th February (from DPT's official site), and "Pete Neon" (AKA Anthony Rossomando) will dj at Totally Wired on 22nd February. Dance dance dance!


Afternoon news

  • The fruits of the star-studded charitable project 'Crisis Consequences' will be previewed tonight (February 7) in London's Camden (here).
  • Drusillo dismisses split rumors (here)
  • Adamski speaks with The Manchester Evening News (here)
  • Gallery of piccies from the Lyon gig


There's a bird on the wire...

...with another bunch of news.

  • Mensah, the Thirst's lead singer (pictured above with the Pizza) speaks about Peter's solo album.
  • If you're interested in seeing the man hanging in Paris go here.
  • Nice video with Carl and Drew for Crisis.
  • Carl Barat is threatening to release an album with The Chavs.
  • And the NME is threatening to release a Dirty Pretty Things exclusive (kidding - that would be much appreciated).


Something else

The Libs in Q (thanks to Skyebluekookie)
  • Funny piece about Babyshambles at the FNAC store (with photos and videos).
  • Not so funny article about Carl's current troubles. Now that's worth a mention: “We don’t want to keep on recording" he said "We want to get it out as soon as possible. If it doesn’t come out soon then I’m going to release a single first”. Yes Carlos, but DO IT. NOW. And sack your manager before it's too late. And all the ballast you're dragging with you. Sod them. Get it?
  • OK. French Dog Blues is moving to another server. It'll be back soon.
  • The Q issue with the Libertines article is out (see photo above). If you wanna save some quid, go to libs daily, some kind soul has scanned and uploaded the whole affair (put on your reading glasses!). I have read it and it's nothing more than Bound Together version Reader's Digest. The last two quotes are rather moving though. Peter: "I can say this forever I suppose and people might laugh at it but I don't think I really ever left the Libertines. Nor can I ever leave the Libertines". Carl: "I'll always be a Libertine. I've got it (tattooed) on my arm so I haven't got much choice".

Babyshambles in Paris - Take Two

"Hang on a mo... is that Oscar Wilde?"
"No, it's his best friend"

Less than one month after the Olympia gig Babyshambles got back to La Ville Lumiere to play a show at the Zenith (the Olympia was taken over by Morrissey last night. Hard choice for the Parisiens!!). I'm still trying to find out what happened at the FNAC store a few hours earlier, but for the moment I leave the stage to our much devoted French star. Ladies and gentlemen, Madame Anjali:
"[...] When the gates opened i could smuggle in my big camera (this is relevant later on in the story), and i was joined by Sweet Matilda at the front row, in front of Drew. we had to sit through 2 support acts, one of which was a kid who had won a competition on MySpace France to sing 3 songs acoustically before the gig. he sang "Last post on the bugle", "Sunny afternoon" and one of his own. it was funny and sweet, especially it was his birthday and everyone sang it to him. then the second act was once again one of those teenage sensations championed by Rock'n'Folk, called The Dodoz, i won't comment any further, you know the drill. BabyShambles walked onstage on time, to the sound of "La Marseillaise" at full blast, it was fantastic!!! we were dead chuffed. Pete was clad in a tuxedo and a high hat, and had a sort of blue white and red sash tied around him, like the one presidents and mayors get. he looked absolutely wonderful! the gig started in total euphoria, with "Carry on", "Delivery", the setlist wasn't much different from the previous European dates. i was dead relieved that they were playing marvellously well, in contrast with the Olympia last month, me and Matilda were singing along and it was beautiful. i was taking pictures and they were coming out great, all was well. until some security cunt told me off for taking the pictures, and threw me out of the front row. i had to go to the cloak room to deposit my camera and i couldn't go back to the front so i stayed at the far right-hand side. this is where i realised that apart from a dozen of kids at the front, the rest of the audience was pretty apathetic. i was feeling sorry for the band, because for once they were playing really well, and they weren't being rewarded by the audience. at the end, Pete even said "Thank you very much, you've been an awful audience!" it was such a shame because judging by the exuberant entrance, they were really chuffed to play France at first. also, at some point, between two songs Pete said something about Morrissey which i couldn't really make out. Moz was playing that same night at the Olympia, and when Pete mentioned him it sounded as though he intended to leave the BS show halfway through to go see him instead! fortunately he stayed and played the whole show. after the gig an aftershow was arranged in a club somewhere in the posh part of the city, but it didn't look like the band were very much up for going. according to Mik they'd been there once before and it had been dreadful so he didn't want to go. in the end he and Adam still went, but didn't stay for long because it was indeed dreadful. i don't know what Pete and Drew got up to, i have no idea if they went somewhere else or went straight to bed".

