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Rhythm Factory night 2 and NME Awards

Thanks a lot to Eastendbestend for penning this review of last night's gig at the RF (taken straight from The Libs Daily livejournal):
"Amazing how different two shows can be. Both good, but just not the same experience at all. Which is why going to more than one night of the RF is worthwhile, I guess. Not just cause it's a buzz, but because each time it's a different show, and different feel. Last night was much bouncier, Pete was in a very up mood, and really played to the crowd - who wanted old favourites, and that's what we got. Less chatty, less laid back than Tuesday, Wednesday was a jostling, good natured, but really upbeat crowd. An approximation of the set list is... Last Post on the Bugle, Ask (Smiths), I Love You But You’re Green, What Katie Did, Unbilotitled, Time for Heroes, including the lyric change – 'fewer more distressing sights than a coked up Carlos Barat', What a Waster, Back from the Dead with guitar solo, Ha Ha Wall, Death on the Stairs with rather hilarious tongue trilling, Delaney twice (started, fumbled at the end of the first verse with guitar part, paused, played it a couple of times til he got it right and then started again from the beginning), Can’t Stand Me Now, Albion. 'Same time tomorrow' Pete announced as he went off".
Various friends and hangerons were seen at the gig, including Alan Wass, The General and Professor Ro.
I don't know whether any member of the Shambles will be in attendance tonight at the NME awards, Peter is playing tonight as well but he's beginning very late so he could drop at the awards for a while, Adam is d.j.-ing in Leicester, Dru is playing with Kid Harpoon in Leeds (isn't he?) so maybe only Mik could be present, who knows, the band might even get a fucking award.

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