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Lotsa stuff from Amsterdam

Photo by L-isforLila on Flickr

Review n. 1
Photos by Wenn
Article with video of Pizza hanging with fans and looking all happy
Review with very raw babelfish translation:
Pete Doherty Monday night has shown that he has to everything in house a tight give concert. In sold off Paradiso provided he and its link Babyshambles a an hour and a half lasting set finished products public of feasted. That Doherty sometimes unintelligible was, could not the pret press.
It was still but the question if Doherty, which is in March 29e anniversary celebrates would come show up. Fans know meanwhile that purchase of a concert ticket absolutely no guarantee offers on its presence, late stands that he ascends the podium on time. But Monday night was this apprehension undeserved. Only twenty minutes later than planned were released Doherty livelily looking forward to on confessed numbers as ' Delivery ' and play ' Fuck Forever '. That was in May 2006, however, differently. Then public in the from Amsterdam headstock temple hours had wait before staggering Doherty on the podium appeared to play its songs. The opinions of critici had been afterwards divided. Some found it a mockery, others spoke of a legendary action. And also Monday became clear that there are several manners pass a judgement concerning Pete Doherty. Both its song and its comment between the songs were unintelligible, but environment was there not less for. A thing was however clear; those see going whom in Paradiso were him from under came deceived from. In spite of its what shaky verschijning could Doherty really a tight put down show. Doherty, which last year nearly only came in the news because of its drug use and its relation with top model Kate Moss, showed that he can nothing do at its fans error. To be moods are apparently forgiven him.

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