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Peter + Ray? No way!

Ok, so now we know. As you might remember a few weeks ago I posted something about Babyshambles being all excited at the thought of meeting Ray Davies. Apparently they were meant to play together next Thursday at the NME Awards main show. But something went wrong. The sweet Adam is not sure what it was but this is what he tells us about the meeting:

"Well as it's not happening now, I can tell you all. Twas a bright sunny evening when we all set out to rehearse 'you really got me' with Ray Davies at his famous konk studio. Have not been that starstruck fo a while.....but Ray Davies.... Well eventually all parties appear and in walks Ray, with an unassuming 'shall we give it a go then' - there we are, playing the song with the man himself. We all set up downstairs, him upstairs on a grand piano with a huge glass window. Had about three runs through the song, without blowing our own trumpets, it sounded amazing...everyone had nailed their respective parts, harmonies and all. was so proud when we listened back to the recording.. All was well, pleasant words and goodbyes to Ray then off with a smile. week later, we hear it's not happening! Don't know why, am sure there are valid reasons but hey hey.. that's what happened, so Thursday was supposed to be Babyshambles and Ray tearing up 'You really got me' at the NME awards, now it's a DJ set in Leicester, so it's still exciting but not quite as much."

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