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Waterloo Sunset

No showing up for Peter tonight at the Thirst gig (Jamm Club, Brixton), but something much more exciting. The man is going to meet... (drumroll) Mr. Ray Davies in person. That's what the Pizza writes to FDB: "know nothing about this [i.e.tonight].. someone is upto fuckery and no mistake officer.. just spoke to thirst's management and it didn't come from them either. Tonight the shambles are off to meet Ray Davies [gasps].. may nip to Brixton and see whats happenning but no promises so dont go on my behalf.. new labour?> [chucks]". Fuck, Peter, I envy you so much! Let us know how it all went, right?

DJ mania in Dirtieland! As already announced, Carlos and Didos are spinning records tomorrow at Totally Wired. Didz will also be on the decks (alone) at the 4th Floor Club's Bloody Valentines Ball on Saturday, 16th February (from DPT's official site), and "Pete Neon" (AKA Anthony Rossomando) will dj at Totally Wired on 22nd February. Dance dance dance!

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