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Glasgow, 13/2/08

One of the last things you'd expect from a Babyshambles gig would be the ever controversial Pete Doherty turning up on time. And, as usual, his band were late on stage at a sold out Barrowland last night. Despite this, the crowd went wild when the quartet did appear, ambling on stage to Flower of Scotland and ensuring a warm reception right from the start.
While Doherty may have garnered headlines for his off-stage antics, as a live performer he still has a captivating presence. Former single Delivery was blasted out early on, its 60s-style riff bringing to mind a rougher version of the Kinks.
Doherty kept his between song conversation brief, apparently attempting a Scottish accent at one point in a moment that is probably best forgotten. Luckily, there were more highlights when he stuck to the music with the guitar pop of The Blinding seeing Doherty hurl himself into the adoring crowd, only to be swiftly dragged out by a roadie. It was the raucous, frantic sound of Killamangiro that really got the crowd going, pints flying through the air as Doherty careered across the stage. Of course, being a Babyshambles gig, the night wasn't perfect. The band's lengthy 10-minute break for an encore stopped the gig's momentum and too many of their songs are simply generic indie rock. But Doherty's occasional bursts of songwriting genius provided enough to save the show.
Report from our friend Milly:
Shambles came on 9:45 and played really really well. Were really tight, thought it was a good setlist too. Not too sure what it was (tis too early still) but i think it was roughly (in the wrong order): Carry On Up The Morning Delivery Beg Steal or Borrow There She Goes Sedative Pipedown Killimangiro Fuck Forever Crumb Begging Baghead (maybe) You Talk Baddies Boogie Side Of The Road Unstookie Think i've missed some....


P.S. If you read the comment at the end of the report above, the late start was not Pete's fault. The flight was late, not him.

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