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Glasgow, 14/2/08

Beautiful photos and review by Gavin Ian Campbell.

Some thoughts by the rocknrollstar:
"Just home, and what a gig. Last night's gig was no where near as good as tonights. Although there were worrying moments. Shambles were late coming on again tonight - arrived on stage at 9.45pm and played through set of Carry on Up the Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal Borrow, Baddies Boogie and Albion before some punter skelpt Mik with a drink - he put his guitar down, walked off, followed by pete,drew then adam. they stayed off stage for about 10mins when mik appeared back on stage: "some prick down the front is throwing pints at us, if you see who it is kick the fuck out of him, and if you dont, i will" he then went on to do solo I wish before the rest of the band joined him for the rest of the set which included pipedown, killamangiro, you talk, time for heroes, for lovers (dedicated to the lovers in the house, and wolfman who was "by miracle" in rehab" and the chords of i love you but your green. peter ended with fuck forever, forward rolls. the view stood at side of stage and watched, but the wee guy who introduces the "the view the view the view are on fire pish" ran on and nicked petes hat - got nailed by security and pete tried to calm them down and explain he knew the boy... good nite, good fun, nice guys the lotta them. another pic with adam, adam n mik autoraphs and a setlist, as well as meeting macdonsj, lilsusie and ladyracdy (again) it was a great couple of nites in glasgow, cant wait for the next..."

Some dickhead thought it was cool thrashing one of the shambles hotel rooms (Keith Moon is dead, mate!).

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Thanks for the link to my photographs!
Was a great gig - glad to read that explanation of what happened, I think I missed a few key points.