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Shambles in Brussels

Photo by Gewoon Toon on Flickr

Thanks to Amyboo who went to the gig and wrote down her review (posted to

"The band were on great form - I couldn’t believe how much more together they were than when I saw them here back in May 2006. The venue was sold out, but unfortunately there seemed to be a fair few wankers in the crowd. Someone threw some kind of poster on the stage which Pete read before throwing it back saying “That’s really rude that it. You shouldn’t comment on things you haven’t got a fucking clue about. Belgian twat” - which was quite funny.
Anyway, music wise, we got some great tracks. I can’t remember the order, but we got: Carry on up the Morning Beg, Steal and Borrow Side of the Road Baddie’s Boogie Delivery The Blinding Sedative I Wish Kilimangiro What Katie Did Back from the Dead You Talk Albion Unstookietitled.

In the encore we got an amazing version of Pipedown, and they closed with Fuck forever - which was brilliant. While waiting for them to come back on for the encore, the crowd started throwing tons of glasses and bottles onto the stage. When the band eventually came back on after making us wait about 10 minutes. Pete had his videocamera, so I guess we might be seeing some clips on youtube? He gave a girl in the crowd his hat (she’d given him a sign saying “Pete give me your hat please"), before being hit with a flying glass. He then commented “Well, we’ve had worse crowds” - I think the comment was lost on most of the crowd!
All in all, it was a great gig - the band were definitely on form, and Pete was definitely more “there” than I’ve ever seen him. It was so good to actually see them play the music I wanted to hear, and to see Pete actually play guitar, as last time he only managed to vaguely stum through a couple of songs. I just wish that the crowd hadn’t been such a bunch of wankers, as this was the last show of their European tour".

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