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Munich konzert and other stories

Review by sueddeutsche. And it's Babelfish time again!!!

Actually nobody had so punctually expected it. There straight times half ten, the public in the residents of Munich concert hall is straight thereby warmly to be drunk, there tumbles itself suddenly and unexpectedly Pete Doherty on the stage. It snatches itself the guitar, "Carry on" rings out: "into the morning, where does all the pain go? The same place the fame goes: straight tons your head!" In the Song it concerns that one becomes also not smarter by drugs, fame and dear illusion. From the first instant on the spark jumps over on the public. Inconspicuously, in the long run, but unbelievably charismatisch the front man of the Babyshambles works. Without large float, dreamed it stands for something on the stage. Black trousers, black flowing shirt. The aura of a dark raben, a face of full innocence. Everything which one so far over the 28-jaehrigen musician heard and read, comes one into the sense: The drug scandals, the relationship with Kate Moss, its lived melancholy. And exactly constitutes it: The more glaringly stories, the more interesting. Doherty seems in this evening of best things. It sings from pain and fame, from hard awaking in the morning, from liberty and of it, how it gets drunk with its girl. Its music is dirty, hingerotzt, unperfekt - and has exactly therefore this magnetic effect. Between the Songs it nuschelt something incomprehensible, it with rejoicing is acknowledged. The public loves it. Some months ago still, after the separation from Kate Moss, worked Doherty at the end of his forces. Now it seems to have itself imprisoned. Nearly already disciplined it gives its Songs to the best one. But the aura of the tragic one, Morbiden, broken one surrounds it inevitably. "delivery straight from the heart OF misery", he sings Here of comes A. All its Songs are messages from the heart of the darkness. Dramatically and schaurig beautifully. The chords the vierkoepfigen volume do not use always accurately, the tones are correct not always. But that is all the same. The Message is the important. Pete Doherty is a poet with miracle soul. And one feels exactly, if he stands before one on the stage and told by the wrong its life. With the second Babyshambles album "Shotter's nation" proved Doherty that he is able, to write more than only coincidentally a good Song. The debut "down in Albion" was rather still another experiment: rau, imperfectly, nonlinear. A mirror of the chaos in which it to be seemed. Now it pushed its music an unmistakable stamp open. Its songs waste themselves on the moment, sound broken rau and. As terriblly and beautifully as the life. Therefore Doherty at the best live functions. "Pipedown", "You talc" or "Killimangiro" prove that. Wonderful unangestrengt spoken. And the guests in the residents of Munich concert hall are best mood: Giggelnde Indie girl, wild chaps with wide Tattoos, kreischende dte-sneeze, leave Rocker - the love for the sound and for Doherty connects somehow all. At the conclusion, after one and a half hours concert, the high point of the ill-bred unity: "Fuck Forever". The guitars rotzig, Pete stubborn-playful: "glory", he sings hard ton chose between death and. That fits.

Manager Babybear posts to FDB: "Basel, sweet Basel. Me and Mickey checked into a hotel for some r'n'r. Everybody else on the bus kipping. Smashing show in Munchen last night. catching some zzzzzzzzz's before a swim and a lovely dinner. Does anyone in Basel know a restaurant caled Aqua? Need some details about it's quality of scran before attending. All's well for the noo. bb. xxx"

Dirty Pretty Things give us a nice glimpse of their Californian adventure at the band's official site.

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