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Latest on Peter and Carl

Respectively, that is, and not together, not yet.
The Babyshambles eurotour is over and manager Adrian Hunter writes to FDB:
"Lots of laughs, a few tears, couple of skint knees, loads of new chums, ottophants, withered livers, romances, old time dances, break ups, make ups, shake ups, new songs, old songs, boabies, budgies, Brucies and Gay Goosies! WE MADE IT! Thanks to all my loving friends and colleagues, co-conspirators, all the lovely folks we met and everyone who came along!"
I reckon this will be remembered in history as the most professional and flawless tour Pete Doherty has ever done. Sounds strange? Yeah but man we had great fun didn't we.
Peter is coming back home and "The Future Is Unwritten" as the legendary Joe Strummer used to say. Probably the Shambles will carry on, with a new contract and a new album next year. But now a solo album is beckoning, and more collaborations and exciting things are coming up.
I can't say I feel equally optmistic about Dirty Pretty Things but who knows, when it comes to Carl Barat things may change within one week. First of all, Carl is playing tonight in Paris, and the gig is sold out. writes:
"Carl Barat will play at the Palais de Tokyo in France tonight (February 22) as part of a new scheme by Stage Of The Art to exchange artists between Paris and London.The series of concerts kicked off last night (February 21) when Sebastien Tellier and Poney Poney played London’s ICA in a sold-out gig.After arriving on stage in sunglasses and remaining motionless throughout the whole of the first song, Tellier played to a crowd full of fans who seemed to enjoy the electro-man’s use of lights, music and unique dancing.Tonight Barat will perform at an 'Acoustic Evening with Dirty Pretty Things' and special guests are promised for the event.The gigs will be accompanied by an exhibition of French artist Loris Gréaud’s work at the Palais de Tokyo till May 4 and the ICA from April 25 till June 22. More concerts are planned for London and Paris in April, June and July".
Also in some French sites the gig is alternatively credited to Carl alone or to Dirty Pretty Things. It seems certain Gary Powell won't be there. The presence of Anthony Rossomando is slightly dubious (but somebody assured Anthony will be there). Carl is expected to do a few more dj-ing jobs in the future and to participate to a few charity gigs. The next DPT album (or EP) is still waiting for a definite release date.

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