Very beautiful photos by Oliver Peel on Flickr.


A spoonful of news

Helsinki, the band that features Drew McConnell, are to tour in support of Kid Harpoon later this month (here).
Peter may perform at Brixton's Jamm nightclub in south London on Friday, February 8 (here).
As I speak, Babyshambles are playing a showcase in Paris, at Montparnasse FNAC.

Babyshambles Italian Weekend

Adrian Hunter (AKA Babybear) writes to FDB: “Milan tonight and Babyshambles supported themselves at tonight's show. The boys opened the evening shortly after doors with a set of Shambles' newies inc Pretty Sue and Libertines oldies inc I get Along and Time For Heroes. Cat Claw kindly let us use their gear and are now onstage while we relax for 40 minutes before heading back to The Rolling Stone Club for the full set. Milan certainly getting their money's worth tonight. We catch the red eye to Paris tomorrow for our biggest French gig ever and a possible FNAC instore meet and greet with the fans. Then off to Lyon and then a few days off in Blighty before the next round. Thanks to everyone who's come to the shows so far and thanks for everyone's patience with the rescheduling of shows (all for good reason). I hope you have all had a blast and I hope the upcoming dates are as enjoyable as these have been. Ciao!

I say, thank you to Babybear and particularly Babyshambles for putting up three amazing shows in a row in my country, for a fantastic weekend of sleepless nights and crap food and huge boozes, for reminding us that great music still exists. The only negative note: the setlist is always the same (and maybe there were too many fangirlies but that’s normal).

I was supposed to attend only one gig, I ended up attending all 3 of them, and the last was the blast. Sorry for the lack of updates in the last days, I was too busy searching for lifts and missing trains.
The tour was totally ignored by the Italian press, which is “surprising” (?) considering the intense coverage the 2006 gigs received when Doherty was escorted by some famous chick and slept in a famous designer’s mansion. By the way I can show you a gallery of beautiful photos taken by Samuele Franzini and a very blurred but funny video of Peter dj-ing and dancing at the Fish and Chips Club after the Rome gig.

Rome’s setlist (s): Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Pretty Sue, Baddies Boogie, Side of The Road, Unstookietitled, The Blinding, Unbilotitled, You Talk, Sedative, There She Goes, Back From The Dead, Pipedown, Killamangiro, Albion, I Wish, Fuck Forever.


You Talk - Baby Shambles live at Rome

Thanks to Britjack. Very good show, not the end of the world, but more than average. Band very tight, Peter in good shape. Just a few probs with Pete-stalkers, but that was not unexpected. More info later.


Pre-gig shenanigans

Anthony Thornton writes to There’s a four-page feature on the Libertines in this month’s Q. IT includes a couple of rare (early/Razzcocks) era photos and some nice eyewitnesses stuff from the people who where there Banny, Tony Linkin, John Hassall. A fantastic quote from Alan McGee and some good stuff from our very own Kirstys.

Following Adam’s last message to FDB, hinting at the possibility that Stephen Street might be producing both next Babyshambles album AND Peter’s solo album, the actual producer of the latter, Jake Fior, has posted a message to .org stating: “I spoke to Peter this morning and he has confirmed that we are still working together on his solo project.No member of the current line up of Babyshambles or Babyshambles management has appeared or is scheduled to appear on any of the recordings, so I cannot see what relevance their choice of producer would have for Peter's solo work. If he wants to use a different producer then I'm sure he is more than capable of making that decision solo.Jake Fior”.

Carl & Didz are dj-ing again on Saturday Feb 9 at Totally Wired, Mango Joe's Restaurant & Bar, Medway Valley Park, Chariot Way, Strood, Rochester, Kent. Meanwhile, the two dirty pretty things keep expressing their frustration at the difficulties they're facing for the release of their second album (here).