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Something else

The Libs in Q (thanks to Skyebluekookie)
  • Funny piece about Babyshambles at the FNAC store (with photos and videos).
  • Not so funny article about Carl's current troubles. Now that's worth a mention: “We don’t want to keep on recording" he said "We want to get it out as soon as possible. If it doesn’t come out soon then I’m going to release a single first”. Yes Carlos, but DO IT. NOW. And sack your manager before it's too late. And all the ballast you're dragging with you. Sod them. Get it?
  • OK. French Dog Blues is moving to another server. It'll be back soon.
  • The Q issue with the Libertines article is out (see photo above). If you wanna save some quid, go to libs daily, some kind soul has scanned and uploaded the whole affair (put on your reading glasses!). I have read it and it's nothing more than Bound Together version Reader's Digest. The last two quotes are rather moving though. Peter: "I can say this forever I suppose and people might laugh at it but I don't think I really ever left the Libertines. Nor can I ever leave the Libertines". Carl: "I'll always be a Libertine. I've got it (tattooed) on my arm so I haven't got much choice".

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