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Come Back to Camden

Back to my London base the first thing I hear is that Camden is on fire. Spectacular and terrifying images keep going on the telly and I fear somebody might have died or gotten seriously hurt. Thankfully, they’re not. The damage is mainly financial and it’s going to cost a lot, image-wise, to that beautiful place. And there’s a sentimental price too. The Hawley Harms, the famous boozer where you can easily “bump into the likes of Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty” (so say the redtops) is practically burnt to the ground.
“Unique signed prints of the Libertines and Razorlight were destroyed in the fire that tore through Camden last night” the NME tells us “Renowned rock'n'roll watering hole The Hawley Arms was severely damaged in the blaze, including much of its music memorabilia. NME photographer Andy Willer had staged two exhibitions in the pub, including one depicting pub regulars Razorlight. Willsher said: "It made sense to stage the Razorlight exhibition at the Hawley because it was the band's favourite drinking den. On some nights it felt like the centre of the music industry. There were unique prints on the wall that were signed by The Libertines, Razorlight, Dirty Pretty Things and The Mighty Boosh, which I guess have been destroyed." He continued: "I feel terrible for the people who run the place. They were always really helpful, and massive music fans." Hawley landlady Ruth Charles-Ridler told BBC News she was "devastated." She said, "everyone I've spoken to is in complete shock." The pub had become infamous in the press recently as the local hangout of Amy Winehouse".
Luckily, the day after things don’t look so bad. Maybe the place is not totally destroyed and can be recuperated. "It's not as bad as people first said to me it was and hopefully it's going to be ok," said Razorlight’s Andy Burrows. "It's such a beautiful pub hopefully it will be back very soon".

As for our lovely protegees, last night Babyshambles played at the Manchester Apollo. “Everything seemed to go off okay tonight” says Oldgrayfan “No surprises. Supportive crowd - I was standing towards the back and most people were listening/ watching/ dancing around”. And Shambles Smurph says: "A great performance from Babyshambles. highlight for me was Pretty Sue. Smurph's Rating - 9/10”. BUT!!! “But for the first time tonight I started to wonder where things are heading with Shambles” continues Oldgrayfan “I always enjoy seeing them play but the set list was pretty much the same as when I saw them play at the Apollo a year ago. I have to say I preferred the two arena gigs I went to as I liked the accoustic bit with There she goes etc. Where has the innovation gone? I either need some completely different new material or a golden oldies tour!
I think we’ll have a serious discussion regarding the current state of Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things very soon and I will need input from you all.
For the moment, enjoy the setlist (thanks to Smurph):
Carry on Up the Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal or Borrow, Baddies Boogie, Unstookietitled, Side of the Road, Unbilotitled, The Blinding, You Talk, Sedative, I Wish, Pipe Down, Back from the Dead, New One? - maybe Dont Look Back, Albion, Killamangiro, Pretty Sue, Fuck Forever

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