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RF night one and Shambles are not dead yet

From Babyshambles speak to NME about their new album, and the recording sessions in Wiltshire. Apparently they have more songs that they know what to do with.

It seems the band's third album will be out in January 2009 and Peter is planning to involve his bandmates in his solo tour as well.

The first night of Peter's solo residency at the Rhythm Factory went great. Allegedly he looked "high but sober" and interacted a lot with the crowd.

Setlist (not in exact order):
What a waster, east of eden, back from the dead, unbilotitled, through the looking glass, carry on up the morning, ha ha wall, dilly boys, la belle et la bette, albion, killamangiro, dont look back into the sun, death on the stairs, beg steal or borrow, fuck forever.

Our friend Wooly managed to climb on the stage and steal Pete's flag before being kicked off by the bouncers.

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